Go Indonesia :: Enjoy The Beauty Of Sibolga Beach City


Sibolga Beach City is one part of West Sumatra. Most people are more familiar with Bali as the island of a thousand beaches and various tourist destinations. However, the charm of the city owned Sibolga not inferior to what was in Bali. Sibolga is a small town but has a beauty and charm that is extraordinary. With easier access, is expected to attract tourists to get to know and visit the town of Sibolga in West Sumatra.

Various tourist destinations can captivate the tourists both local and foreign. One of the most famous tourist destinations of this small town is Pandaratan. This cave is right on the shoreline of Sibolga. This cave is one of the natural caves formed by the pounding sea waves repeated in hundreds of years.

In addition to the natural cave Pandaratan, Sibolga city still has several different tour destinations that are also interesting. Si Buni-Buni waterfall is a hidden waterfall that position to give the impression of this waterfall as the shy waterfall. We can also see the Island Princess with a natural beauty that is still very natural.

In Sibolga, we also can visit Pandan Beach that is located in coastal areas. The beach was very crowded with visitors both weekdays and holidays. If you want to know more about the city of Sibolga, you can visit goindonet or goindonet.com that offers complete Indonesia tourism info. You can get a variety of information about Sibolga Beach City in go Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Pandan Beach – Enjoy Your Travelling At Beauty Beach



In previous articles, we have discussed a little bit about the beauty of Pandan Beach that is located in Sibolga. You might be interested to know more about the charm and beauty of this beach. This [link:76]beach[/link] has very stunning natural scenery.

When we were on the beach, we could see the beautiful waters of the open sea stretches. The seawater at this beach has colour of bluish-green and it is very clear. This beach has waves were very calm, so visitors can swim freely several meters from the mouth of the beach safely. The beach [link:9]sand [/link]is white and very soft. The beach is also very clean. We will not find the garbage strewn so that when you enjoy this beach with a walk around it, you will feel very comfortable and soothing.

The beach is very wide, so maybe you need a long time to discover this beach. However, there are natural scenery around this beach area makes you will not get enough of the region continue to explore this coast.

Hundreds of shady trees grew around this beach that gives the impression of coolness for tourists. Under the trees, there is a gazebo and a mat that can be used as place to rest and enjoy the beauty of the beach. The gazebo is one of the facilities can be rented out to visitors.

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Go Indonesia :: Know More About Tourism Of Nias Island


When we hear the name of Nias Island, we might imagine a traditional stone jumping. However, of course, the island not only has attractions stone jump. We can find a variety of other attraction of this island.

When the field of North Sumatra has a greeting ‘horas’, on the island of Nias, we also find the language very typical greeting is ‘ya’ahowu’. The island has very beautiful natural scenery. Of course, as an island surrounded by seawaters, this island has a very amazing marine tourism as Saroke beach that is the best spot for surfing. In addition to nautical tourism, this island we can also find some of the areas that have its own charm and appeal as Orahili-Gomo, Bawomataluo, and other areas.

Nias has a traditional house made of wood and standing on a rock. The houses have shape like a boat with a stone base as a baseline. Stones that form the basis of a traditional house of Nias has a meaning as the basis of life.

In addition to custom homes, we also get to know a wide selection of other tours of Nias in goindonet or goindonet.com. We can get to know the tradition of Hombo stone. It is one of the most popular traditions in Nias. Tradition of Hombo stone is an attraction stone jump that is very well known.

Know more about the uniqueness of a region through Indonesia will enrich our knowledge on go Indonesia. We can get the complete Indonesian tourism info by accessing the Internet. The information can be useful when we visited to Nias Island later.

Go Indonesia :: South Nias – Great Destination To Get Great Travelling



South Nias is one of the districts in West Sumatra and its location on Nias Island. As explained in the previous article, Nias Island has some tourism potential in some areas in the island, including South Nias. In this district has diverse tourism potential. The beach in this district is a surge for surfers. Here are a few existing tourism potential in the district, as reported in goindonet or goindonet.com.

Lagundri beach is one of the beaches with waves big enough with an average altitude of up to 3-4 meters. On this beach, surfing competitions are often held. In addition to being spot for surfers, beach Lagundri also has a beautiful sunset is amazing.

In addition to the beach Lagundri are often used as a surf spot, the district also has other beaches that are part of the international surfing locations are Sorake. Surfing championship event is held every year. Moreover, if at low tide, this situation will slope beach and the seawater tends to be reduced so that you can see the coral reef that you can pass while looking for small marine aquarium fish caught in between coral.

There are several other tourism potential that can become a tourist attraction for both local and international. We can get the latest information about the varied charms Nias through go Indonesia. You will be treated to complete Indonesia tourism info including various tourism potential in South Nias.

Go Indonesia :: Orahili Gomo – Cultural Tourism Destination In South Nias


Orahili Gomo could be one of the destinations of cultural tourism on Nias Island. Nias Island is not only rich in natural tourism exoticism, but the island also has a variety of cultural tourism that is very interesting. Orahili is a village in the district name Gomo, South Nias. Orahili position is located in a mountainous area close to the river valley Gomo long and wide.

Why should Orahili Gomo be one of cultural tourism destination? Visitors who come to this village will get a megalithic relic consisting of large boulders. South Nias society is very glorifying megalithic cultural heritage in the Orahili village. Heritage in South Nias has values ??and functions that are great for the local community until the present. Some megalithic heritage of this village include a flat stone, upright stone, stone table, cobblestone, and a human statue.

