Go Indonesia :: Best Makassar Culinary Options To Try


Makassar culinary is popular all

around Indonesia because of the great taste and

seasonings. So, if you come to Makassar without experiencing the nice

foods that would be really horrible. Never skip the foods of Makassar

because this is actually one of the best options in Indonesia. Sop Konro

is one of the best Makassar foods that will make your tongue dancing

around. This is made of high quality beef mixed with soup sauce with

great tasted seasonings. Another option is grilled Konro, the same Konro

as the Sup Konro without the sauce since this is grilled with peanut

sauce for a tastier experience.goindonet, go indonesia

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Still talking about beef and soup, there is a good food to try called

Sup Saudara, which is made of a mix of beef, potato and bihun, a kind of

smooth, white noodle from Indonesia. You can eat it in the evening while

enjoying the beautiful night of Makassar. For the desert, you can try

Pisang Epe, a great, sweet snack made of banana. The banana is clipped

well until it is sprawled. It is grilled and completed with Javanese

sugar sauce. This would be a great ending for your dining in Makassar.

There are still other more options of Makassar culinary

that you can experience. go indonesia makassar culinary, goindonesia

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Go Indonesia :: Gudeg, The Most Popular Yogyakarta Culinary

Gudeg is the most popular Yogyakarta culinary that has

been well known all around Indonesia, not only in its origin place,

Yogyakarta. Because of the popularity, Gudeg can be also found in other

places in Indonesia, but surely Yogyakarta is the best place to enjoy the

real taste of Gudeg. Gudeg is actually a kind of traditional food from

Yogyakarta, which has been around from many decades ago.

So, this is also a part of Yogyakarta culture.goindonet, go

Indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

The combination of the sweet and salty seasons in Gudeg is what makes

this food well known. Gudeg is made of young jackfruit that is cooked

with other ingredients to make the taste more incredible. Also, since

Gudeg is cooked long enough, it offers a good enough taste for

everyone’s tongue. Gudeg can be found almost in every corner of

Yogyakarta, but there are surely some best places to visit to eat Gudeg,

one of them is in the Gudeg center located in Wijilan Yogyakarta. It is

not far from Yogyakarta Palace making it very accessible. There are many

options of Gudeg that can be tried here, so you can just simply choose

where you will eat gudeg and experience the nice Yogyakarta

culinary. go indonesia yogyakarta culinary, yogyakarta culinary


Go Indonesia :: Komodo National Park, Komodo Dragon’s Habitat


Komodo National Park is one of a unique national park in

Indonesia which located in the border region between the provinces of

West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara or within the Lesser Sunda

[link:78]Island[/link]s. The national park consists of three large

islands, which are Rinca, Padar and Komodo itself and 26 small islands.

It covers about 1.733 square kilometers of total area. It was founded in

1980 as the area for protecting komodo dragons that are recognized as the

biggest lizard in the world. Later, the national park is also dedicated

to protect other species, including animals that live under the water. In

1991, UNESCO recognized and declared it as World [link:34]Heritage

[/link] Sites and it also selected as one of the New 7 Wonders of

Nature.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia [link:63]tourism

[/link] info

The climate around the park is hot and dry, make it to an ideal

habitat for [link:17]Komodo[/link] dragon. There is only 500 meters

of cloud forests but it provides good habitat to some endemic

flora.  On the north east coast, fringing and patch coral reefs are

developed well and extensive, it makes the water around the

komodo national park is rich of marine life, including

ocean sunfish, eagle rays, false pipefish, nudibranchs, tunicates, coral,

whale sharks, manta rays, pygmy seahorse, clown frogfish, blue-ringed

octopus and sponges. go indonesia komodo national park, komodo national

park indonesia

Go Indonesia :: Indonesian Archipelago Handicrafts, Different Kind of Indonesian Handicrafts


There are many great things that people can enjoy in Indonesia and one of

them is the chance to see the Indonesian archipelago

handicrafts. There are hundreds of ethnic groups in

[link:69]Indonesia[/link] and each of them has its own language,

traditional dress, traditional house, handicrafts and other sort of

things that they use for daily life or to be included in a


One of the most popular Indonesian archipelago

handicrafts are Batik. Batik is the term that refers to the form

of textile that has been hand painted with all kind of symbols and design

using traditional method. Almost every city or every ethnic group has its

own Batik style and it bring even bigger choice on people who want to

shop for Batik.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism


There are other examples when it comes to Indonesian handicrafts such

as wayang (traditional puppet show), [link:55]traditional[/link]

toys and games such as congklak, handmade ceramic, wood carving, stone

carving and also all sort of item that people use in their daily life

that was made from natural material such as rattan and bamboo. Those are

only small part of Indonesian handicrafts, and each has its own style

where they serve as the proof of Indonesia true national riches. go

indonesian handicrafts.

Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Archipelago Rattan, The Beauty Of Natural Rattan Furniture



As a tropical country, Indonesia offer lots of great things that come

from its nature. One of it is the . Rattan is the name of plant that was used to made

furniture. What makes rattan different from ordinary wood or teak is its

flexibility. Rattan can be bending into different shape without have to

break it. Its natural shape gives its own beauty that makes it very

popular to be made as furniture.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia [link:65]tourism[/link] info

Rattan can be made into many things. The most common is furniture

where people can find rattan furniture with various design, shape and

size that can be placed indoor, outdoor, patio and also in pool areas.

But that is not all, because rattan can be made into various house

accessories such as lamp house, a basket and other sort of thing that

people can used in their daily life.

Many rattan furniture manufactures combine this material with other

natural material such as sea grass and banana tree to create something

unique. The rattan material from Indonesia is considered as one of the

best in the world. It has certain qualities that set it different from

the rest. The Indonesian Archipelago Rattan is a one

example from many great things that this country has to offer. go

[link:69]indonesia[/link]  rattan,

Go Indonesian :: Indonesian Archipelago Plaza, the Center of Various Activities in Jakarta.


In Jakarta, there are many places that act as the center of organizing

various activities. The Indonesian Archipelago Plaza is

one of them. What makes this place different from other similar places is

the location of this plaza itself. This plaza located in Taman Mini

Indonesia Indah, specifically in the east point of the lagoon of

Indonesian Archipelago close to Maluku and South Sulawesi Pavilion. Right

in front of it is the [link:70]Indonesia[/link] Children Palace.

The location itself makes this plaza is so special.  Originally,

the location of this plaza is the Orchid Garden, but in 2007, the area

was developed as a performance space and also as the center of

activities. There are all kind of activities that was held in this area

such as the celebration of New Year Eve and fire work feast at certain

occasion. This place is also welcomed the public, where people from

families or companies can reserve this place to conduct a special

event.goindonet, go indonesia, [link:52]complete indonesia tourism info


The Indonesian Archipelago Plaza has complete

facility for any program that is going to be held in this place. It has

the sound system, lighting, stage decorations service and also the artist

itself. With all the advantages that it has, this plaza is really worth

as the center of activities in Jakarta.  go indonesia archipelago


Go Indonesia :: The Sacred and Elegant of Melinting Dance from Lampung


There are many examples of cultural richness in Indonesia. Traditional dance is one of them; where in each and every province in Indonesia has several traditional dances that represent the beauty of the local culture. The Indonesian archipelago Lampung dance is one small example of that. Lampung, a province that located in Sumatra Island has several traditional dances and one of the most popular one is Melinting dance.

The name of Melinting Dance comes from the maker of this dance, Queen Melinting. It was said that Queen Melinting who ruled the area in the 16 century created this sacred and beautiful dance. At first, this dance was only performed inside the royal palace, but since 1958, the dance has been modified where there are couple of changes was made into the function, clothes and accessories that the dancer wear.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Right now this sacred dance was performed to welcome honor guest that come to Lampung. People who come to Lampung and have the chance to enjoy this Indonesian archipelago Lampung dance will enjoy elegant movement of the dance that was played by women and man. In the same time, people also can enjoy the sound from the traditional instrumental music that follows this dance.

Go Indonesian :: What to See at Indonesian Archipelago Plaza And Stage


Indonesian archipelago plaza and

stage is one of essential spots in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

(TMII) or literary means Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. The park

itself is a popular tourism object located in East Jakarta, Indonesia. It

took 4 years to construct the whole parts lying on about 145 ha area and

the official inauguration took place on April 20th 1975.

TMII was built as based on the idea of Siti Hartinah, the former first

lady who was best-known as Madam Tien Soeharto. The park was made with

the concept of collecting and communicating the Indonesian

treasure diversity. It lets you see the whole Indonesia

in one day with traditional pavilions as the main attraction. Each

building represents the ethnic art of architecture. Until 2000s, there

were 27 houses built, but now it consists of 33 buildings.goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is open in seven days of the week. There

are more attractions to view besides the pavilions. One of the special

sights is the miniature of Indonesian archipelago

that is situated in the center lake. Visitors are usually taken via cable

car to get the view from above. There, you will find a human-made lake

that seem showing the beauty of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

Mountains, hills and flora are constructed in mini size and represent the

natural beauty of the archipelago country. You will find

Indonesian archipelago plaza

and stage close to this lake.

Indonesian archipelago plaza

and stageis also mostly called as Plasa Arsipel or Archipelago

Colossal Stage. It is commonly used to hold various activities like

seminars, music performances and other public events. The spot has 0.6

kilometers of length. This plaza itself is known as one of some parks

available in TMII. The others are including Bird Park, Children Palace,

Cactus Garden, Herbs Garden and Keong Emas Flower Park.

You should not stop the steps at

Indonesian archipelago plaza

and stage. Keep the adventure by exploring the whole parts of

TMII. Find other attractions offered at the traditional pavilions,

religious buildings and other well-known parts of this park. You can make

the trip on foot; take skylight cable car or aeromovel. There is also

mini train around the park. Driving a car is possible too. If you want to

explore the archipelago lake, you can use swan paddle

boat. Do not forget to come by to

Indonesian archipelago plaza

and stage or Plaza Arsipel to find out the current event being

held at this area.

