Riau Province Tourism

Riau Province is located in the central part of Sumatra Island and along the shores of the Strait of Malacca. The province is also known as one of the richest provinces in Indonesia with natural resources, especially rubber, petroleum, plantation fibber, natural gas, and oil palm. The provincial capital is Pekanbaru. The city is at the same time as the largest city in the province.


Cities and regencies


Riau province is divided into two cities and 10 counties. Some besra town in the province of Riau is Selat Panjang, Rengat, Dumai, Bangkinang, Bagansiapiapi, and Bengkalis.


How to get in


To go to the Riau province could use a lot of access and paths transportations like by air, land, and sea. In this province, there are several airports, which could be the entrance to reach some areas in the province. There are some airports such as Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport, Japura Rengat airport, Pinang Kampai Dumai Airport, Indragiri Tempuling Airport, Sultan Syarif Haroen II airport, Selari Sei airport, and Pasir Pangaraian airport.


Popular destinations


Privinsi Riau also has many natural tourist destinations like Jemur Island, Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park, Aek Martua Waterfall, Bono tourism, and marine tourism in Siak district. In addition to natural attractions, visitors can also enjoy some cultural and religious tourism destinations such as their ceremonial barge in Bagansiapiapi fuel. In addition, visitors can also visit to Mesjid Raya Pekanbaru, Siak Sri Indrapura Palace, and Muara Takus Temple.

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