Go Indonesia :: Popular Traditional Folk Dances Of Kulon Progo


Traditional folk dances are one of main art attractions to see when you visit Kulon Progo, a regency in Yogyakarta Special Region. Known as the Jewel of Java, this regency is rich of trade, tourism and investment resources. Visitors won’t only get tempted with the beauty of its nature, but are also invited to witness the diversity of its local culture, including the folk dances.



Kulon Progo’s Famous Traditional Folk Dances

When you are in go Indonesia plan, make sure to take a trip to explore Yogyakarta. It is a good idea to head to the western area to visit Kulon Progo and you may have the chance to view one or all of the following traditional folk dances:

  • Angguk Dance – Performed in groups, the dancers delivers the story of Umarmoyo-Umarmadi and Wong Agung Jayengrono in Ambiyo Note. The dancers wear costumes that look like Dutch soldiers’ dress with various attributes
  • .
  • Jathilan Dance- Performed in groups, the dancers play different carachters including wewe, penthul, barongan, gendruwo and bejer. Ndadi (trance / in trance) is one of its main highlights.
  • Incling Dance – Performed in groups, the dancers brings the Panji story or a documentary film about WS Rendra, a dramatist and poet.

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Go Indonesia :: Museums In Yogyakarta To Visit



Yogyakarta museums

The idea to visit museums in Yogyakarta may never cross your mind. In fact, when you want to know more about the city, you can find a lot of information from the places where various collections are displayed. Go Indonesia vacation plan should be more than just enjoying the natural resources. [link:45]Yogyakarta[/link] itself also has so much more cultural values to dig.

Enjoy Family Vacation by Visiting Museums in Yogyakarta

You can find quite some museums in Yogyakarta. Goindonet will show you some places to visit if you are a type of cultural-hungry traveler, such as:

  • Sonobudoyo [link:10]Museum[/link] – Located in the north square of the city, the museum is the home of a number of important artifacts and archaeological finds.
  • Affandi Museum – Situated at the bank of Gajah Wong river, the delightful museum is a sign of celebration for the work and life of Affandi, a best known Indonesian painter in the world.museum_affandi
  • Dirgantara Museum – Located in the Air Force base, this museum displays educative collections about the antique aircraft used during the World War II.museum-dirgantara
  • Kekayon Museum – This museum always hold special show of Wayang puppet besides displaying various characters of it.kekayon-museum

Yogyakarta is known as education city. It makes sense when you look for complete Indonesia tourism info that explains more about this place. If you go with kids, museums in Yogyakarta are the best recreational spots to not miss.

Go Indonesia :: Enjoy Your Shopping At Malioboro

Shopping at Malioboro is one of must activities to do when you go Indonesia and visit Yogyakarta. Malioboro itself is a name of street where both sides of it are fulled by street vendors. They offer various merchandises including batiks, accessories and miniatures. It is where you should shop till you drop as the prices are bargain-able.

Tips when You Do Shopping at Malioboro

It is easy to go to Malioboro as thelocals can help you showing the directions. Just like most vendors, they will offer you double-priced stuff. So, here are some tips to enjoy the shopping at Malioboro that Goindonet has gathered:

  • Pretend like if you have been a while in the city.
  • Look for the information of any merchandise you are looking for, especially the actual price and its best place to find.
  • Make effort by learning the local languages, importantly Bahasa Indonesia or it will be a plus if you also know how to speak Javanese
  • Start to bargain from 50% or 60% of the offered price to get stuff you want at low deal.

Malioboro Street has been known as the paradise of backpackers in Yogyakarta as they can find things at cheap prices. However, you need the complete Indonesia tourism info to avoid being scammed, especially related to the price offers when shopping at Malioboro.

Go Indonesia :: The Legend And Myth Of Prambanan Temple


Prambanan Temple is one of best attractions in

Yogyakarta Special Region. Unlike Borobudur Temple that is known

as Buddhists worship place, this one is the largest Hindu temple in

Southeast Asia and be the most beautiful site in the world. Make sure to

visit it when you go Indonesia.

How Prambanan Temple was Built

According to history, Prambanan Temple was built in

the 8th century, as the marriagesymbol of Rakai Pikatan, a

Hindu Prince from Sanjaya Dinasty as he had been able to rule Buddhist

Sailendra monarchy. Originally, the temple complex

contained of 250 large and small temple, but then Mataram Kingdom made

the expansion with addition of hundred perwaras. Despite of this

historical record, you may hear a folk legend about the temple. Also

known as Roro Jonggrang Temple, the 1000th statue of the

temple was recognized as Roro Jonggrang, a slender virgin lady. She was

cursed into stone by a young and powerful man named Bandung Bondowoso as

he got angry with the lady’s attempt in thwarting his effort to

marry her.

