Go Indonesia:: Enjoying 1001 Caves in Pacitan Tour

Pacitan tour comes with a typical territory surrounded by mountains, which later become the charming nature that would bring peace to the mind of anybody. Pacitan is known as the city with 1001 caves, so it is almost certain that a tourist will easily find many caves there. Geographically, Pacitan is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean and surrounded by Limestone Mountains.

Pacitan tour, a City with 1001 Caves

Beside 1001 caves, people can easily find a number of beaches during their Pacitan tour trip. Some beaches offer definite waves which are favored by surfers. Watu Karung beach is a very nice place for surfers who want to challenge ferocious high waves. Along with that name, there are a few more beaches like Plengkung Banyuwangi or Bangko-Bangko Lombok.

However, if there is anyone who’d like to enjoy the calmness of wave, then there is Teleng Ria beach, which can be reached in just 5 minutes from downtown. If you are into caves, Goa Gong would spoil your ears. In this cave there is a stone which would lead to sound like a gong if someone hit it. Basically, Pacitan tour offers natural beauty where the tourists can spend a lot of time to do a variety of outdoor activities.

Go Indonesia:: The Main Attraction of Cirebon Tour

Along the southern line of west coast Java, Cirebon has become a new-big city so there should be many things to enjoy during Cirebon tour. There is an old kingdom in Cirebon that signifies the triumph of the city in the past. Paying attention to that, the city should be filled with a lot of interesting places to visit. This article would like to tell you what interesting things that can be enjoyed in the city.

Old Building as the Main Heritage of Cirebon tour

There is a few spot in Cirebon tour prepared for tourist and most of them related to the triumph of the past. Gua Sunyaragi which is known as Taman Sari is the location of the hermitage of the royal family. This spot is now opened for public; very quiet and perfect for those who want to enjoy solitude.

Another spot like Masjid Agung Cirebon would also become perfect spot for tourists, as it becomes the oldest place of worship that stood in Cirebon. Keraton Kanoman is perfect spot as well, through which you would have opportunity to enjoy objects of historic relics of the past. Cirebon tour has much to offer, especially with regard to the glory of the kingdom of Cirebon in the past.

Go Indonesia:: A Rocky Mountian in a List of Bandung Tour

When will you go to enjoy various Bandung tour, which some of them would be related closely to the life of small metropolis? Bandung is the capital of West Java, a city which is now trying hard to dress itself. By all means, Bandung is currently showing what it’s like to be a modern, comfort city to live.

Which Place to be Included in a list of Bandung tour?

So in essence there is a lot of place to be visited when you are in Bandung. However, a rocky mountain in Lembang should be the one to visit first. It is an attraction that offers beauty sunset and sunrise view and many other amazing sights. Tourists would enjoy Bandung city night lights scattered visible in height. When talking about a list of place to visit in Bandung tour, that rocky mountain shouldn’t be forgotten.

Of course there is a lot more interesting places to explore including Tebing Keraton, Kawah Putih Ciwidey, Situ Patenggang, and Kampung Gajah Wonderland, and many more. Basically, there is a lot of view in Bandung which is not easy to forget. If you want to see a unique sight, then a rocky mountain in Lembang should be the first to visit while enjoying your trip during Bandung tour.

Go Indonesia :: Enjoying Tasikmalaya Tour

Tasikmalaya tour promises many attractions and nature to be enjoyed, all of which would be available in Tasikmalaya. And surely, most of them are opened for tourists. There are many places to be visited when you are in Tasikmalaya (many people referred it to as “Tasik”) with the intention to spend time and seek for a calmness in such a quiet place.

Places to Visit During Tasikmalaya Tour

There are at least 10 places to be visited during a trip in Tasikmalaya tour. Cater Galunggung, for example, has long become one of the main tourist attraction in the region. Aside of that, beach Cipatujah is also famous for being a place with lots of exoticism and beauty of the Southern Ocean of Java, Karang Tawulan beach, beautiful deserted. Moreover, a natural lake named Situ Gede also worth a visit.

