Go Indonesia :: Exceptional Beauty of Ujung Kulon National Park


In the highly populated island, lay the magnificent Ujung

Kulon National Park. When development diminishes most natural

part of Java Island, Indonesian Government with help from numerous

wildlife communities are working hand in hand to preserve the most

extensive lowland forest remaining in Java. As the home of diverse flora

and fauna, this beautiful peninsula offers breathtaking sceneries and

incredible stories.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia

[link:63]tourism[/link] info

One of the main [link:66]attraction[/link]s in this park is single-

horned Javan Rhino that critically endangered and Ujung

Kulon is the last natural habitat for this species. Apart

of Javan Rhino, other endemic and endangered species Javan Gibon and

Javan Leaf Monkey and many other endangered mammals, reptiles,

amphibians, and plants are highly conserve here.

The other attraction of the park is Krakatau [link:26]Volcano

[/link] that has dramatic history of huge eruption in 1883 when more than

36,000 people were killed that time. Geological evolution demonstrated

from the surrounding area offers scenic attraction for people who want to

see and learn island volcanism. The tropical rainforests, the coastline,

coral reefs, and offshore islands in the park create amazing combination

for exceptional beauty.


Kulon National Park is tourist friendly with basic

accommodations are available in the area. However, permits and

arrangements from the management are something to be organized before

visitors come to the park. go indonesia ujung kulon , ujung kulon


Go Indonesia :: Things You Should Know about Semeru Mountain


Semeru Mountain is one of the active volcanoes that could be

found in Indonesia. This mountain is located at East java and also

considered as one of the biggest active mountains in Indonesia. The

mountain is located about 3,676 meters above the sea level. There are

many people who want to visit this mountain. This mountain is also very

popular among people who love mountain climbing as well. If you want to

visit this mountain, there are important details that you might need to

know before you start your journey.

Preparation is very important thing for those of you who want to climb

Semeru Mountain. Proper preparation will allow you to

climb this mountain in safer and more comfortable way. First thing that

you should notice is what gears and tools that you should bring with you.

The tools and gears that you should bring may vary depend on your

experience in mount climbing. You also need to notice the logistic that

you bring as well. To prepare the tools and the gears that you should

bring when climb this mountain, there is a list that you could use as

guide. goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Further information semeru



The next thing that you should get when you want to climb

Semeru Mountain is the details and information about the

condition of this mountain. Sometimes, the mount will be closed for

visitors due to bad weather or other natural condition. It’s very

important for you to get information about the route that you’re

going to take as well. There are also several rules that you might need

to follow when you want to climb this mountain as well to guarantee your

own safety.

Once you’ve got details and information about Semeru

Mountain, the next thing that you should do is creating trip

management. Planning your route and scheduling your activities are very

important keys in climbing this mountain. With good trip

management, you will be able to climb this mountain in more comfortable

way. You also could save more time as well if you have good planning on

the route that you’re going to take while climbing this


Preparing your ticket is also an important aspect that you should

notice before you start your journey to this mountain. If you came from

outside East Java such as Jakarta or Bandung, you might need to buy bus

ticket or train ticket. Some people outside Java Island even need to buy

plane ticket. Don’t forget to pay attention to your own physical

condition before and during the climbing of Semeru

Mountain so that you could prevent any health issues.

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Go Indonesia :: See The Beauty Of Gong Cave


For those of you who want to visit a beautiful cave in Pacitan,

Gong Cave might be the best choice for you. Pacitan is

one of the cities that are located in East Java. There are several

tourist attractions that you could find in Pacitan. One of them is Gong

Cave. This cave is a horizontal cave with 256 meter long. Inside this

cave, you could find so many stalactites. Stalactites are limestone that

shape like cone on the ceiling of the cave. Besides stalactite, you also

could find stalagmite as well inside this cave. Stalagmite is basically

similar to stalactite but it’s located on the floor of the cave

instead of on the ceiling.

