North Sulawesi Province Tourism

Full adventure is the main tourism appeal at North Sulawesi Province. From diving at the marvelous underwater worlds to hiking at the fabulous volcanic highlands, the adventure will surely promote adrenaline. The capital city, Manado will give the comfort needed by tourists as well as all uniqueness you hardly find elsewhere.


Cities and Regencies of North Sulawesi Province


North Sulawesi consists of 4 cities and 11 regencies. The cities are Manado, Tomohon, Bitung, and Kotamobagu. The notable regencies are Talaud Islands, Minahasa, North Minahasa, Sangihe Islands, North Bolaang Mongondow, and Sitaro Islands.


How to Get In


The main gateway is Manado at Sam Ratulangi International Airport with domestic flights from mayor cities in Indonesia and international flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Davao of Philippines. Sea gateway is at Bitung Port. Many cruises from Singapore and Australia take stop in this port. From South and Central Sulawesi, travel by car or bus is also the option.


Popular Destinations


Bunaken National Marine Park is the world famous diving site. A different option is Minahasa Highland. You can visit the flower town named Tomohon and continue the journey to clime Lokon Mountain. When visiting Tomohon, tourist could find local market that sold dishes made from dog and bat. Lake Tondano and Tangkoko National Park complete the list.



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