Have you ever been to Indonesia?

January 6, 2017 | Go Indonesia



Have you ever been to Indonesia? Unfortunately, if you’ve never been. Many mountains to climb. Many beaches for surfing. Many cities must be visited, because what (?), Perhaps because of its history, the struggle of the Indonesian people live there, maybe crafts interesting is second to none in the world, could be a typical custom. It could also be a lot of forest that must be explored, which is still very dense, balantara are rarely in touch people, to animals from the wild to the most beautiful and nothing else in the world. Dive sites, natural landscapes, underwater sea that does not exist in the other.
What are Indonesia top vacation destinations? It is the

common question asked by those who want to go Indonesia for bali 

for the first time.


Well, learning more about where you go is much

better, so you will have an organized vacation plan.

Must Visit Indonesia Top Vacation Destinations

There are various sources where you can get the complete

indonesia tourism info. Thank to internet technology that saves

your time from hunting books at a local library. If you decided to have

tropical country based traveling theme, here are

some Indonesia top vacation destinations you should not


  • Bali Island – known as tropical paradise where you can discoverthe diverse beauty of nature and culture.
  • Yogyakarta – alternative destination after Bali where you can also find hundreds of beautiful and historicaltourism spots.
  • Komodo Island – habitat of Komodo, large species of lizard thathave flat head, big size, bowed leg and long, and also thick tail.
  • Toba Lake – beautiful lake created by Mount Toba eruption years ago.
  • Kelimutu Lakes – three colored lakes on the summit of Kelimutu Mount in Flores.

The archipelago country offers the beautiful diversity from its

nature, culture and people. However, those Indonesia top vacation

destinations can be put on your list of places to go on the

first visit.

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