Goindonet also has one more interesting

information about the temple. It is a popular myth where couples are

discouraged to come to this historical and spiritual site. There is a

belief that they will break up. If you take time browsing the

complete Indonesia tourism info, you can even find more

fascinating myths besides what Prambanan Temple has.

Go Indonesia :: Tourists Should Not Worry About Indonesia Visa



Indonesia visa is not a problem for most international travellers. In goindonet, you will see that Indonesia is a very welcoming country and supportive for tourists.

Travellers from several countries who go Indonesia are eligible for visa waiver, especially ASEAN and Western Europe. In 2015, visa waiver is available for tourists from 45 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Russia, China, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Visa on arrival (VOA) could be the most common Indonesia visa that available for travellers from most countries in the world, including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, and Iran. While visa waiver is non-extendable 30 days visit, it is possible to extend VOA for more 30 days so the total visit could be 60 days. To get VOA, you must have passport with minimum 6 months validity and pay the fee by cash.

Visa before arrival is subjected to travellers who come from countries that not listed on visa waiver and VOA. Travellers from Israel, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iraq, Nigeria, and several countries for total 15 countries should get approval from head office of immigration service in Jakarta.

Since visa is commonly not a problem, international travellers could easily get into Indonesia. If you need more tourism information, get complete Indonesia tourism infohere. Enjoy wonderful Indonesia after you get Indonesia visa.

Go Indonesia :: Important Indonesia International Airports as the Entry Points to the Country


Indonesia international airports are the most common entry points to Indonesia. Although by boat and by land are also possible, plane is the fastest transportation to go Indonesia from abroad. Dealing with visa waiver and visa on arrival are easier at international airports.

The biggest and the busiest international airport in Indonesia is Soekarno Hatta International Airport (IATA: CGK, ICAO: WIII) that located in Tangerang, near Jakarta. This is the main entry point to Indonesia where most international flights from and to various countries including Asia and Europe operate here.

The second international entry point is Ngurah Rai International Airport (IATA: DPS, ICAO: WADD) in Denpasar Bali. As the hottest tourism island in Indonesia, airport in this island is always busy to welcoming international travellers from all around the world.

The other international airports are commonly serve flights from Singapore and Malaysia. International flights from and to other countries are commonly seasonal or chartered. Those airports are including but not limited to Juanda, Adi Sucipto, Kuala Namu, Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman, and Sultan Hasanuddin.

You can choose your arrival in the nearest airport to your destination. If you not yet know your destination or you need complete Indonesia tourism info for your trip, goindonet could help you. Indonesia international airports and other information are available here.

Go Indonesia :: Mesmerized At Indonesia National Parks



You who wish to enjoy Indonesia’s natural beauty, Indonesia national parks are your best destination. In [link:88]goindonet[/link], you will find a lot of information about magnificent national parks in the country that captivated every eye.

Up to 2015, the total number of national [link:49]park[/link]s in Indonesia is 51. All of them have the diverse biosphere with numerous species of animals and plants. Of course, many endangered species are protected in the national park. For complete Indonesia tourism info of Particular Park, you can read in other post.

Six national parks are well known for their incredible beauty and listed as World Heritage Sites. Those national parks are Leuser Mountain, Bukit Barisan Selatan, [link:17]Komodo Island[/link], Lorenzt, [link:35]Ujung Kulon[/link], and Kerinci Seblat.

Nine of them are listed as World Network of Biosphere Reserves that surely have amazing views and promising great adventure. The national parks are Gunung Leuser, Siberut, Lore Lindu, Taka Bone Rate, [link:19]Wakatobi[/link], Komodo, Tanjung Puting,[link:16]Bromo[/link] Tengger Semeru, and Gunung Gede Pangrango.

Under Ramsar Convention, 5 national parks are international important wetlands. Those are Danau Sentarum, Wasur, Rawa Aopa Watumohai, Berbak, and Sembilang.

The other national parks may not have international status but they are all enchanting and important destination in go Indonesia. With tropical trees in the surrounding, enjoy the fresh air and get the chance to see exotic animals with your own eyes at Indonesia national parks.