The name of this cave came from the sound that is produced by the

stones that are located inside the cave. The sound that is produced by

the stones in Gong Cave is similar to the sound

which is produced by gong. This cave is discovered in 1930. Gong Cave is

located in Bomo Village, Punung Sub-district, Pacitan. The distance to

this cave from Pacitan City is about 30 km. To reach this cave, you could

use two lanes. First, you could reach this cave through Pracimantoro,

Wonosari. Other way to reach this cave is from Pacitan City.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Come to Pacitan and ready fascinated to Gong Cave

If you came from Surabaya and you want to visit Gong Cave, you might need

to change public transportation for three times.

First you need to ride a bus from Surabaya to Madiun. Next you need to

take another bus from Madiun to Ponorogo. From Ponorogo, you could take

small bus to Pacitan. However, these days you also could find direct bus

lane from Surabaya to Pacitan.

Once you’ve arrived at the agate, you need to take a walk for

about 100 meter to reach the cave. You could find people who sell

flashlight at the gate. Along the way to Gong Cave, you

could find several food stalls. Other facilities that you could find are

including souvenir stores, restaurants, parking spot, toilets, and small

sized mosque. You also could hire tour guide if you want to know the

details about this cave along your journey.

Inside the cave, you might find many stalactite and stalagmite. Some

of them are very unique and have their own name such as Selo Pakuan Bomo,

Selo Citro Cipto Agung,Selo Giri, Selo Susuh Angin, and Selo Bantaran

Angin. You also could find five main ponds inside the cave. The ponds

that you could find in Gong Cave are JampiRogo,

Panguripan, RelungJiwo, Kamulyan, and RelungNisto. goindonesia gong

cave, gong cave east java indonesia,

Go Indonesia :: Learning Fossils In Sangiran Site

Sangiran site is one of the most important

archaeological sites in the world, which is located in Central Java,

Indonesia. UNESCO report in 1995 mentioned that the site is recognized to

be one of the most important sites for studying Hominid fossils, ranking

alongside Willandra Lakes in Australia, Zhoukoudian in China, Olduvai

Gorge in Tanzania and Sterfontein in South Africa.goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info.

Sangiran site covers more than 56 square kilometers of area and

located in Sragen, one of districts in Central Java province. To reach

the site, travelers must take a journey for about 15 kilometers from

Surakarta in Solo. An important feature of the Sangiran site is the geology of the area according to scientists a dome was

naturally built millions of years ago as the result of tectonic uplifts.

It then eroded exposing beds within the dome that are rich in

archaeological items.

Though it is not too famous as Borobudur or

Prambanan temple, but the archaeological site brings so many knowledge

and evidences of pre-historic life. The site is also equipped with a

large museum where excavation results are preserved

and displayed to the public. Up to today, people who live near the

Sangiran site are still searching for fossils but

unfortunately, some of them were sold illegally in the black market.

Go Indonesia :: Several Important Heritage Sites in Indonesia


Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world that has more

than 17.000 islands where so many important heritage

sites found. With so many islands and different cultures,

Indonesia brings a cultural phenomenon that cannot be found in other

countries. At least, there are 8 heritage sites in

Indonesia that have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage and become a

must-see destination in the country.goindonet, go indonesia,

complete indonesia tourism info

Here are some of the heritage sites in Indonesia that

will give different experiences to travelers who go there:

–       Borobudur Temple

This Buddhist temple has been known as Indonesia icon and the most

popular destination in the island of Java. Borobudur temple is located in

Magelang, one of the districts in Central Java, near the iconic city of

Yogyakarta. The temple was built in the 8th century by

Syailendra Dynasty. The area covers more than 2500 square meters and

using a very unique construction, on 3 tiers that are aimed to symbolize

3 superimposing spheres (Kamadhatu, Rupadatu and Arupadhatu).

–       Sangiran

This is one of the most important heritage sites in Indonesia, especially for people who want to know and learn about fossils. This is the place where half of the world Hominid fossils found, which makes it a very important site for studying evolution. In the location, there is a museum where so many fossils are kept and displayed for visitors.

