Go Indonesia :: Fabulous Hotels In Bali For All Budgets


Fabulous hotels in Bali for all budgets is the fact .   Hotels in Bali are countless. As the island of tourism, Bali has thousands hotels in all classes throughout the island. From the super luxurious resorts to the low price rooms, Bali has them all. Since picking one of thousands is hard, here is my recommendation of fabulous hotels in Bali for different budgets.

For You Who Need Luxury

Most of us go to Bali as an escape from the stressful workdays or a celebration of love in a honeymoon. Pampering ourselves in the luxurious facilities is the answer for best Bali holiday. For you who need luxury, here is the list.

  • The Samaya Bali at Banjar Baung,Desa Sayan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Located in the royal area, The Samaya Bali is the resort of luxurious private villas.

samaya-bali      samaya-bali

The villas available are one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom villas. Private Villa means total privacy. For couple or family, just like when I come with my small family, villa gives spacious privacy to enjoy the stay.

The Samaya Bali treated us like a royalty. With VIP service right after the first step, who does not feel like a royalty? Facilities, amenities, and everything inside the resort are all about luxury. The room, the bed, the food, the spa, and everything are top class. All staffs are friendly and helpful. Then, the breathtaking scenery of the river and the terrace in the surrounding make us do not want to go home. The other guests also feel the same way. They like the stunning villa, excellent service, and great restaurant.

  • The Legian Bali at Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia

This is a GMH hotel, a five star hotel with only 68 rooms but nothing is standard. This hotel only offers suites. The total 67 suites are sea-facing and one is Beach House.  the-legian-bali    the-legian-bali

For couple, family, or anyone who need privacy and space, you can choose one of 11 private villas available in The Club at The Legian.

The best of this exclusive all-suite hotel is location and services. The hotel is located in one of Bali hottest areas, Seminyak. Just minutes from the hotel, we can easily go to various excellent restaurants and shopping places. In the hotel, we could enjoy various first class services from concierge to baby-sitting. All of them are completed with the lure of Balinese warmth. No one feel so much trouble because all staffs are ready to help.

  • Harper Kuta Hotel at Legian No. 73, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 80361


Visiting Bali is not complete without visiting Kuta, the most hectic place in the Island. In the center of the crowd, this hotel offers 149 rooms of wonderful quality, excellent facilities, and great amenities. We can choose between superior room, deluxe room, and family suite.

Location is the perfect thing from this hotel because Legian Street is a main street in the Kuta where everything is available from places to fulfill your appetite to places to fulfill your shopping passion. This hotel may not suitable for family with little children because it proximity with nightclubs. Some guests I met experienced bad time when they meet drunk people just before entering the hotel. However, Kuta is the center of Bali nightlife so such thing is something hardly to avoid.

For You Who Need Reasonable Price

Sometime, we do not have much money on the saving but really need a holiday. When our saving says no to luxury, I have some recommendation of low budget hotels in Bali.

  • Ion Bali Benoa Hotel at Jl. Pratama No. 93, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 80363


This is a big hotel, actually bali benoa. They have 150 rooms range from Sky Room, Ion Room, and Ion Room with breakfast. Although the hotel is not first class, they have good facilities, including facilities to disable guests. They also have babysitting service, valet parking, and Wi-Fi in all rooms. One of the best experiences in this hotel is breakfast at the rooftop.

  • Sri Bungalow Ubud at Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


When you do not want big hotel, this one only have 30 rooms, range from superior room, deluxe room, and super deluxe room. Facilities are standard but location is best. With monkey forest nearby, as well as Ubud Market, we can enjoy Ubud most exciting attractions without so much trouble. The peaceful morning with chirping birds and great view to rice field are things that all guests could never forget.

Go Indonesia :: Hotels in Jakarta Still Has a Decent Price

Hotels in Jakarta still has a decent price. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia as the center of government administrative and business. Mostly, foreigner come to Jakarta for business or work reason. However, the city is rich of culture and history that lure tourist to enjoy the other side of Jakarta. Despite oHotels in Jakarta still has a decent pricef your reason to go to Jakarta, I have a list of hotels in Jakarta that worth the price.

