Go Indonesia :: The Fresh Air, Beauty Landscaping Of Bromo Mountain


Bromo Mountain is located in East Java and is considered as one

of the best mountains for holiday destination in Indonesia. Bromo is

really a place for holidays so that people can spend some time in even

the top of the mountain for a while breathing in the fresh air and

enjoying the beautiful landscaping around the mountain. This could be one

of the most holiday experiences. Things that can be enjoyed in

Bromo Mountain are not just the mountain and

the surroundings, but there are many other good activities to do in

Bromo. So, before going in there, you might need to know what else you

can do. goindonet, go indonesia,complete indonesia

tourism info

The first and the most interesting thing to do in Bromo Mountain is to see

and enjoy the sun rise. This is necessary for you to go to the top of the

mountain before morning comes and wait in there for a while to see the

beauty of sunrise from the top of Bromo. Tourists who are coming there

will never skip this beautiful and interesting experience. So, never skip

doing this when you are in Bromo since you might have left the best thing

to do in Bromo without seeing the sun rising in the morning.

Interesting Activities in Bromo Mountain

If you come to Bromo when there is Kasada festival, you will make a

good time in there because the festival is really attractive. This is

held from September to November. So, if you want to enjoy an attraction

in Bromo Mountain, then you should go in the right time

when the attraction is held. This festival is actually a belief, cultural

festival that is done by the people of Bromo. This

festival is when the people of Bromo called Tengger ethnic group

come to the mountain and put some foods like chicken and vegetables to

the crater of the mountain.

Riding horse is another interesting activity in Bromo. Riding horse in

Bromo is different from riding horse in the other places because here you

will ride the horse on sand filed. It is located in the

National Park of Bromo and the sand is just so beautiful since its

height is about 2.392 meters. This is so unique that you cannot find it

from anywhere else.  Remember that the temperature of the

Bromo Mountain is cold enough, so make sure you protect

your body really well by wearing scarfs, gloves, shocks and jacket.

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Go Indonesia :: Traveling To Indonesia And Enjoy The Wonders

Traveling to Indonesia is about enjoying the

wonders of the archipelago. Wonderful Indonesia has

been the branding in the official Indonesian tourism promotional campaign

for several years. The campaign is focusing in presenting the wonders of

Indonesia to the world so people could decide go Indonesia.

Indeed, Indonesia is wonderful in many ways. The nature is wonderful

due to unique tropical climate and biodiversity in the land and marine

area. The culture is wonderful due to hundreds of ethnic groups and

arrays of influence from Hinduism, Buddhism, Islamic, European, and

Chinese culture. The foods, hospitality of the people, and value for

money are the completion of Wonderful Indonesia.

You may find Bali is the most popular destination but Indonesia has

more than that. In Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara,

and Papua, you can find numbers of enchanted nature and cultural

attractions. Since Indonesia offers arrays of tourism

sites and attractions, it is imperative for you to get

complete indonesia tourism info before your

vacation. It is important to choose your destination and which

sites to visit.

After you choose your destination, the next step is

preparation. Indonesia is tropical country so prepare for the hot

climate. The electricity is 220V, so prepare your gadget to meet the

requirement. The most important thing to prepare is documents needed for

traveling to Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Maimoon Royal Palace, The Symbol Of Melayu Culture


When visiting Medan, one of the must-visit places is the Maimun or

Maimoon royal palace. The palace

belongs to Sultanate of Deli and recognized as one of the landmarks in

Medan. It is located in Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Sukaraja, Medan Maimun,

Medan. The location is quite easy to reach because it is closed to the

city center.

The original concept or design was created by Italian architect and it

was built by the Sultan of Deli, Sultan Mahmud al Rasyid in August, 26

1887 and finished in May, 18 1891. The [link:48]palace[/link] covers

a large area, which is about 2.772 square meters with 30 rooms. Maimoon

palace consists of 2 floors which are separated into 3 different parts;

main house, left wing and right wing. The building faces the north side

and in front of it is Al Manshun Mosque or also known as Masjid Raya

Medan; another landmark in the city.goindonet, go indonesia,

complete indonesia tourism info
Maimoon palace becomes a

popular tourist destination since many decades ago.