–       Prambanan Temple

This is another temple that is found in Central Java. Prambanan is

known as the biggest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia that was built in the

9th century. The temple consists of various tower structures

that are dedicated to 3 Hindu divinities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The

walls of the temple are decorated with beautiful

carvings told about Ramayana, the Hindu epic.

–       Komodo National Park

Komodo is the biggest lizards and experts believed that the reptiles

have lived at the same era of dinosaurs. The national park is also

offering beautiful landscape with 29 islands. Travelers can also divin in the surrounding waters.

–       Great Mosque of Demak

This is one of the legendary and oldest mosques in Indonesia. Located in the city of Demak in Central Java province, the mosque is the witness

of the Islamic growth in the country. Researchers believe that the mosque was built in the 15th century.

–       Trowulan

This is one of the Indonesian heritage sites that has

been recognized by the UNESCO as the only Hindu-Buddha age that still can be found up to today.

–       Tana Toraja

This site is located in South Sulawesi and popular because of its

culture, especially its funeral rituals. There are traditional houses

there usually called as Tongkonan which is one of the most important

heritage sites in Toraja.

Go Indonesia :: Plengkung Beach Is Really Great For Surfing



For those of you who love to surf, Plengkung Beach in

Banyuwanngi might be the best place for you to visit. Indonesia is known

for its beautiful and exotic beaches. There are so many beaches that you

could find in this country that are located in various islands. Most

people only know beaches in Bali or Nusa Tenggara. The truth is that,

other locations in Indonesia also have beautiful beaches as well.

Banyuwangi is one of the locations in Indonesia that are known for their

beautiful beaches.

You could so various activities when you visiting the beaches. Most

people visit beaches to lie down on the sand or swim in the water.

However, there are also people who visit beaches to surf as well. If you

want to surf on the beach, you could visit Plengkung

Beach which is located on Banyuwangi. This beach is located

on Alas Purwo [link:49]National Park[/link], BanyuwangiRegenc, East Java.

The coastline of this beach shapes in giant curve. Among surfers, this

beach is also known as The Seven Giant Waves Wonder due to its

magnificent waves that could reach six meter high.goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia [link:31]tourism[/link] info

Besides its great waves, Plengkung Beach also offers beautiful

natural attraction as well. There is Alas Purwo National Park which is

located not too far from the beach. This national park is home for

various tropical plants and animals. Not far from this beach, you could

find other beach which is called Grajagan Beach. Grajagan is also the

name of port that is located at the tip of Plengkung Bay.

What else


you find on


plengkung beach

When you visit Plengkung Beach and you want to see

animals that are lived on the national park, you could use some

observational towers that are provided by the superintendent of this

area. You also could go to turtle breeding that is located not too far

from this beach as well. If you visit Plengkung Beach, you also could

find historical sites from Majapahit era such as caves and temples.

For those of you who want to visit this [link:81]beach[/link], you

could use public transportation from Banyuwangi. The distance of this

beach from Banyuwangi is about 80 km. You also could reach this beach

from Bali Island as well by suing speedboat. If you use speedboat,

you’ll only need two and a half hour to reach Plengkung Beach.

There are also several cottages that are available in this beach that

could be used as place for you to stay. You also could rent speedboat if

you want to explore Plengkung Beach via water.

goindonesia plengkung beach, plengkung beach [link:69]indonesia


Go Indonesia :: Activities That Could Be Done In Borobudur Temple


One of the most popular cultural sites that you could visit in Indonesia

is Borobudur Temple which is also considered as the

biggest temple in this country. This temple is also listed as one of the

World Heritage sites by UNESCO as well. For those of you who plan to

visit this famous temple, there are several things that you might need to

know first. The temple is located in Magelang, Central Java. You could

visit the site of this temple from Yogyakarta by using public

transportation or rented car.

