Maluku Province Tourism



Maluku Province with the capital Ambon is quiet province that rich of history and fabulous wildlife. In the past, powerful kingdoms were rules the archipelago with their great marine armada. In the era of European colonialism, Maluku is very busy area as the center of spices. The tourism in this province is not so famous but actually hiding something very special.


Cities and Regencies of Maluku Province


Maluku Province is divided into 2 cities and 9 regencies. The cities are Ambon and Tual. The regencies are Aru Islands, Buru, South Buru, Central Maluku, Southeast Maluku, Southwest Maluku, Western Southeast Maluku, Eastern Seram, and Western Seram.


How to Get In


Air transport and sea transport are two options to get into Maluku from around Indonesia. Maluku has several airports that serve domestic flights. The main airport is Pattimura Airport in Ambon. There are several ports connect the province to many places in Indonesia. You can get in by ship or small boat.


Popular Destinations


Ambon as the capital city and the entrance to the province offers beautiful scenery, unique traditions, traces of history, and delightful dishes. From Ambon, you can visit Aru Islands, Seram, and Banda Islands as three most popular destinations in Maluku where you can visit beautiful islands with tropical forests and white sand beaches. Snorkeling and diving are must to do because the underwater is magical.



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