Wakatobi island which appealed

January 18, 2017 | Indonesia Islands

Wakatobi, as if pieces of heaven in the world, the people said.
How not to look at the pictures, people will be scratching his body with irritated,
wanted to quickly get there.
Go Indonesia did not regret it, it left a deep impression. No wonder when the tourists
are very at home living in Indonesia. Many tourists decide to stay in Indonesia.
Beautiful indeed, ubiquitous beauty, everything is spread on land, sea and air. This
makes anyone who has visited Indonesia be amazed by such natural wealth. Indonesia has
a beautiful natural and seems to never run out if the visit, all of which are spread
from Sabang to Merauke. It also wants to attract tourists both domestic and foreign
tourists to visit the various tourist areas scattered throughout Indonesia. Of the
many tourist areas, one of them that he was in WAKATOBI.
Until they say no, this island, as pretty as pretty Manohara.
The small island is famous for its underwater travel. The same full of fish and
beautiful coral reefs, beautiful beaches, the air is cool, well-known tourist crowded
at domestic and Caucasians kayak in Manado Bunaken or Raja Ampat Papua. Only, Wakatobi
not as popular and expensive as the Raja Ampat Papua, but far more fantastic than the
same underwater park of Bunaken, Manado. Maybe you also think so?

Just look at the airport Matahora, cargo dock, the ferry port, the central market,
hospitals, campuses, schools, hotels and restaurants, premium-class resort, and
underwater travel coast course. Snorkling place in Wanci resort, but the most
“valuable” in the island Tomia. Very clear sea water and colorful fish are pretty
unbelievable, fantastic coral reefs are also charming, complete-plit!

Wakatobi, not the name of an island, but an abbreviation of the names of four islands:
Wangi-scented, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko, abbreviated Wakatobi. Also the name of a
county island ten years ago experienced a new expansion area. If you want to use here
have flown across the propeller of Yogyakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, or ask the
nearest ticket agent in “Internet” you. Pelni can also climb aboard and Fery from
Kendari, Makassar or Surabaya. Anyway cheap, fly, or by the ship, you know


A district in South East Sulawesi, Wakatobi is also one

of Indonesian National Marine Parks well known as true paradise for

divers. The district is small archipelago with about 143 islands. The

four main islands in the district that become the center of activity are

Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko, which the name of the

district is taken from. The capital of the district located in Wangi-

wangi Island is Wanci.

There are many reasons why Wakatobi is

called the true paradise for divers. Large barrier reef as the second

largest in the world, truly, the marine park offers more than 50 dive

sites, each with spectacular view underwater. All around the globe, the

underwater life of the marine park is the richest with 942 species of

fish and 750 coral reef species. Amazing tropical coral reefs is

something to be expected with colorful species everywhere you

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Every year, divers around the world are coming to explore the

underwater nirvana. As Indonesia promotes the national marine park as one

of must to visit sites in the country, Wakatobi is now famous. Not only

divers, but also many people from different background come to the

islands. Besides enjoying the marine beauty, Bajo sea nomads has

incredible culture to hunt for. Interesting forts, and shopping for

handicrafts are the other interesting things. One famous handicraft for

souvenir is traditional hand-woven cloths in Binongko.

Wakatobi Is Now More Accessible and


The national marine park is actually remote islands far from the

Indonesian crowds. As Indonesian government and private enterprises

develop the area to be better tourism site, the islands is more

accessible through water and air. Airport in Wangi-wangi is now

available. Although the flights are limited, people are now easier to

access the national marine park. Nevertheless, the common way to reach

the islands is through Bau-Bau and then takes boat to

Wakatobi. You can go to Bau-Bau from many big cities in

the country such as Jakarta and Bali.

The accommodation is also better with numerous room options from

homestay to hotel for everybody who wants to stay. For luxurious options,

go to Tomia to find the resort and enjoy the garden bungalow or villa.

Opt for private charter flight and dive package for easy and comfortable


As tropical country, Indonesia only has two seasons so dry season from

March to September is the best time to come. It is okay to come in rain

season but you should be ready with all wet around and beware with

possibility of storms. Well preparation is needed to have the best

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