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A framework of political system in Indonesia built upon

a foundation of democratic republic, which is basically centered on such

a system as presidential representative. Therefore, the President of

Indonesia is both head of government and head of state that’s a

part of executive power. The latter is typically owned by the government,

while at the same time politics of Indonesia also know another power

dubbed as legislative power (owned by parliament, or People’s

Representative Councils. Outside the both, there is judiciary which

relatively independent from the legislature and the executive. Since new

order, started from 1966 to 1998, presidential system in [link:63]

Indonesia [/link]also holds parliamentary characteristic within it.

Amendments that have been set up after the New Order era rose up several

changes in term of political system in


This article would like to give you a brief introduction to political system in

Indonesia, especially one that related to changes of the

system after a constitutional reform.

Changes in Political System in Indonesia

A political reform lasted from 1999 to 2002, after the President

Soeharto decided to leave the throne of New Order. After that, there are

few important changes made for political system in


1)    2 five years terms had been applied for the Vice

President and President. This was applied in order to ensure checks and

balances in political system in Indonesia.

2)    The election system has changed. The President

and Vice President are now elected by the people. Consequently, the

People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) holds no right to choose

president as previously defined by old system (The New Order).

3)    The member of MPR and People’s

Representative Council (DPR) are elected based on theresults ofthe


4)    Elimination ofmilitary and

policerepresentativesinparliament, whichlastedsince 2004.

5)    A more democratic elections system took its way

in 2004 and 2009.

6)    Freedom of the press, which was rarely given

prior to 1998.

7)    Decentralization of power and the release of

political prisoners.

Above all, the most important changes in terms of political

system in Indonesia were democratic elections. Once every 5

years, selected citizens hold the right to select parliamentarian, and

The President as well as The Vice President for five-year terms. A new

political system in Indonesia, thereby, was started on

2004. The one, a president, who is selected directly by the people in

general election, will be a head of state for five years; if may, s/he

can compete once again in the next election, in order to fulfill two

five-year terms in maximum.

As you can see, that kind of political system ensures checks and

balances, which in essence created to avoid abuse of power. Therefore,

the current political system in Indonesia has become

healthier, and most importantly, was outof the path ofdictatorship. 32

years of the New Order refers to an era in which Soehartomanage

thecountryby spreading fear among citizens. Shortly speaking, a

totalitarian regime was out of question, as the political system

in Indonesia has become “fairer” and balanced.

Within such changes, the General Election Commission has been

established. The body is responsible for running both presidential and

parliamentary elections. In that way, the commission is independent,

permanent, and national. Therefore, in new political system in

Indonesia, a partisan member would not be accepted to General

Elections Commission.

While there are plenty changes in terms of political system in

Indonesia, one thing for sure: the country has built strong

brotherhood with the United States and few other countries like Japan.

Those countries, hasbeen working with the government of

Indonesiainvarious fields, including energy exploration, investment,

tourism, andso forth. Although there were long periods in which Indonesia

received harsh criticism from other countries (regarding some cases

related to human right abuses in East Timor in 1975 and 1999), since 2001

the government of United States of America and Indonesia has been

establishing co-operation in eradicating theIslamicfundamentalistgroup.

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Political System in Indonesia: Conclusion

Basically, Indonesia has been running through post-new order era,

which means that there are more things to be enhanced, in terms of

political system in Indonesia, in the future (one of

which is economic aspects which regulates political system). the

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