Go Indonesia :: Ring Of Fire Adventure On Indonesia Volcanoes

Situated in the ring of fire, Indonesia Volcanoes are dominating the geography of this nation. With more than 100 active volcanoes, Indonesia is prone to volcanic eruption disaster. Not only causing destruction to the surrounding area, the eruptions are commonly affecting air flights. Yet, the views of the volcanoes and nearby area are exceptional that worth to be explored. Therefore, the information is worth to complete Indonesia tourism info.

Volcanoes in Indonesia are listed in most notable eruptions in the world. From the information gathered by goindonet, super volcanic eruption that created Lake Toba thousands year before was eruption in the largest level possible. Eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 is recorded as the most violent.

The most active volcanoes in Indonesia located in Java, the most populated island in the archipelago. The volcanoes are Kelud and Merapi. The last volcano is called Decade Volcano because is highly active in the last decades.

Earthquake in year 2004 that leaded to massive tsunami is believed to cause pattern change of the volcanoes in Indonesia. Some volcanoes that remind silence for centuries begin to active again. The example is Sinabung Mountain.

Wherever you go Indonesia, it would be easy to find volcanoes. Kerinci in Sumatra, Semeru in Java, and Karangetang in Sulawesi are only small example of beauty you can feast. On the other hand, visiting Indonesia Volcanoes will help us learn how destructive the nature could be.

Go Indonesia :: Batur Mountain, The Image Of Bali’s Beauty Of Nature

Batur Mountain can be a great alternative for those who want something different and unique when come to Bali instead of keep visiting the same beaches or temples. Batur offers the natural beauty of mountain with its natural surroundings. This gives a different experience of visiting Bali with the peaceful atmosphere and fresh air of the mountain. You will find not only mountain, but there is also Batur Lake completed with the beautiful landscaping around the place. Here is the complete Indonesia tourism info about Batur that you can check to see what is in there.

Things You Can Find in Batur Mountain

Walking around the mountain would be the most interesting thing to do. It would be bad if you come here and just stay at your first place without walking around and enjoying the surrounding landscape. Since the air is cold enough, make sure you have protected wearing that can keep you warm. Also, have a guide with you if this is the first time for you coming here. There is a local guide that can accompany your tour in Batur and it spends about 3 hours. After touring, enjoy some meals while seeing the beautiful view of Batur Mountain would be the next interesting thing to do.

Go Indonesia :: A Closer Look At Tangkuban Perahu

If you visit West java on your vacation, make sure you visit Tangkuban Perahu site as well. This area is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in West Java. As you can see at goindonet or goindonet.com, there are so many interesting places that you could visit in Indonesia from beaches, mountains, even to caves or lakes. However, before you decide to visit these tourist attractions, you have to make sure that you get all details that you need so that you could spend your time in more comfortable way.

One of the most important things that you might need to consider when you want to visit Tangkuban Perahu is how to get there. Basically, you could reach this area by using various choices of vehicle from personal car to rental motorcycle. The location of this site is quite remote so you might need some additional details and information from go Indonesia program. Other important thing to notice is that you might need to bring your jacket or sweater since the temperature on this area is quite cold.

There are three craters that you could find on this area. They are Kawah Ratu, Kawah Upas, and Kawah Domas. If you need other complete Indonesia tourism info, especially information that is related to Tangkuban Perahu, you could find it easily on the internet these days.

Go Indonesia :: Things You Should Know about Semeru Mountain


Semeru Mountain is one of the active volcanoes that could be

found in Indonesia. This mountain is located at East java and also

considered as one of the biggest active mountains in Indonesia. The

mountain is located about 3,676 meters above the sea level. There are

many people who want to visit this mountain. This mountain is also very

popular among people who love mountain climbing as well. If you want to

visit this mountain, there are important details that you might need to

know before you start your journey.

Preparation is very important thing for those of you who want to climb

Semeru Mountain. Proper preparation will allow you to

climb this mountain in safer and more comfortable way. First thing that

you should notice is what gears and tools that you should bring with you.

The tools and gears that you should bring may vary depend on your

experience in mount climbing. You also need to notice the logistic that

you bring as well. To prepare the tools and the gears that you should

bring when climb this mountain, there is a list that you could use as

guide. goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Further information semeru



The next thing that you should get when you want to climb

Semeru Mountain is the details and information about the

condition of this mountain. Sometimes, the mount will be closed for

visitors due to bad weather or other natural condition. It’s very

important for you to get information about the route that you’re

going to take as well. There are also several rules that you might need

to follow when you want to climb this mountain as well to guarantee your

own safety.

Once you’ve got details and information about Semeru

Mountain, the next thing that you should do is creating trip

management. Planning your route and scheduling your activities are very

important keys in climbing this mountain. With good trip

management, you will be able to climb this mountain in more comfortable

way. You also could save more time as well if you have good planning on

the route that you’re going to take while climbing this


Preparing your ticket is also an important aspect that you should

notice before you start your journey to this mountain. If you came from

outside East Java such as Jakarta or Bandung, you might need to buy bus

ticket or train ticket. Some people outside Java Island even need to buy

plane ticket. Don’t forget to pay attention to your own physical

condition before and during the climbing of Semeru

Mountain so that you could prevent any health issues.