It happens not just because of its history but also its unique interior

design. Maimoon royal palace is also the symbol of

Melayu cultures that can be perfectly matched with other cultures, such

as Italy, Spain, India and Islam.  go indonesia maimoon royal

palace, goindonesia  maimoon royal palace

Go Indonesia :: Istano Basa, Minangkabau Royal Palace


Istano Basa or also known as Pagaruyuang is the Minangkabau royal palace belongs to the former Pagaruyung Kingdom. The palace was adapted the traditional Minangkabau architectural style with several different elements, such as large dimension and three storey structure. That is why, though the basis of the palace is similar to the Rumah Gadang (Minangkabau traditional house), but we can easily see that it comes in different appearance and design.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Today, Pagaruyung or Istana Basa, Minangkabau royal palace is empty because the royal family has moved to other places. However, people in Minangkabau still use it, especially for certain activities. The current palace is a rebuilt form because it has been destroyed by several disasters; in 1804, 1966 and last is in 2007. Because of its historical background and seen as the city landmark, the palace was rebuilt again and functioned as popular tourist attraction, including museum for keeping historical collections.

The original construction was built from timber but because of the disaster happened in 2007, the government decided to use modern concrete structure as the frame. However, the basic traditional elements of the palace are still applied, including the famous 60 carvings, three story concepts and its traditional roof shape. The Minangkabau royal palace is decorated with many antique artifact and furniture. go indonesia minangkabau royal palace, goindonesia minangkabau royal palace

Go Indonesia :: 5 Best Places To Visit To Experience Indonesia Culinary Vacations


There are so many options of culinary vacations in

Indonesia to try because Indonesia has several different foods that can

be enjoyed. Visiting Indonesia without trying the culinary vacations

would be useless because food is one of the best things in Indonesia.

Surely Indonesia is a country with so many beautiful places to visit, but

there are also many good foods to eat.


Rendang and Lado Mudo are some Indonesian foods

that can be found here. This is a great place for those who love

culinary vacations while enjoying beautiful scenery.

Located in West Sumatra, Bukittinggi is a great place with a lot option

of Indonesian foods originally coming from Sumatra while offering the

beautiful scenery of hills of Bukittinggi.


If you have ever visited Yogyakarta, it will never be completed

without experiencing the great taste of Gudeg, the most popular food in

Yogyakarta. People coming to Yogyakarta will never skip experiencing the

nice taste of Gudeg that is available in many restaurants in Yogyakarta.

This is why Yogyakarta is often called as Big Jackfruit, considering that

Gudeg is made of young jackfruit.


Still in Sumatra, located in South Sumatra, there is a good Indonesian

food to try, called Coto Makassar. This food has an original taste of

Indonesia with the Indonesian season to make you feel better. Not only

Coto Makassar, Pisang Ijo can be also found here and

this is good to be used as a dessert after eating Coto Makassar.


Located in South Sulawesi, Palembang offers a variety of great tasted

foods from Indonesia that will always make you remember that Indonesia

really has a long list of delicious foods to try. Pempek is one of the

most popular foods that can be found here. You cannot leave Palembang

without experiencing the nice taste of Pempek and other kinds of foods

like Tekwan and red beans ice.


Food lovers who come to Indonesia should visit Medan before leaving to

experience the great taste of Bolu Merati, one of the traditional Medan

foods. This sweet and smooth cake will make your tongue wants more and

more to come and retry it.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info

Now since you have so many options to explore Indonesian

culinary vacations, you can make a plan to choose the

first place that you will visit and experience the nice taste of

Indonesian foods that are rich of Indonesian seasonings of Indonesia. go

indonesia culinary vacations

Go Indonesia :: Yogyakarta Royal Palace, Javanese Traditional



Yogyakarta royal palace is one of the important

sites and landmarks in Indonesia. It has turned to be a tourism icon and

not only place for the king and his families. By visiting the

palace, people will be able to see and learn about how Javanese

traditional culture preserved.

Yogyakarta royal palace was built in 1755 by

Pangeran Mangkubumi, or several months after the Giyanti Agreement.

Though very old and damaged by earthquake in 1867, but the palace is

still standing and well maintained up to today. People who visit the

palace will get two benefits at a time, which are unique knowledge about

Javanese traditional culture and memorable experience. It happens because

many things can be found there, such as the activity of abdi dalem

palace’s servants) and seeing ancient, unique properties kept

in boxes. On certain occasions, tourists can also watch

art performances, from macapat, puppet show and traditional

dances.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism


Inside the palace, visitors can also find several collections, such

as traditional weapons, photographs of the former

kings, ceramics, glassware and many more. Visiting Yogyakarta Palace will

be one of the most exciting things that can be done in the iconic city.

