North Kalimantan Province Tourism

North Kalimantan Province is new province in Indonesia that became official in 2012. Tanjung Selor is the capital. The province is developing fast, including the tourism. Many tourism facilities including hotels, dining spots, shopping areas are improved.


City and Regencies of North Kalimantan Province


North Kalimantan is divided into 1 city and 4 regencies that are Bulungan Regency (Tanjung Selor, the capital of the province is located in this regency), Nunukan Regency, Malinau Regency, Tana Tidung Regency, and Tarakan City.


How to Get In


You can get into North Kalimantan Province by plane, by boat, or by car. Tarakan is the main entrance to the province with airport and international ferry port available in the city. Although the province bordered with Malaysia, international land crossing is not available. If you want to get in by road, it should be from Indonesia’s territory.


Popular Destinations


North Kalimantan is well known for their preserved nature. The nature is highly protected but fun activities are offered by official organizations. One popular destination for nature lovers is Kayan Mentarang National Park at Bulungan Regency. The other nature charms are Tanah Kuning Beach, Semolon Waterfall, Batu Lamampu Beach, White Mountain, and Sesayap River Protected Forest.


Tarakan has many tourism sites including Mangrove and Bekantan Conserve Area, Orchid Garden, Crocodile Captivity Juwata, Amal Beach, Japanese Funeral Museum, and Australia Monument.




North Sulawesi Province Tourism

Full adventure is the main tourism appeal at North Sulawesi Province. From diving at the marvelous underwater worlds to hiking at the fabulous volcanic highlands, the adventure will surely promote adrenaline. The capital city, Manado will give the comfort needed by tourists as well as all uniqueness you hardly find elsewhere.


Cities and Regencies of North Sulawesi Province


North Sulawesi consists of 4 cities and 11 regencies. The cities are Manado, Tomohon, Bitung, and Kotamobagu. The notable regencies are Talaud Islands, Minahasa, North Minahasa, Sangihe Islands, North Bolaang Mongondow, and Sitaro Islands.


How to Get In


The main gateway is Manado at Sam Ratulangi International Airport with domestic flights from mayor cities in Indonesia and international flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Davao of Philippines. Sea gateway is at Bitung Port. Many cruises from Singapore and Australia take stop in this port. From South and Central Sulawesi, travel by car or bus is also the option.


Popular Destinations


Bunaken National Marine Park is the world famous diving site. A different option is Minahasa Highland. You can visit the flower town named Tomohon and continue the journey to clime Lokon Mountain. When visiting Tomohon, tourist could find local market that sold dishes made from dog and bat. Lake Tondano and Tangkoko National Park complete the list.



North Sumatera Province Tourism



North Sumatera Province is one of the provinces on the island of Sumatra, precisely in the southern province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. This provincial capital is Medan. Many celebrities in this country come from this province, especially the singer who has a great voice. Besides famous with durian Medan, the province also has one of the tribes that are so popular is Batak.


Cities and Regencies of North Sumatera Province Tourism


The province has 25 districts and 8 cities. Several major cities in the province of North Sumatra, Medan is the capital of the province is the city of Binjai, Tebing Tinggi, Tanjung Balai, and Padang sidimpuan.


How to Get in


Access to get to this province can be reached by many routes by land, sea, or air. The airport is located in the province as much as seven airports where one airport is an international airport and the other six are domestic airports. Given several choices paths that can be taken, the visitors can choose lines according to the needs and financial condition to visit various tourist sites in the province amazing.


Popular Destinations


The province has many tourist sites are very worth to visit. One of very famous tourist destination abroad even down to is Lake Toba. In addition, there are also some other tourist destinations such as Maimun Palace, Tjong A Fie Building, Sinabung Mountain, Rahmat International Wildlife Museum, and more.

Central Kalimantan Province Tourism

Central Kalimantan Province is the biggest province in island of Borneo. The area is huge but development is not significant. Hence, Central Kalimantan tourism is well known for jungle adventure of highly reserved tropical forest. Apart from the nature, culture is part of the allure with Dayak Tribes traditions that make people say ‘wow’.


Cities and Regencies of Central Kalimantan Province


Central Kalimantan consists of 1 city and 13 regencies. The city is Palangkaraya. The regencies are North Barito, East Barito, South Barito, East Kotawaringin, West Kotawaringin, Kapuas, Katingan, Pulang Pisau, Gunung Mas, Lamandau, Murung Raya, Seruyan, and  Sukamara.