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Go Indonesia :: The Fresh Air, Beauty Landscaping Of Bromo Mountain


Bromo Mountain is located in East Java and is considered as one

of the best mountains for holiday destination in Indonesia. Bromo is

really a place for holidays so that people can spend some time in even

the top of the mountain for a while breathing in the fresh air and

enjoying the beautiful landscaping around the mountain. This could be one

of the most holiday experiences. Things that can be enjoyed in

Bromo Mountain are not just the mountain and

the surroundings, but there are many other good activities to do in

Bromo. So, before going in there, you might need to know what else you

can do. goindonet, go indonesia,complete indonesia

tourism info

The first and the most interesting thing to do in Bromo Mountain is to see

and enjoy the sun rise. This is necessary for you to go to the top of the

mountain before morning comes and wait in there for a while to see the

beauty of sunrise from the top of Bromo. Tourists who are coming there

will never skip this beautiful and interesting experience. So, never skip

doing this when you are in Bromo since you might have left the best thing

to do in Bromo without seeing the sun rising in the morning.

Interesting Activities in Bromo Mountain

If you come to Bromo when there is Kasada festival, you will make a

good time in there because the festival is really attractive. This is

held from September to November. So, if you want to enjoy an attraction

in Bromo Mountain, then you should go in the right time

when the attraction is held. This festival is actually a belief, cultural

festival that is done by the people of Bromo. This

festival is when the people of Bromo called Tengger ethnic group

come to the mountain and put some foods like chicken and vegetables to

the crater of the mountain.

Riding horse is another interesting activity in Bromo. Riding horse in

Bromo is different from riding horse in the other places because here you

will ride the horse on sand filed. It is located in the

National Park of Bromo and the sand is just so beautiful since its

height is about 2.392 meters. This is so unique that you cannot find it

from anywhere else.  Remember that the temperature of the

Bromo Mountain is cold enough, so make sure you protect

your body really well by wearing scarfs, gloves, shocks and jacket.

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Go Indonesia :: Useful Information About Visiting Ijen Volcano


Ijen Volcano Complex is one of the most popular tourist

destinations in Bondowoso. Before you decide to visit this area, there

are several preparations that you might need to do, including prepare

your physical condition since you will have to take a long walk. If you

want to visit this area, the first thing that you should know is the

location of this tourist attraction. This area is located

in Bondowoso City, East Java. For those of you who want to visit this

area, you need to wear comfortable clothes. You also need to bring mask

as well since this area has a high level of sulfur. goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

One of the most important things that you should know when you want to

visit Ijen Volcano Complex is what

transportation that you should use to get to this area. There are various

choices of transportation devices that you could choose to visit this

area from trail bike to mountain bike. Since the path to the location has

quite difficult terrain, the transportation devices

that could be used to reach this location are the ones that are designed

for off-road trip.

How to reach Ijen Volcano Complex

If you came from Surabaya and you want to visit Ijen Volcano Complex, you

could use public buses from Surabaya to Bondowoso. The cost that you have

to pay for riding the public bus is about IDR 50,000. The trip from

Surabaya to Bondowoso is about six to seven hours long. Once you’ve

reached Bondowoso, you could continue your journey to Paltuding post by

using cars that are available for rent. You also could reach this area

from Sempol Sub-district as well. If you want to go to this area from

Sempol Sub-district, you could ride motorcycle. To enter the

Mount Ijen area, you need to pay IDR 2,000 for local

tourists and IDR 15,000 for foreign visitors.

When you reach Paltuding post, you might find several lodges and villa

that you could use as the place for you to stay during your visit to

Ijen Volcano Complex. If you want to stay at the lodge

you need to pay IDR 100,000 per night. On the other hand, for those of

you who want to stay at the villa with three rooms, you need to pay IDR

500,000 per night.

These lodges and villas are very useful especially when you reach

Paltuding post in the evening. You could stay at the lodge for a while

and continue your journey to the crater in the next morning. The best

time to go to Ijen Volcano Complex is in early morning.

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Go Indonesia :: What Should Be Prepared For Visiting Jayawijaya


For those of you who love hiking and mountaineering, Jayawijaya

Mountains is definitely one of the mountains that you need to

visit. Jayawijaya is a mountain that is located in Papua and it’s

considered as the highest mountain in Indonesia. Indonesia is located on

the equator and has tropical climate, which doesn’t allow the snow

to fall down on this country. However, even though Indonesia has tropical

climate, the top of Jayawijaya is always covered in snow. The eternal

snow that covers the top of Jayawijaya is considered as one of the most

interesting things about this mountain.

On the top of this mountain, the snow covers its surface. One of the

reasons why snow appears on Jayawijaya Mountains

is that because this mountain is located 4,884 meter above

the sea level. The top of this mountain is not only

the highest level in Papua but also in Indonesia.

Snow on the top of this mountain is considered as one of the most unique

things that could be found in Indonesia. On the other hand, Jayawijaya

also offers great spots, especially for those of you who love

adventure.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia

tourism info

Jayawijaya Mountains is also known as Carstenz


The beauty of Jayawijaya Mountains is very popular

among people who love mountain climbing. The top of this mountain is also

known as Carstenz Pyramid and it’s listed as one of Seven Summits

that have really great reputation and become main target for people who

love mountain climbing from all over the world. The top of Jayawijaya is

named Carstenz Pyramid based on the name of its discoverer, Jan Carstenz.

Jan Carstenz saw the snowy top of this mountain from a submarine in


Reach the top of Carstenz or Jayawijaya Mountains is

one of the biggest dreams for people who love mountain climbing. However,

to climb and reach the top of this mountain, you might need to follow

several requirements and rules that might be quite difficult. The cost

that you need to climb this mountain is also quite large as well. You

also need to prepare many things from the schedule, physical preparation,

even to tool preparation.

One of the most important things that should be noticed when you want

to climb Jayawijaya is current weather. You also need to know the

condition of the field as well. Since the temperature will be very low,

you might need to follow some medical checks in order to make sure that

you’ll be able to survive in extreme condition. Other important

thing that you need is a license to climb this mountain.

If you could follow all the rules and maintain your condition, you might

reach Jayawijaya Mountains safely.  goindonesia

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