So, if you want to know how Javanese cultures, you must visit Yogyakarta royal

palace. go indonesia yogyakarta royal palace, goindonesia

royal palace

Go Indonesia :: Great Royal Palaces in Indonesia


Palace is a great building where king and his family live. In Indonesia,

there are so many royal palaces that still standing up

to today. Though some have been left by the royal families, but some are

still actively used. Today, those palaces have turned to be a great

tourism destination that can be visited by travelers. Generally, those

buildings are still keeping “historical things”, belong to

former kings or the royal families who ever lived there. goindonet,

go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

1.Istano Basa

This royal palace is also known as Istana Pagaruyung.

This is a royal palace which is located in Tanjung Emas, Batu Sangkar,

and West Sumatera. This palace is a popular tourism

destination in the province and also the landmark of the city. The

current palace is just a replica because the real building is located in

Batu Patah hill and has been burned 1804. At the same site, the

government has tried to rebuild it but unfortunately the same disaster

happened once again in 1966. The current palace is widely opened for

anyone because it is specially aimed for tourists.

2.Istana Malige

Malige palace is the place where the Sultan of

Buton lives. The building is very unique because it does not use nails or

even rope. The structure was built by connecting every component. The

materials used by the palace are solid wood and consists of four

different floors.

3.Keraton Kasepuhan.


This is the biggest royal palace

in Cirebon. The front yard is surrounded by solid brick walls.

People who visit the building will be able to watch historical

memorabilia’s that are kept in the museum, one of the most

important artefacts is the Singa Barong carriage. Though the carriage

does not used anymore, it is still in a good condition.

4.Istana Maimun

This royal palace is one of the city landmarks in

Meda, the capital city of North Sumatera. The building was designed by

Italian architect and built my Sultan Deli, Makmun al Rasyid Perkasa

Alamsyah on 1888. The location is quite large because it covers up to

2.772 acres and has 30 rooms.

5.Keraton Yogyakarta

This is one of the most popular royal palaces in Indonesia. Up to

today, the palace is still actively used by the king

and his families. Tourists who visit the palace would be able to see

various historical items, such as ancient weapons, armors, old carriages

and many more. Up to today, the royal palace is still

recruiting workers who are known as “abdi dalem”.. go

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Go Indonesia :: The Best Agro Tourism Destinations in West Java


West Java can be a great destination to visit when it comes to explore

and enjoy the beautiful nature of Indonesia especialy in the agro

tourism. There are so many great places to visit in West Java that offer

beautiful scenery of nature combined with the excitement of holiday that

cannot be found in anywhere else. To make it easier, here is a list of

great places to know and to explore.

Gunung Mas Agro Tourism

Located in Puncak, West Java, Gunung Mas is one of the best places to

visit in West Java when you want to explore the agro

tourism destination. You can find a large tea

garden with beautifully green scenery. The most interesting here is that

you can walk around the tea garden by riding a horse. This is truly a new

and interesting experience to ride a horse among the green tea garden

while feeling the fresh air of Gunung Mas.goindonet,

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Sweet berry

Like its name, this is a place where the visitors can find a beautiful

strawberry garden and harvest the strawberries by themselves to bring

home. You can experience a different way of buying strawberries by

harvesting them by yourself. Not only strawberries, there are also other

plants grown here such a tomatoes, eggplants, broccolis and chilies.

Kebon Nogo

Located in Cimenyan village, Bandung West Java, Kebon Nogo is where

you can find a large dragon fruit garden that you can explore. This place

is more than just an agro tourism destination, but this

is also a place to supply dragon fruit for all the areas in west Java

especially Jakarta. You can walk around the dragon fruit garden and even

taste it to see how fresh and different the fruit grown here is.

Godong Ijo

Godong Ijo is a very appropriate holiday destination for family

vacation because this place offers educated agro

tourism for your children. This offers more than just a place to

enjoy, but also a place to learn. Children can learn how to make a

vertical garden, knowing about global warming, doing a tour to see the

Flora and Fauna and many more interesting educated activities.