Hotels in Jakarta is Luxury in  Mind

Although you only stay at the hotel to sleep after long hours of business meeting, you need the best room and service to ensure you have a good night sleep. If you have more time at the hotel, make sure the facilities are Grade A. Here are luxury hotels to consider

  • The Grove Suites at HR. Rasuna Said, Rasuna Epicentrum Area, Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Business or pleasure, this hotel offers great location with easy access to various government offices, embassies, business buildings, and city attractions. Total 151 rooms are available in this 15 floors hotel. As expected, all rooms are incredible because this hotel only offer suites. Facilities, amenities, and services are fabulous completed with professional staffs that implement hospitality of Indonesia.

My experience in this hotel is amazing. I love the fact that this hotel has BBQ facility. I met a family who stay in this hotel for a couple of days and they said they love the room, the huge bed, and mostly staff friendliness.

  • Pullman Jakarta Indonesia at Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.59, Tanah Abang, Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia

Huge is the word I can find to describe this hotel. At first, this hotel made me confuse due to so many room options. This hotel has 427 rooms range from superior rooms to executive lounges. Single bed, queen size bed, or king size bed, we can choose them in wide range of room specifications and packages.

Facilities are top notch, but the rooftop restaurant seems mesmerizing guests due to delicious foods and amazing view. Yet, the ultimate reason to choose this hotel could be perfect location in the center of Jakarta business area.

  • Sunlake Hotel at Danau Permai Raya C1, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia

Big hotel with various options make us easily find one fit our needs. With total 228 rooms, the options are including but not limited to deluxe room, executive room, deluxe suite, executive suite, ambassador room, oriental suite, and royal suite. Facilities are wide range from coffee shop to facilities for disable guests. This hotel is children friendly. They have children playground, kid’s club, and outdoor pool for kid.

This hotel offers something different because like the name, it located behind Sunter Lake. The scenery is amazing and we can enjoy non-motorize motor sports. Children love it so much. Even some guests extended their stay because they experienced great time at the hotel.

Hotels in Jakarta for Saving in Mind

Hotels in Jakarta for Saving in Mind; and If you just like me, who sometime require saving money because there are many things on the list apart from hotel room, then the hotels below could be your option.

  • Hotel Santika TMII at Jalan Pintu 1, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Halim, Jakarta, Indonesia

This hotel is located near TMII, the park where we could learn Indonesian rich cultures. That is good reason to choose it. Although we could not expect luxury, this hotel could give use enough comfort, especially with deluxe suite available for you who need spacious room. If you just need the ordinary, the other options are superior and deluxe room from the total 124 rooms available.

Facilities are good with thumb up for recreational facilities including fitness center, outdoor pool, and spa available for us who need relaxation after hectic hours in the city. Friendly staffs and quality services, complete the satisfaction.

  • POP! Hotel Kelapa Gading at Sentra kelapa Gading – Jln. Boulevard Kelapa Gading, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia

When I only need a good place to take a rest, this hotel gave me more. Indeed, the hotel does not have many room options. From the total 266 rooms, they only offer POP room and Signature Package. Nonetheless, the room is good for the price and we get free delicious breakfast, as well as free Wi-Fi. The staffs are friendly and very helpful. Although problem is common for reasonable hotel, the staffs worked fast to solve the problem. This is something that we hardly find in the other place in the same class.

Go Indonesia :: Extravagant Cultural Festivals In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with cultural diversity spreading across the archipelago. From traditional cloths to art performances, every region has unique style and tradition. From many, cultural festivals become the inviting pieces that escalate curiosity. Here are some extravagant festivals that worth to attend.

  • Pacu jawi of West Sumatra is the trilling cow race held at the end of rice harvest season as a celebration and expression of gratitude to God for the yields.
  • pacu-jawi


  • This cow race is commonly held at Tanah Datar Regency and Limapuluh Kota Regency. Traditional cow race is actually common in several parts of Indonesia. In Bali, the tradition is called makepung while Madura has karapan sapi competition. What makes pacu jawi different is the dramatic setting of muddy rice field track to make the attraction very exciting to watch.
  • Grebeg mulud of Yogyakarta is yearly tradition of Yogyakarta Sultanate to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad at the 12th day of Mulud in Javanese Calendar.
  • grebeg-mulud-of-yogyakartagrebeg-mulud-of-yogyakarta


  • This is actually the main event of Sekaten, a weeklong festival with series of ritual and fair at the Northern Square of Yogyakarta. The main star of grebeg mulud is gunungan, a mountain model made from various vegetables, fruits, sweets, and more foods to symbolize prosperity. Gunungan will be carried by Sultanate guards through several ritual processions that ended at the square where people are free to get the foods. The most exciting part of grebeg is when the people fight over the foods. People will do anything to get even a small food that most of the people believe it as sacred object. Grebeg tradition is also held by Surakarta Sultanate and Demak regularly.
  • Pasola of Sumba is traditional bloody game held as a ritual before rice planting season to increase land fertility.


