Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Fruits to Taste while Visiting the Country

Indonesia fruits could be one of many reasons to go Indonesia. An array of tropical fruits you hardly found in four seasons country are widely available in any corner of this archipelago. From mango to papaya, you can enjoy the fruits, as you like, without afraid you will break the bank. However, goindonet has recommendation of several fruits you should taste while in the country.

Durian is Indonesia fruit that the popularity has go internationally. In Southeast Asia, people call it king of fruits. The fruit is so popular due to the strong odor yet rich of taste. Durian is high alcohol but do not cause drunk. Yet, do not eat too much or you may experience digestion problem and headache.

The second fruit is salak or snake fruit. They call it snake fruit because the skin is scaly just like snakeskin. Although the fruit has scaly skin, the flesh is sweet, acidic, and crunchy. Pre-caution for this fruit is to be careful when you peel it and do not eat too much because it could cause constipation.

To complete Indonesia tourism info, try rambutan as the third fruit to taste. The fruit is similar with lychee but sweeter and some varieties are bigger. Unfortunately, this is seasonal fruit so you need to come in the right time to enjoy this one of most popular Indonesia Fruits.

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