Bungin Island – The Unbelievable Info from Goindonet.com


Bungin Island is an Island in Sumbawa Regency. The island is actually a fisherman village where most of the people make living from the sea. What make the island popular is the density of the population, unique tradition, and the goats. If you do not see it yourself, you will not believe it.

Bungin Island Super Crowds and Paper Eating Goats

Bungin is very dense with hundreds of houses stand close to each other. The crowds are no joke because more than 3000 people are living in only about 9 hectares area. Such crowds are formed because population is growing as people married and have children, while no one leave the island. In Bungin, couple who want to get married should have their own spot to build house. Since land space is no longer available in the island, they do land expansion by pilling dead coral. As the result, Bungin area is increasing each year. For information, the island is initially only about 3 hectares.

Open space is very limited in the island. Even vegetation is hardly getting a place to grow. Consequently, people could not get enough grass and leaves to feed their animals. Goats in Bungin Island should eat paper and rag to survive. Such unique condition becomes the main reason to visit Bungin. Many people come just to see paper-eating goats.Please visit Bungin Island, find out, how interesting this place

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