  • The game is two groups of people riding horse throwing wooden spears to the opponent. The objective is to make the spear hit bare flesh of the player until the blood spilled to the ground. For people of Sumba, the spilled blood is meant to fertilize the land. Before pasola game, people of Sumba commonly go to the beach to pray and sacrifice a black cock to get the sign whether pasola game should be held or not. They will get the answer from the look of the cock’s heart. The rite will continue by collecting colorful sea worm and the ultimate pasola game.

There are much more cultural festivals in Indonesia. Many festivals are held based on lunar (Islamic) calendar and regional calendar such as Javanese calendar and Balinese calendar so tourist need to check the date for specific year.

Go Indonesia ::Enchanted Kayan Mentarang National Park more than Just Nature

Kayan Mentarang is huge national park in North Kalimantan, Indonesia as the vital part of WWF Heart of Borneo initiative. The national park is covered by enchanting rain forest with incredible natural diversity of countless species of plants and animals. Malayan pangolin, Bornean gibbon, clouded leopard, wrinkled hornbill, rhinoceros hornbill, sun bear, and Bulwer’s pheasant are only small examples of the protected species inside the park. The nature is surely wonderful but Kayan Mentarang offers more.

Around the park, numerous tribes of Dayak are living there. Dayak is indigenous ethnic of Indonesia that maintains their culture from generation to generation. Visiting Kayan Mentarang is also enjoying the rich culture of Dayak people that famous for their traditional tattoo, long ears, beautiful traditional clothes, and unlikely rituals you never see somewhere else. In addition, archeological remnants are found there. Some graves and tools speak for the history of human inhabitation centuries ago.

It is very nice to see various things from nature to culture to historical site in a national park. The exploration seems never ending. To add the excitement, tourists from Malaysia could enter the national park right from the Bakelelan, Sarawak. The Indonesian-Malaysian border checkpoint problem is now a history for tourist as long as they have complete document and follow the rules.

Go Indonesia :: The Exceptional Beauty Of Danau Sentarum

Danau Sentarum or Lake Sentarum is a national park in West Kalimantan that offers exceptional beauty of both above and below surface. Borneo rain forest is part of the park, for sure. However, this is a lake national park lies in vast floodplain. That means tourists could enjoy the charmed natural lake with all beauties inside it.

This lake had received international recognition. The lake became Ramsar Site since 1994. In the world, Lake Sentarum is one of most bio-diverse lake systems with hundreds of fish species, mammals, birds, reptile, and vegetation. So far, about 240 fish species has been recorded. Some of them are very beautiful such as Asian arowana.

Some mammals are Borneo endemic. The famous orangutan is also living peacefully there. Gratefully, population of orangutan living in Lake Sentarum area is relatively large. With more than 200 species of birds, one of the most popular activities in this national park is bird watching.

Just to get to the national park it is a wonderful experience. From Pontianak, tourists could rent a car and enjoy about 11 hours of car journey to the heart of Borneo. Another option is actually more interesting that is by boat. The boat journey starts from Sintang to Semitau by Bandung boat that continues with another boat adventure to the national park. Have a good hunting…

Go Indonesia :: Betung Kerihun With Many Activities To Enjoy

Betung Kerihun is one of many national parks in Kalimantan. Similar with other national parks in the island, tourists could enjoy diverse bio-ecosystem of Borneo rain forest as the home of endangered orangutan and hundreds other animals and vegetation. However, each national park is unique. Betung Kerihun has many things for tourists to do many things in the park.

Hiking always becomes special activity in national park. This activity will create incredible memory of beautiful nature with endemic species you will only find naturally in Borneo. While exploring the park, find limestone caves with archeological remains. With mountains become part of the park; climb one of the mountains is the next exploration. The special could be Mount Kerihun that stands along equator.