How to Get In


The options to get into Central Kalimantan are by road from the surrounding Borneo area, by sea using ferry or boat at Sampit port, and by air using plane that landed at Tjilik Riwut Airport.


Popular Destinations


Natural wonders are reserved at Bukit Raya National Park, Tanjung Puting National Park, Kota Waringin Timur Forest group, Bukit Sapat Hawung, and the other natural reserves. Orang Utan is endemic endangered species that you can meet.


When you enjoy the nature of Central Kalimantan, you can also meet the native of Kalimantan, Dayak Tribes. Kalimantan is rich of culture and you will find countless interesting traditions and arts. The next is historical journey to some historical sites such as Tajahan Tjilik Riwut and The Wreck of Onrust Ship.



South Kalimantan Province Tourism


South Kalimantan Province is the smallest province in Borneo but plays important part in Kalimantan tourism. The capital Banjarmasin is the biggest city in Kalimantan where modern development blends with traditional culture. The province offers so many things to do from exploring the stunning nature to unique shopping at floating market to picking best gemstone for souvenir.


Cities and Regencies of South Kalimantan Province


South Kalimantan consists of 2 cities and 11 regencies. The cities are Banjarmasin and Banjarbaru. The regencies are Banjar, Balangan, Barito Kuala, Central Hulu Sungai, North Hulu Sungai, South Hulu Sungai, Kotabaru, Tabalong, Tapin, Tanah Bumbu, and Tanah Laut.


How to Get In


You can get in by plane at Syamsudin Noor Airport at Banjarmasin. The airport serves domestic flights from major cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Jogjakarta, Bali, and Makasar. You can also get in by ship at Banjarmasin port. From surrounding Kalimantan, you can get in by bus or car.


Popular Destinations


In Banjarmasin, you can have canal tour and enjoy shopping at floating markets. Then, you can go to Martapura that very popular as diamond city where you can find beautiful diamonds and other gemstones. Meratus mountainous range is the destination to enjoy enchanted nature and Dayak Bukit tradition. The other natural destinations are including wetland area at Nagara, Amandit River for bamboo rafting, and sacred hill at Loksado.



East Kalimantan Province Tourism

East Kalimantan Province is the third largest province in the country where mining become the main economy sector. Tourism in the province is growing as the government and private companies put more effort in developing tourism facilities and promotion. With Samarinda as the capital, the other cities and regencies work hard in promoting their unique culture and nature.


Cities and Regencies of East Kalimantan Province


East Kalimantan consists of 3 cities and 7 regencies. The cities are Samarinda, Balikpapan, and Bontang. The regencies are Berau, East Kutai, West Kutai, Kutai Kartanegara, Paser, North Penajam Paser, and Mahakam Hulu.


How to Get In


Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport in Balikpapan is the main domestic and international gateway to this province. East Kalimantan also has several airports but only serve domestic flights. In the future, tourists could get in at Samarinda after the construction of international airport finish. For ship transport, Balikpapan port and Samarinda port are the gateway.


Popular Destinations


Natural attractions are the main charm of this province; with popular destinations are Derawan Archipelago at Berau, Unmul Botanical Garden at Samarinda, crocodile breeding in Balikpapan, deer breeding at Penajam, and Bukit Bangkirai Forest at Kutai Kartanegara. Cultural attractions are another charm. In the popular list is Dayak Pampang Kampong at Samarinda and Kedaton Kutai Kartanegara in Tenggarong.




West Sulawesi Province Tourism



 West Sulawesi Province is the art of tropical landscape and marine. The province is best place for stress reliever as the area is quiet and tranquil far from the hectic city live. With fertile soil, the province in well known for coffee and clove plantation. West Sulawesi is also rich of history. Fourteen kingdoms were ruled the area. Mamuju is the capital and the heart of the province.


Cities and Regencies of West Sulawesi Province


West Sulawesi only has 6 regencies that are Mamuju, Central Mamuju, North Mamuju, Majene, Mamasa, and Polewali Mandar.


How to Get In


West Sulawesi does not have international entrance so international tourist should enter another city first and then continue to West Sulawesi by plane and arrive at Tampa Padang Airport. The other choice is to get in at Belang-Belang Bakekeng Mamuju Port from Surabaya and Balikpapan. By road from South Sulawesi, you can take car or bus.


