Go Indonesia :: Enjoy Dutch Colonial Atmosphere In Old Town Batavia


Batavia is now Jakarta, a metropolitan city that highly modernized. Yet,

in the northwestern side of the city we still able to feel the colonial

atmosphere at Old Town Batavia. The town was established

in VOC era in 17th century when Dutch still rule Indonesia. In

the old time, Batavia was the Jewel of Asia

where the trade of precious products, including spices, ceramics, cloths,

and coffee was held there.

The old colonial town is preserved in 1.3 square kilometers area in

the sides of Ciliwung River. Although the town was built by the Dutch,

this area demonstrates multicultural heritages, as it was the focal point

of spice trade route from European to Asia. The area also shows the rich

elements of a Dutch town planning.

The center of [link:66]attraction[/link] is the old building

named [link:10]Museum[/link] Fatahillah that was municipal building

in VOC era and the town square named Fatahillah square. Several old

buildings and warehouses are transformed into museums, including Fine Art

and Ceramic Museum, Wayang Museum, and Bank Mandiri Museum. Cina Town,

Sion Protestant Church, Luar Batang Mosque, Jakarta Kota Station, Kota

Intan Drawbridge, and Maritime Museum near Sunda Kelapa Harbour complete

the old Batavia adventure. One thing you

should not miss is authentic Dutch cuisines in the restored Café

Batavia. go indonesia old town batavia,

Go Indonesia :: Experience The Beautiful Gunung Mas Agro Tourism


Gunung Mas is one of the best agro tourism destinations in West

Java,exactly located in Puncak, Bogor. Like its name, in Bahasa

Indonesia, gunung is mountain, which means you can enjoy the beautiful

mountain scenery while walking along the green tea garden. There is a

large tea garden that can be explored and whenever you look around, there

will be just greenery of tea garden in front of you. The most

interesting, you do not have to walk to explore the large tea garden, but

you can ride a horse instead.goindonet, go indonesia,

complete indonesia tourism info

There is also a tea factory that you can visit to learn how the tea is

processed when you are coming here. For a more excitement, you can enjoy

swimming in the Tirta Mas swimming pool near the tea garden. Those who

are afraid of riding a horse can go with a Tea Walk activity, which is

walking around the tea garden led by a tourist guide. You can choose

whether to choose a 4-kilometers, 6-kilometers or 8-kilometers Tea Walk.

By walking around the tea garden, you can see directly the farmers

harvest the tea from the trees. Gunung Mas is a very

exciting place to visit for those who love learning and having fun while

enjoying the beautiful nature. go indonesia gunung mas,gunung mas


Go Indonesia :: Sweet Berry, The Largest Strawberry Garden In West Java


Sweet berry is a large strawberry garden located in Puncak,

Bogor, and West Java. Like its name, this is a place where organic

strawberries are grown. The visitors have an opportunity to harvest the

strawberries and eat them. So, it offers a different way of buying

strawberries where the buyers now can take their own strawberries

directly from the trees. It will guarantee that you can get only fresh

and nice taste strawberries.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia

tourism info

There are some holiday packages offered in this place to allow the

visitors choose what they want to do in this agro

tourism destination. The cheapest

vacation package includes the ticket, drinking fresh strawberry

juice, harvesting 0.25 strawberries and 0.5 kilograms of vegetables your

own. The more expensive the package, the more services that you will get.

The second package includes the same services as the first one with a

lunch box and strawberry seeds as the extras. The third option is also

more expensive, but it includes more services, which are fishing and

grilling the fish. You will get more packages from the place by choosing

the more expensive ones, the fourth and the fifth package. So, choose

your package and enjoy your good time harvesting the strawberries in

Sweet berry. go indonesia sweet berry, sweet berry


Go Indonesia :: Godong Ijo


Godong Ijo comes as different and extraordinary agro tourism

especially for children because it offers many educational activities to

do. This is why this place is very appropriate for a school holiday or

other vacations that include children. There are just so many things

children can learn here while having fun visiting the beautiful scenery

of greenery. One of the most interesting activities for children provided

is making a vertical garden. This can help children to make their own

vertical garden so that they can learn that growing plants is very

important to our world.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info

Also, children can learn how to cook simple, healthy foods with the

master chef activity. There are many kinds of foods they can learn to

make at home such as donuts, soups and many others. Playing clay activity

is also available here. Children can learn how to make pottery clay using

the safest clay, which is free of any bacteria and chemical ingredients.

The clay is safe even if children swallow it by accident. So, parents do

not need to worry about the children during the activity. Since there are

many fun options of children activity, Godong Ijo can be

a great place to visit with children for a holiday. go indonesia godong

ijo , godong ijo indonesia

:: Godong Ijo, Educational Agro Tourism For Children

Go Indonesia :: Indonesia And Tourism Are About Rich Of Diversity


Indonesia and tourism could be

pictured as diversity in any facets. Indonesia is an archipelago country

with more than 17,000 islands spreading from the west to the east.

