West Papua Province Tourism



Hidden paradise in the eastern Indonesia is how we describe West Papua Province. The beauty of West Papua is just unwrapped recently and since then, the number of tourists who come is increasing greatly. The unharmed beauty is conserved by the wisdom of the indigenous tribes that live in unique traditions. The capital of this province is Manokwari.


Cities and Regencies of West Papua Province


West Papua consists of 1 city and 12 regencies. The city is Sorong. The regencies are Manokwari, South Manokwari, Fak-Fak, Sorong, Arfak Mountains, Kaimana, Raja Ampat, Maybrat, South Sorong, Tambrauw, Teluk Wondama, and Teluk Bintuni.


How to Get In


The main airport is Rendani Airport in Manokwari that only serve limited domestic flights, mostly from Makassar and some from Jakarta. From main cities in Indonesia, you need to transit first in Makassar. There are also other airports in Fak-Fak and Sorong. Other option is to get in by sea at Sorong Port.


Popular Destinations


The most popular destination is Raja Ampat National Marine Park, the marine paradise. Cendrawasih Bay is another paradise where divers are guaranteed to see whale shark. The list of nature paradise is continued with Triton Bay, Kaimana, Wayag, and Kamaka Lake. For cultural and historical option, the popular list is Sorong, Sauwandarek Village, and archeological site Tapurarang.




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