Some of the megalithic heritage has an important role in religious ceremonies Nias community as a place of worship in honour of ancestors. Heritage in the Orahili has its own uniqueness and function as a symbol meaning.

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Go Indonesia :: Bawomataluo Village – Traditional Village Of South Nias


Bawomatuluo village is a traditional village that is very famous in South Nias. The village has a very dense residential area even includes the village with the most dense settlements in South Nias. We can find the most majestic Omo Sebua in Nias. In addition, there are 230 custom homes or Omo Hada. It is a village with traditional houses most of the other indigenous villages in South Nias.

Access to this village could enter through the back door or through the village gate. The village is located at the top of the hill and to reach the gate, we had to climb 88 stairs at an angle of 45 degrees. We can see the beauty of the Indian Ocean at the gate. In fact, we could see the panorama and the beauty of the sunset that is amazing at the village gate. This makes the village is named Bawomataluo which means sun hill.

The village also has several indigenous tradition as exists in some other areas on the island of Nias. You can enjoy the dance of war and attractions stone jump. In addition, the village also has many artisans carved from wood, stone, and woven mats. All the crafts are traded. This could be one of the central souvenirs to handicrafts.

You will experience a journey that is very interesting and challenging in South Nias. It will be a journey to explore past lives. You can dig up more information about the island of Nias and regions in the island with access to goindonet or goindonet.com. Besides, if you visit on go Indonesia, you will get complete Indonesian tourism info before visiting Bawomataluo village

Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Lonely Planet – Great Guideline for Your Travelling


Lonely Planet Indonesia is a travel guidebook from digital media publishers to review some detailed information about tourist charm in Indonesia. Nias Island is one of the tourist areas are reviewed in detail so that you can get the complete Indonesian tourism info you need before you start your tour.

Having a complete guide on an area to be visited is certainly very important. You can search for information through the Internet to get information about the various tourism potentials in the island of Nias. If you like nature, you can find information about the area in Nias that has potential natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, waterfall, or other.

You can open goindonet or goindonet.com to get variety of information that you need. Been to various regions in Indonesia is not less attractive than travelling abroad. We can find a variety of tourist potential that are still very thick with native and culture on the island of Nias. You can watch a war dance and rock jumping attraction will not you find in other countries.

In doing a trip, make preparations so important to do so that you can enjoy trip comfortably. You can take advantage of existing guidance on go Indonesia to help you know more about the various charms and exotic various regions in Indonesia. You can take advantage of digital media such as Indonesia Lonely Planet to be your friends on the way of your travel.

Go Indonesia :: Essential Indonesia Tourism Guide From Go Indonesia Goindonet


For those of you who want to spend your vacation in Indonesia, visiting

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The first thing that you should know when you want to go on vacation

to Indonesia is how to get here. Basically, there are many ways that you

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The airlines that serve flight from and to Indonesia may vary. You

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Budget is definitely one of the most important aspects that you should

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There are so many hotels, villas, and lodgings that you could find in

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When choosing hotel, the first thing that you need to consider is

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If you visit goIndonesia goindonet, you will not only

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Several hotels might offer special packages for their guests such as

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When you arrive in Indonesia, you also need to know how to get to the

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However, you might need to know which travel agent that you should choose

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Go Indonesia :: Goindonet Website Offers New Experience In Indonesia Tourism


If you want to go on vacation to Indonesia and you want to get the best experience, following some tips from go Indonesia goindonet website might be the best solution that you could get these days. Indonesia has so many tourist attractions from beautiful natural landscapes to unique culture of its people. There are so many tourist destinations that you could visit in Indonesia from Kuta Beach in Bali to Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi.

Before you visit to go on your vacation to Indonesia, it’s very important for you to prepare your plane ticket. Getting plane ticket to Indonesia might be quite difficult sometimes, especially on holiday season. However, if you choose service from Indonesia goindonet, you might be able to get the plane ticket that you need easily with the most affordable price as well. You also could use our help to make hotel reservations as well. We provide list of hotel that you could choose during your visit in Indonesia. Some hotels even offer special package that allows you to save more budgets.

Spending your vacation in Indonesia might require you to go from one tourist attraction to another. In this case, you might need transportation service so that you could go on your trip comfortably. You could use some details and information from Indonesia goindonet about train schedule or available taxi service. You also could get some tips about which travel agent that you should choose during your visit in Indonesia as well.

Go Indonesia :: Dive In Warm Sea Of Banda Islands


Banda Islands offer you the spectacular beauty of healthy reefs and large fish populations. Usually, you need to wear complete diving gear as it can get cold underwater. It is recommended to prevent the risk of decompression sickness because of the low temperature. Go Indonesia, particularly the eastern part of the country, you will find warmer spot to dive in.

What to Know about Banda Islands

Banda Islands is known as Spice Islands. It is recorded in history, becoming the destination of Arab, Indian, Chinese sellers since the first century AD. As it has rich natural resources of spice, Dutch colonizers reigned the group of remote tropical islands to dominate the world’s spice trade.


Today, although the history remains in mind of locals and books, the islands are known more as one of the best diving spots in Indonesia. You won’t only find a wide range fish population. The underwater environment surrounding the islands is the home of healthy reefs including the immense hard corals, sponges and sea fans. Check other popular divers’ popular destinations at goindonet website.

Diving is a must to do activity when you visit Indonesia as the 2/3 part of the country is water. Take time hunting for complete Indonesia tourism info and put Banda Islands on your visiting list.