There were more attractions to be enjoyed including Water Park, water boom, water splash, Public Park, and many more. With many attractions had been prepared, perhaps you need to spend a few days or even few weeks in Tasikmalaya so that you can enjoy many things provided by the mother of nature. Whether you like to be in a beach or in mountains, Tasikmalaya tour comes with a variety of attractions that can’t go unnoticed, especially when the holidays arrive.

Go Indonesia :: Pangandaran Tour for Awesome Sanctuary Destinations

Pangandaran tour is located in Western Java Province. It’s a national park that considered as sanctuary with its awesome scenery. You should come to this place to get new inspiration about the nature habits. Pangandaran offers awesome places, where you can enjoy the sea-landscape in different side. You also can see many nature habits on this sanctuary in closer look. Are you curious? Let’s continue scrolling down!

Pangandaran Tour with Adorable Horizon

This location is famous enough for local tourists. You can get to this place by using land transportation such as local buses. You can visit the amusing beaches such as Batu Hiu beach, Batu Karas beach and Pangandaran beach itself. If you want to get some adventurous challenge, tracking on Grand Canyon River can be a great experience for you. You will see a green water color in awesome nature scenery here.

Don’t miss the chance to see the natural habits on the national sanctuary here. You will get awesome experience with its stunning experience. There are many species such as monkeys, bulls and exotic plants, which you can look closely. Capture the stunning moment on visiting Pangandaran. It’s time for you on diffusing with nature. Pangandaran tour is the best place to get your vitamin-sea.

Go-Indonesia ::Natural tourism, Kalibiru

Natural tourism, Kalibiru, may be one alternative to this holiday. Do you not have a travel plan? Long holiday weekend is coming. You will find Kalibiru right in Menoreh Hills region, Kulon Progo with an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. From the center of the city of Yogyakarta, the journey to Kalibiru takes approximately 2 hours. Many people already know Kalibiru be worth a visit. Countless many young people locally and beyond fill the holiday by going to this natural attractions.

Enjoy the views Kalibiru

They visited Kalibiru, while the opportunity to enjoy, what it was like up the substation his eyes and stared at Sermo reservoir from a distance the eye can see.

At a high tree, mounted substations of view you can see clearly Sermo Reservoir. Overgrown forest surrounding green add to the charm of this nature. Sights like this starts to become a favorite destination of young people, according to individual taste.

You can see the expanse of the South Sea and Mount Merapi in the north in the atmosphere of sunny weather. More than that, if you also want to enjoy a more beautiful than the green landscape, you can wait for dawn or dusk. The rising sun with shine blends with the surrounding natural environment, and the pervasiveness of the sun to the contest visualization enhance the natural beauty that lies before the eyes.

Kalibiru other natural activity, not just enjoy the view, you can also do in some sort Kalibiru outbound activities. Flying fox is available, for those who like to try the activity of adrenaline, can you prove your ability.

According to the history of Prince Diponegoro as a hero, with his troops had fought against the Dutch hundred years ago, nature Kalibiru a witness. Nature Kalibiru today has become a tourist destination. This location is managed by people who live in the vicinity and are becoming increasingly popular in Yogyakarta. The atmosphere is quite calm and peaceful makes Kalibiru, refuge right, where breaking the deadlock themselves from fatigue and bustle of the crowded city and smothering. Try it.

Go Indonesia :: Garut Tour, Stunning Destinations

Garut Tour, stunning destinations for real tropical climate, if that is what you are looking for . Garut tour is one of exclusive destinations in Indonesia that there is still not too exposed for the foreigner tourists. It offers awesome nature places and heritages, which you can enjoy the scenery around. You also can get special products from here with its unique taste. It’s a great place for you who want to see the different side of Indonesia. Let’s check out the quick review about this place!

Myth and Legend Behind Garut Tour Destinations

Located in Western Java Province, Garut is a district with its central place in Tarogong Kidul. The Sundanese people dominates the population here. You can visit many exotic places as your travel destination here. Let’s say the Situ Bagendit lake, which has local legend about its historical culture in Garut. You can find more about the legend story about this place if you are curious enough.

Move around Garut and you also can go to Papandayan Mount. Here you will get awesome scenery of stunning craters. There is also special waterfall called Curug Orog for you who want to free your soul. It’s an amazing place with awesome scenery. Garut also offers mesmerizing beaches on here. You can enjoy on tanning your skin in awesome scenery here. Let’s take Garut tour destination and happy exploring.