Popular Destinations


Mamuju is small city to learn about West Sulawesi tradition and visit Jati Gentungan that promising beautiful landscape. Poliwali Mandar is next destination where beautiful Indo Rannuang Waterfall, Limbong Sitodo River, and numerous beaches on the islands nearby, is located. Majene is not less attractive with beautiful beaches such as Dato Beach. In Majene, do not miss Banggae and Hadat Manggar Royal Graveyard.



Central Sulawesi Province Tourism


Diversity of tourism is the highlight of Central Sulawesi Province. Natural destination, cultural, and ancient heritage are some of the charms. Palu is the capital city where you taste the unique cuisines. Islands in the surrounding are famous destination for wildlife and adventure lovers.


Cities and Regencies of Central Sulawesi Province


Central Sulawesi consists of 1 city and 12 regencies. The city is Palu. The regencies are Banggai, Banggai Islands, Banggai Laut, Buol, Donggala, Toli-Toli, Poso, Morowali, North Morowali, Sigi, Parigi Moutong, and Tojo Una-Una.


How to Get In


Central Sulawesi is accessible domestically. By plane, the options are Mutiara Airport in Palu and Kasiguncu Airport in Poso. You can take the flight from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Balikpapan, and Makasar. From South Sulawesi such as Toraja and from North Sulawesi such as Bunaken, taking bus or car is the option.


Popular Destinations


Central Sulawesi has two magical national parks, Lore Lindu and Togean Islands. You can visit the uninhabited islands to see endemic species such as anoa, maleo bird, and Sulawesi marsupial. If you come in the right time, you can see the black orchid bloom beautifully. The other natural reserves to visit are Morowali Natural Reserve, Tanjung Api Natural Reserve, and Bangkiriang conservation area. Then, Poso Lake offers the stunning scenery of golden sand and water wave, just like the sea. In the inland, you can see the unique tradition of locals and ancient heritage of megalith and copper period.



South Sulawesi Province Tourism


South Sulawesi Province is highlighted by two different characteristics. First, is living heritage of the ethnic culture and second is modern lifestyle in well-developed city. The two different atmospheres will create amazing holiday. Then, beautiful nature will complete the experiences.


Cities and Regencies of South Sulawesi Province


South Sulawesi consists of 3 cities and 21 regncies. The cities are Makassar (the capital and biggest city in the province), Palopo, and Pare-Pare. The notable regencies are Tana Toraja, Wajo, Maros, North Toraja, Jeneponto, Bone, Bulukumba, Gowa, Pangkajene Islands, and Bantaeng.


How to Get In


Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar is the busiest airport in Sulawesi. This is the main gateway to Sulawesi Island. You can take direct international flight from Malaysia, Singapore, or Philippine or domestic flight from major cities in Indonesia. By sea is next common option since South Sulawesi has two seaports in Makassar and Pare-Pare.


Popular Destinations


Makassar is the city full of attractions, entertainments, and delicious cuisines. When you come to Makassar, do not miss to visit Losari Beach and local restaurants. After enjoying the comfort of the city, continue the holiday to different atmosphere in Tana Toraja where beautiful valley and incredible tradition await you. Be the witness of the unbelievable burial tradition of Toraja people. If you love history, you need to visit Bone and Gowa to see the heritage of the old Bone and Gowa Kingdoms.



Maluku Province Tourism



Maluku Province with the capital Ambon is quiet province that rich of history and fabulous wildlife. In the past, powerful kingdoms were rules the archipelago with their great marine armada. In the era of European colonialism, Maluku is very busy area as the center of spices. The tourism in this province is not so famous but actually hiding something very special.


Cities and Regencies of Maluku Province


Maluku Province is divided into 2 cities and 9 regencies. The cities are Ambon and Tual. The regencies are Aru Islands, Buru, South Buru, Central Maluku, Southeast Maluku, Southwest Maluku, Western Southeast Maluku, Eastern Seram, and Western Seram.


How to Get In


Air transport and sea transport are two options to get into Maluku from around Indonesia. Maluku has several airports that serve domestic flights. The main airport is Pattimura Airport in Ambon. There are several ports connect the province to many places in Indonesia. You can get in by ship or small boat.


Popular Destinations


Ambon as the capital city and the entrance to the province offers beautiful scenery, unique traditions, traces of history, and delightful dishes. From Ambon, you can visit Aru Islands, Seram, and Banda Islands as three most popular destinations in Maluku where you can visit beautiful islands with tropical forests and white sand beaches. Snorkeling and diving are must to do because the underwater is magical.