When you want to visit Borobudur Temple, there are

several rules that you need to follow since this site is a cultural site

and also a religious site. You need to make sure that you wear proper

clothes when you want to visit this temple. You also need to wear comfort

shoes as well since you need to take a large amount of walk around the

site. If it’s necessary, you also could use some helps from tour

guide so that you could walk around the site of this temple in more

comfortable way.

There are so many things that you could do when you visit

Borobudur Temple site. One of the most interesting

activities that you could do on the site of this temple is elephant

riding. There are some elephants that are provided in Safari Gajah

Borobudur program. You could ride the elephant and wander around the

villages and rice fields near the site of the temple. You also could see

the activities that are done by the people who live in those villages as

well during your trip.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info

Other interesting activity that you could do when visiting the site of

Borobudur Temple is bicycling around the site. There are

several bicycle rentals that you could find on the area of this temple.

You also could find several bicycle routes that you could choose. You

could ride the bicycle from the Borobudur area to Pawon Temple area or

Mendut Temple area. You also could ride your bicycle around Borobudur

area to visit Samudra Raksa Ship Museum and Karma

Wibhanga Museum.

Visiting Borobudur Temple also allows you to try some exotic

traditional foods as well. In the area of this temple, you might find

many food stalls that offer various choices of traditional

foods with delicious taste such as Javanese Noodle or Bakmi Jawa

and Tongseng Jamur.

If you want to buy

snacks or souvenirs, you also could find some stalls that sell various

choices of souvenir in Borobudur Temple from traditional

snack such as Wingko and Bakpia. goindonesia borobudur temple,

borobudur yogja indonesia,

Go Indonesia :: Important Details About Lake Sentani


Among many lakes that could be found in Indonesia, Lake

Sentani might be one of the most beautiful lakes that you want

to visit. This lake is located in Papua, one of the main islands in

Indonesia. Papua is known for its exotic natural attractions, including

forests, lakes, rivers, and mountains. Most people know Papua from its

Raja Ampat, one of the most attractive tourist

destinations in this island. However, there are also other beautiful

natural attractions in Papua except Raja Ampat and one of them is Sentani


To visit Lake Sentani, the first thing that

you should know is how to get there. Since this lake is located in Papua,

you need to know how to reach Papua and what types of transportation that

you could use. Basically, there are several choices of transportation

that you could choose if you want to go to Papua. The most popular type

of transportation that you could use to reach Papua is plane. You also

could use Ferry to reach this island from nearby islands such as Bali or

Nusa Tenggara. goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism


Lake Sentani are known for their natural


Since Papua is located in quite remote area, you might need to prepare

a quite large amount of budget to reach this island. Once you get there,

you could continue your journey to Lake Sentani by using rented car. The

lake is located between Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency. The width of

this lake is about 9,360 hectare and it’s located on 75 meter above

the sea level. This lake is also considered as the

biggest lake in Papua.

This lake is not only known for its massive size but also very popular

due to small sized islands that are located on the middle of the lake as

well. The islands that are located in the middle of Lake

Sentani are known for their natural beauty. Due to these

islands, Sentani Lake becomes more exotic and attractive. For those of

you who want to visit this lake, you need to drive forty to fifty minutes

from Jayapura City. If you want to visit the islands that are located on

the middle of the lake, you could rent boat that is available on the


Local people who live near the like usually held some traditional

festivals on the lake which become other attraction for tourist. This

festival is known as Lake Sentani Festival and it’s held on June

each year. The festival includes traditional Papua dance performance,

custom ceremony, and culinary festival. You also could find various

souvenirs on the area of Lake Sentani as well.