Indonesia tourism diversity is including diversity in

nature, cultural, historical heritage, and cuisine. Each island in the

country offers uniqueness that makes go Indonesia

becomes so much fascinating. You can get more

complete indonesia tourism info, but here are several

facts.goindonet, go indonesia

Diversity in Indonesia and Tourism

As archipelago, Indonesia has marine and land diversity. Owning about

20% of coral reefs in the world, Indonesian marine diversity is including

over 600 species of coral and more than 3000 fish species. From beaches

to volcanic seamounts, the excitements are there for diving, surfing, or

just for walking around the beach sand. The land is another enchanting

paradise with million acres of rain forests, numbers of volcanoes, lakes,

and rivers.

Cultural and historical heritage diversity is the other keys of

attraction of Indonesia and

tourism. With more than 300 ethnic groups

through out the archipelago, each of them has unique traditions, rituals,

arts, local language, and cuisine.

The long history of the country through different era of Hinduism,

Buddhism, and Islamic, as well as European and Japanese colonialism,

creates richer culture of the country and leave enormous heritages.

Chinese influences are the other thing than create cultural diversity in

Indonesia and


Go Indonesia :: Know These Indonesia Facts Before Visiting The Country


Before you visit Indonesia, be sure you know


facts that will help you enjoy

your visit in the finest way with fewer problems. Each country has its

own uniqueness. The uniqueness of Indonesia will make your vacation more




Facts that Make

Vacation More Interesting

Indonesia is tropical country with only two seasons. Dry season occur

throughout April to September and rainy season occur throughout October

to March. However, due to global warming, Indonesia

experience climate change that recently, even in the month of April,

heavy rain still fall. If tanning is one of your goals, go

Indonesia during the dry season.goindonet, go indonesia,

complete indonesia tourism info

More than 700 languages are spoken in Indonesia. Indonesian people

commonly speak Indonesian as the official language of the country and at

least one local language. When you visit different places, you can expect

to hear the locals speak different languages and dialect.

Indonesia is well known for the hospitality of the people. When you

visit the country, the locals may greet you and try to talk with you.

Their English maybe a little bit odd but you will find it interesting to

hear them speak. Then, do not startle if out of the blue, they ask you to

selfie. Meeting with foreign people is somewhat fascinating for them. For

more Indonesia facts, get complete

indonesia tourism info.

Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Tourism Bureau For Complete Information and Help



Indonesia tourism bureaucould be your choice to

get complete indonesia tourism info. With so many scams

and fraud, especially in the virtual world, trustable tourism information

is essential. Since every country has different uniqueness, you can learn

some interesting facts about Indonesia that will give you chance to enjoy

the real Indonesia. With knowledge, preparation for the vacation would be

easier and you can enjoy the trip without problem.

Indonesia is a vast archipelago with so many attractions and wonderful

sites. In Indonesia, you can expect beautiful nature,

diverse cultures, historical exploration, and mouth-watering cuisine.

Before you go Indonesia, better you gain information of

sites that meet your interest and condition as well as budget. The

tourism bureau could help you find the best attraction for you.

goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

The other reason for using help from tourism bureau is to make things

easier to organize. Indeed, Indonesia

is welcoming country. Yet, foreign tourists may have problem to visit

Indonesia due to complexity of the regulation. You will get complete

information about document you should prepare in order to get into the

country. It is also easier for you to get the flight and accommodation

during your stay in the country when you use help. You can give it all to

the Indonesia tourism bureau and


Go Indonesia :: Wide Array Of Tourist Attraction Indonesia


As very large country, you can find countless tourist attraction

Indonesia. From nature to culture, anything you need, you can

find it in Indonesia. All you need to do is to choose the best attraction

to meet your preference.

Tourist Attraction Indonesia in Different


When you come for beautiful nature, Indonesia has

many national parks that some of them are list on UNESCO World Heritage

of Nature. From the west to the east, the list is Gunung Leuser National

Park, Kerinci Seblat National Park, Bukit Barisan National Park, Ujung

Kulon National Park, Komodo National Park, and

Lorenzt National Park. You can choose between enchanted tropical

rainforest and wonderful marine area. Do not forget to

check complete indonesia tourism info

to help you choose, or goindonet For your adrenaline, volcano vacation or diving could be your option.

Jeep adventure to see the trace of massive eruption of Merapi volcano is

worth to try. You can also go Indonesia for the scenic

volcanic crater of Bromo Mountain, Rinjani Mountain, and Tambora

Mountain. As for diving, Bunaken, Wakatobi, and Raja Ampat are gaining

more popularity.

When you come for culture, Indonesia is diverse in culture. Festivals,

rituals, arts, and performances are myriad. Every place has unique

culture but Bali, Toraja, and Yogyakarta are well known for their

cultural tourism. However, checking schedule of cultural

events and put it on your list of tourist attraction

Indonesia is recommended.