With so many beautiful and interesting places to visit in Indonesia,

now you have more options to go with when you visit Indonesia especially

west Java. You can find more interesting places that offer more than just

a good agro tourism place to visit, butalso a place to

give you a memorable and precious experience.  go indonesia agro

tourism,  agro tourism indonesia

Go Indonesia :: Useful Information About Visiting Ijen Volcano


Ijen Volcano Complex is one of the most popular tourist

destinations in Bondowoso. Before you decide to visit this area, there

are several preparations that you might need to do, including prepare

your physical condition since you will have to take a long walk. If you

want to visit this area, the first thing that you should know is the

location of this tourist attraction. This area is located

in Bondowoso City, East Java. For those of you who want to visit this

area, you need to wear comfortable clothes. You also need to bring mask

as well since this area has a high level of sulfur. goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

One of the most important things that you should know when you want to

visit Ijen Volcano Complex is what

transportation that you should use to get to this area. There are various

choices of transportation devices that you could choose to visit this

area from trail bike to mountain bike. Since the path to the location has

quite difficult terrain, the transportation devices

that could be used to reach this location are the ones that are designed

for off-road trip.

How to reach Ijen Volcano Complex

If you came from Surabaya and you want to visit Ijen Volcano Complex, you

could use public buses from Surabaya to Bondowoso. The cost that you have

to pay for riding the public bus is about IDR 50,000. The trip from

Surabaya to Bondowoso is about six to seven hours long. Once you’ve

reached Bondowoso, you could continue your journey to Paltuding post by

using cars that are available for rent. You also could reach this area

from Sempol Sub-district as well. If you want to go to this area from

Sempol Sub-district, you could ride motorcycle. To enter the

Mount Ijen area, you need to pay IDR 2,000 for local

tourists and IDR 15,000 for foreign visitors.

When you reach Paltuding post, you might find several lodges and villa

that you could use as the place for you to stay during your visit to

Ijen Volcano Complex. If you want to stay at the lodge

you need to pay IDR 100,000 per night. On the other hand, for those of

you who want to stay at the villa with three rooms, you need to pay IDR

500,000 per night.

These lodges and villas are very useful especially when you reach

Paltuding post in the evening. You could stay at the lodge for a while

and continue your journey to the crater in the next morning. The best

time to go to Ijen Volcano Complex is in early morning.

goindonesia ijen volcano complex, ijen volcano indonesia

Go Indonesia :: Useful Tips About Visiting Madakaripura Waterfall


Madakaripura Waterfall might be one of the most interesting

tourist attractions that you could find in Probolinggo. This tourism spot

is not only popular among local tourists but also very popular among

tourist from other countries outside Indonesia as well. If you want to

visit this waterfall, there are several useful tips that you might need

to know so that you could spend your time in more comfortable


The first thing that you should know before you decide to visit

Madakaripura Waterfall is its location. This

waterfall is located in BromoTenggerSemeru National Park, Lumbang Sub-

district, Probolinggo. Based on local story, this waterfall is the place

that is used by Gajah Mada to meditate. To reach the location of this

waterfall, visitors need to pass rivers that are full of stones. However,

the path to the location of his waterfall is already built from concretes

so that the visitor could access the waterfall in easier way.goindonet,

go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism


Important thing when you want to visit Madakaripura Waterfall

For those of you who visit Madakaripura Waterfall for the first

time, it might be very helpful for you to use some helps from the guide.

Other important thing that you need to notice when you want to visit this

waterfall is the clothes that you wear. Since you need to do a lot

physical activities such as walking and climbing, it’s very

important for you to wear clothes that could keep you comfortable while

moving. You also need to wear comfortable shoes as well. Make sure that

the shoes that you wear will not slip when you walk on slippery


Other thing that you need to do when you want to visit

Madakaripura Waterfall is bringing extra clothes. Since

you’re going to visit waterfall, there is a chance that your

clothes will get wet. It’s very important for you to bring extra

clothes so that you could wear dry clothes after you leave the waterfall

area. You also might need to bring enough plastic bags as well. For those

of you who don’t want to get wet, you could wear raincoat.

It’s also best for you to visit the waterfall when the weather is

good. You shouldn’t visit the waterfall when it rain since the rock

could be too slippery.

When you visit this waterfall, you might also want to bring camera so

that you could take pictures of this area. You also might want to

consider bringing enough cash so that you could pay the tour guide.

Don’t forget to keep this area clean when you visit

Madakaripura Waterfall.  goindonesia

madakaripura waterfall, madakaripura waterfall indonesia,