Go Indonesia :: Enjoy The Banyuwangi Yearly Festival


There are all kinds of festival that people can enjoy in

Banyuwangi yearly festival (B-Fest). The B-Fest itself

is a yearly event that was held by the Banyuwangi local government. This

yearly event was held for the very first time in 2012 and the event

continues up until this day. This yearly event was held to celebrate

Banyuwangi anniversary day that fall at 18 December. The B-Fest itself

taking places from October until December where there will be festival of

all kinds that everyone can enjoy from young to old.

Banyuwangi Yearly Festival List

Like it has said before, there are all sort of festival that will be

held in this Banyuwangi Yearly Festival. The number of

festival that was held is increasing year after year, which allows people

to get something more to enjoy. The event not only manage to attract the

attention from local people (Indonesian people), but also from

international tourist. It makes this yearly event as one of the biggest

tourist attraction that has successfully introduced Banyuwangi as a

tourist destination city in Indonesia.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info

In 2015 there are more than 20 festivals that will be held in this

Banyuwangi yearly festival and the festivals are

  • Clean toilet festival
  • House renovation festival
  • “Sego Tempong” culinary festival
  • Local fruit festival
  • Wayang Kulit (Javanese shadow puppet) festival
  • Clean River festival
  • Children traditional toy festival
  • Percussion and Larlare Orchestra festival
  • Banyuwangi Kite festival
  • Santri festival
  • National Barongan festival
  • Banyuwangi Beach Jazz festival
  • Gandrung Sewu festival
  • Banyuwangi plantation festival
  • Banyuwangi batik festival
  • Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival
  • Ngopi Sepuluh Ewu Festival
  • Kuwung Festival
  • Anak Yatim (fatherless children) festival
  • International surfing competition, and there are much more

Each and every year, there is something new that presented in this

event. Way back then in 2012, there is only 10 events that was held in

this yearly event, but in 2015 the number has increased up to 36 events.

The events itself cover everything about Banyuwangi from its sports

event, its natural beauty that was worth as a popular tourist

destination, its local art and everything else.

Among all those events, there are several events that were considered

as the original part of this event.  Events such as International

Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen, Banyuwangi Batik Festival and Beach Jazz

Festival are some of them. Those events are the original part of this

yearly event that has been held since the very beginning in 2012.

Different event in this Banyuwangi Yearly Festival

has different theme. Take for example the Clean Toilet Festival. The main

purpose of this festival is to have clean toilet in every public places

in Banyuwangi. It means, that every public places such as school, Islamic

boarding school, hotel, offices, and other places should have clean

toilet. A clean toilet may sound simple, but this is critical for

people’s health and the local government of Banyuwangi wants to

increase people attention on this simple hygiene matter.

Then there is Beach Jazz Festival. Some people may wonder why do local

event like this has to include jazz, which is not a traditional music

after all and not many people who even listen to this kind of genre? But

here is the thing; Jazz has managed to level itself up to the spotlight.

Jazz also manage to walk together, hand in hand with all kind of

traditional music, including Banyuwangi traditional music and art, no

matter where they are. Consider Jazz as universal language that can help

to bring out the voice of Banyuwangi traditional art to rest of Indonesia

and also to the whole world. That is the reason why Jazz music was

included in this event up until this day.

The festival was held not only to promote the culture and everything

else about Banyuwangi to the rest of the world, but is also held to push

the society in this city to maximize the potency that they have. There

are plenty of art and culture in Banyuwangi. Together, the government and

the society will be able to bring Banyuwangi into a much better city.

Don’t forget to come and enjoy the culture diversity that you can

enjoy only at the Banyuwangi yearly festival and get the

enjoyment of seeing and experiencing something new.

Go Indonesia :: Kebon Nogo, The Centre Of Indonesian Dragon Fruit


The tasty and healthy dragon fruit now can be found easily in

Kebon Nogo, located in Cimenyan Village, Bandung, and

West Java. This is actually not only located here because you can also

find Kebon Nogo in Malang, East Java. The dragon fruit garden is

considered as the largest producing nearly 1000 tons monthly. Red dragon

fruit can be found in here and you can also experience walking around the

garden and take your wn dragon fruit. The most interesting, not

only red dragon fruit, but also black dragon fruit is

available.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism


Black dragon fruit is the new variety of dragon fruit that is grown

here. The black dragon fruit is made of fertilizer containing a lot of

charcoal from residual combustion. This technique is developed by the

farmers to make a new variety of dragon fruit that can be enjoyed by

everyone. Not only dragon fruit, but there are also other options of

fruits grown in this garden such as American lemon, Golden King Durian

and others. You can find many options of fresh fruits with more

affordable prices compared to other places. The exclusive fruit products

from this amazing garden can be experienced easily simply by visiting

Kebon Nogo. go idonesia kebon nogo,

kebon nogo indonesia