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Go Indonesia :: A Closer Look At The Beauty Of Trio Gili


If you want to spend your holiday in exotic islands, visiting

Trio Gili might be the best choice for you. These

islands are located near Lombok. Basically, these islands consist of

three beautiful islands, Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. These

islands are not only popular among local tourists but also become main

attraction to tourists from other countries outside

Indonesia as well. Before you decide to visit these islands, there

are several important details that you might need to

know. goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info

The first thing that you should know when you want to spend your

holiday in Trio Gili is how to reach these

islands. For those of you who live in Indonesia, you could simply reach

these islands from Lombok. To reach Lombok, you could use various flights

from major cities in Indonesia such as Bandung, Jakarta, or Bali. You

also could reach Lombok by using ferry from Bali as well. Once

you’ve reached Lombok, you could continue your journey to these

islands by renting boat.

Trio gili have the beautiful scenery, exotic beaches, and amazing

underwater view.

The main attraction of Trio Gili is definitely its natural

beauty. These islands are known for their beautiful scenery, exotic

beaches, and amazing underwater view. The water is so clear and the

beaches offer soft sand. Among these islands, Gili Meno is the island

that has the most beautiful beaches. If you want to spend your time on

the beach, sunbathing, or even just swimming on the water, Gili Meno is

the island that you should visit. On the other hand,

Gili Air and Gili Trawangan are a little bit crowded sometimes. Gili

Trawangan also offers various venues for teenagers as well.

One of the reasons why Trio Gili becomes very popular

is that these islands could be reached easily. Even though these islands

offer natural beauty, you could access the islands easily since they are

located quite near from main cities in Lombok. There are also proper

accommodations that you could find in these islands from cottages,

restaurants, even boat rentals. However, if you plan to visit all of

these islands, you might need to prepare a quite large amount of cash

since the cost that you have to pay for renting the boat is quite


Among these islands, Gili Trawangan is the biggest one. This island is

also considered as the main attraction of this area as well. There are

various activities that you could do when visiting Gili Trawangan from

sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, or even diving. You also could rent

bicycle in Trio Gili and use the bicycle to explore the

island. goindonesia trio gili, trio gili lombok indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Splendid Toraja Highland


In the central highland of Sulawesi, Toraja catch people

attention with their natural beauty and cultural rich. The green valley

are surrounded by forests, rivers, and other enchanted natures. The

people are growing rice and coffee as their main earnings.

Toraja coffee beans are world famous for the

wonderful taste and aroma. The culture is incredibly preserved. The

highland was isolated before but although the people are now modernized,

traditions and rituals are maintained. Most people still abide by age-old

beliefs to this very day. goindonet, go indonesia,

complete indonesia tourism info


Toraja Life and Death Ceremonies

The most famous thing from the highland is life and death ceremonies.

The life ceremonies are held during the planting season starts in the

month of October while the death ceremonies are held around July to

September after the last harvest of rice. The Toraja people believe that

rituals could keep the energy of the land as well as

the people so they can survive for a long more time. What makes it

interesting is how the entire village involves in the ceremonies, both

life ceremonies and death ceremonies.

Death ceremonies are more attracting for tourist because the ceremony

is actually funeral time with unique rites that last for days. In

Toraja, the dead is not immediately buried because every

body require proper funeral while proper funeral require big sum of fund

due to complicated ritual. The dead may wait for months and even years

until proper funeral will be held. Even if the dead come from wealthy

family, he/she should wait because more wealthy the person is, more

expensive the funeral will be.

The body of the deceased would be laid in a coffin with new clothes

and possessions. Family and the other villagers will walk the coffin

around the village before burial. The rite includes buffalo slaughtering

with more buffalo to slaughter for more powerful person. The burial

itself is another interesting because the coffin could be laid in the

cave, hung on a cliff, or buried in a stone grave carved on a cliff.

Stone grave is commonly for wealthy and powerful person that takes months

to carve it.

While death ceremonies and graves give the morbid impression, some

people who come to the highland avoid the attractions. Fortunately, the

highland offers more. The untouched countryside is something to explore

as well as the colorful remote villages with tongkonan houses. For

adrenalin rush, try rafting in Sadan river. Then, one thing you should

not miss is shopping for souvenirs, including handicrafts

and Toraja coffee. goindonesia toraja, toraja

Indonesia, Splendid Toraja Highland,