Go Indonesia :: Lulur Treatment Tradition Of Indonesian Spas


Was royal privilege, lulur treatment is now tradition of many women in Indonesia and becomes important part in many spas in the nation. We add it here with the aim of complete Indonesia tourism info as spa treatments are now become integral part in many itinerary. For anybody need relaxation in Indonesian way, goindonet gives you some hints.

Lulur is Indonesian exfoliating body scrub made from various natural ingredients. The recipes are various with different purposes. Different areas have different recipes that passed from generation to generation. In modern spa, the recipe may developed through researches to make it better result.

Traditionally, lulur is part of wedding preparation. Forty days before the wedding, the bride starts lulur treatment and has it for several times. The purpose of this treatment is to make the bride look outstanding like never before on the wedding day.

In modern world, lulur is not merely bridal thing. Women have lulur anytime they want. Lulur products are now available widely in store for anybody who wants to have it at home. However, lulur spa treatment is the best option for smooth skin and wellbeing.

You can go Indonesia to find numerous spas offering lulur in different set from natural treatment under the coconut tree to the deluxe chamber. Regardless of the choice, lulur treatment will bring harmony and beautiful skin.

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