North Kalimantan Province Tourism

North Kalimantan Province is new province in Indonesia that became official in 2012. Tanjung Selor is the capital. The province is developing fast, including the tourism. Many tourism facilities including hotels, dining spots, shopping areas are improved.


City and Regencies of North Kalimantan Province


North Kalimantan is divided into 1 city and 4 regencies that are Bulungan Regency (Tanjung Selor, the capital of the province is located in this regency), Nunukan Regency, Malinau Regency, Tana Tidung Regency, and Tarakan City.


How to Get In


You can get into North Kalimantan Province by plane, by boat, or by car. Tarakan is the main entrance to the province with airport and international ferry port available in the city. Although the province bordered with Malaysia, international land crossing is not available. If you want to get in by road, it should be from Indonesia’s territory.


Popular Destinations


North Kalimantan is well known for their preserved nature. The nature is highly protected but fun activities are offered by official organizations. One popular destination for nature lovers is Kayan Mentarang National Park at Bulungan Regency. The other nature charms are Tanah Kuning Beach, Semolon Waterfall, Batu Lamampu Beach, White Mountain, and Sesayap River Protected Forest.


Tarakan has many tourism sites including Mangrove and Bekantan Conserve Area, Orchid Garden, Crocodile Captivity Juwata, Amal Beach, Japanese Funeral Museum, and Australia Monument.




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