Go Indonesia :: Banten Tour Go Indonesia Spectacular Destinations You Should Visit

Banten tour is a great place you should visit in Indonesia to get an adventurous experience on finding an exotic rhinoceros habits here. Banten is a province located on the western tip of Java Island. You can reach Banten by using local transportation from Jakarta. Not only some exotic rhinoceros habits, it also offers many stunning places where you can get new experience on there. Let’s check out this quick review!

Banten Tour with Exclusive Places to Visit

As stated on previous paragraph, the National Park Ujung Kulon is an exciting place, where you can enjoy the natural habits of rhinoceros. You can do some activities such as camping, tracking or enjoying the scene around. The next place you should visit is also Krakatau Mounts. You might ever heard about this historic explosion. There are many tour agents, which provides climbing activity on here.

Well, there are still many destinations, which you can visit on Banten. Let say Kampung Baduy with its Baduy culture, Pulau Sangiang, Carita Beach, Karang Bolong Beach and many other beaches you can visit for catching adorable sunset here. This place is truly recommended for you who need different location in Indonesia. Let’s get to Banten tour and see what you will found on there.

Go Indonesia::Go Indonesia Wonderful Indonesia, The Adventure Awaits You!

Here is a quick review about wonderful Indonesia and Go Indonesia trip that you should take now. Travelling to Indonesia can be great experience, where you can get new adventure on there. You can visit many places on Indonesia. From mountains to the beach, just mention what kind of paradises that you want to go. Indonesia is known as amazing country with its awesome places to visit. It also has many cultures, which brings the unique sides for your travelling experience. You can enjoy on visiting many places and destinations here. Let’s check out several things that you can found in Indonesia. It’s a spectacular place, where you can find out almost anything on here!

Too Much Hidden Paradises on Wonderful Indonesia

What makes Indonesia different with the other countries is its hidden paradises inside there. You might heard that Indonesia offers many natural places. However, it’s not only about the natural places. You can still high technology and modern city landscape combined with awesome scenery on nature. It’s a great place to stay. The tropical climate will make you warm enough and get exotic tanned skin. Catching sunset is also awesome from many spots in Indonesia. It’s not only Bali, Lombok or Jogjakarta. There are many places, which can be predicated as the hidden paradises on here.

Travelling in Indonesia will make you get new adventurous experience. You also can learn many cultures here. The traditional cultures with its diversities are completing your journey with special impression. You can see at how polite Indonesian people welcoming you. They will have their smile for you in such a friendly situation. Some heritages are also great destination that you can go on here. For the complete information about these places, you should read the other posts on Go Indonesia, a site that provides complete guides about visiting Indonesia.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your chance on having new adventurous experience. Let’s visit Indonesia and get what you want on there. Indonesia is a large archipelago country, where you can find out the many awesome spots on there. It has many cultures and things to learn. Don’t worry about the modern life style that you also can get on your travelling. You will get amazing experience on visiting Indonesia. It’s also affordable enough to reach many places on here. Read the other references on our site about this wonderful Indonesia and enjoy it.

Go Indonesia :: The Natural Beauty Of Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia and it is surrounded with beautiful scenery to enjoy. Located in Lombok Island, Rinjani has been one of the most favorite destinations for holiday because of its beauty. However, climbing up the mountain could not be easy considering that this is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia, but once you are on top, you can see how beautiful Lombok Island in one awesome image.

Rinjani Mountain Trekking

Trekking is one of the most commonly done by people who come here because trekking allows you to see the massive beauty of the mountain in detail. Doing the trekking to climb up the mountain would give you an opportunity to enjoy the waterfall, lake and landscape around the mountain. You can also do some hiking to walk around the mountain without having to climb it up if this is too hard for you because of the height. Trekking and hiking can spend some days about three or four days. Keep in mind that you should make sure your body is well protected before hiking or trekking. Find the [complete Indonesia tourism info and get prepared. Wear the best trekking shoes and clothes and start exploring the Rinjani Mountain to see what is hidden