Located along Kapuas River, water sports are among top activities. White water rafting are popular amore rapids lovers.


The other water sport options are including kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. If adrenaline rush is not for you, simply enjoying the longest river in Indonesia by boat would be enough to fulfill your love of water.

After enjoying the nature, complete the journey by observing Dayak culture. Inside the park, there are two Dayak villages: Nangan Bunga and Tanjung Lokang. It is amazing to learn how the native protect the nature.

Go Indonesia :: Bukit Baka Bukit Raya The Lovely Mountain Peaks

Bukit Baka Bukit Raya is national park lies on Schwaner mountain range in Central Kalimantan. The national park is unification of two natural reserve areas, Bukit Baka (Baka Mountain) and Bukit Raya (Raya Mountain). The lovely mountain peaks have many exciting parts that worth to explore and enjoy.

The national park covers 1,810 km-sq. area with more than 800 plant species, including abundant of Symplocaceae. Lovely and attractive flowers such as orchid and rafflesia are growing there. symplocaceae

Hundreds of animal species, including orangutan, flying squirrel, sun bear, helmeted hornbill, little cuckoo dove, and oyster eagle are protected inside the park.

Enjoying the nature of this national park could be done by land or by water. While enjoying the lovely nature, tourists could find interesting spots such as Demang Ehud waterfall and Sepan apoi hot spring. For one who seek for adrenaline rush, take time to enjoy white-water rafting at Ella River.

Since this is Borneo, you can observe Dayak culture while exploring the nature. Several Dayak ethnics, including Dayak Limbai, Ot Danum, Malahui, Kahayan,

Ransa, and Kenyilu live in the park. The indigenous people are well known for their love to nature. Although they live from the nature, they preserve it well. This is something that modern people should learn.

Go Indonesia :: Gunung Palung With Ecosystem Diversity

Stunning is not enough to describe Gunung Palung. At a glance, it is only one of many national parks in Borneo but Gunung Palung has something different. With seven distinct habitat types, Gunung Palung National Park is the place where one-day visit is not enough to feel satisfied to explore the ecosystem.

Located in West Kalimantan, the national park covers 90,000-hectare area with ecosystem diversity including lowland alluvial forest, swamp forest, freshwater swamp forest, mangrove forest, peat forest, and montane forest. Almost every type of vegetation and bird species of Borneo are found in this park. Black orchid (Coelogyne pandurata) is unique vegetation found in this park when the flowers bloom mostly between February and April. Similar with other national parks in Borneo, orang utan become the highly conserved animal in this park. In 1994, The Gunung Palung Orang Utan Project was established. Then, hundreds of animal species complete the biodiversity.

Apart of ecotourism, tourist could also enjoy cultural and historical tourism. In the outside area of Gunung Palung, various cultural attractions are held by the locals. Inside the national park, there are several ancient remains. Due to highly protected area, tourist could only enter the park by purchasing tour package. However, it worth the adorable nature and culture you will enjoy.

Go Indonesia :: Tanjung Puting The Nirvana Of Orang Utan

Orang utan is the most protected species all cross Borneo but Tanjung Putting is the nirvana for orang utan. With four research centers for orang utan study and rehabilitation, this park become the main orang utan conservation area in Borneo. When you visit the park, you will know that orang utan is only scary on the look. In fact, orang utan is gentle and mostly funny.

Camp Leakey is the first research center established in this park. With long efforts to protect and conserve orang utan, Camp Leakey and other research centers have been positively rescue and safeguard orang utan in the wildlife. Of course, as the area of biodiversity, numerous endangered species are highly protected. The species are including proboscis monkey, bearded pig, Bornean white-bearded gibbon, clouded leopard, sun bear, civets, sambar deer, wild cattle, hornbill, and dragon fish.

Tanjung Putting has ecosystem diversity that it has been UNESCO Biosphere Reserve from 1977. The area is mostly dry-land dipterocarp forest covering the lowland area. Mangrove and coastal beach forest, secondary forest, heath forest, and peat swamp forest are the other ecosystem worth to explore. Several local tours are available to help tourist visit and enjoy the wildlife as well as the research centers. Best time to visit the park is June to September.

Go Indonesia :: Derawan Paradise Took You to the Serene of Go Indonesia

Derawan Paradise is the answer for you who wish to enjoy the serene and peaceful holiday in secluded island, far from the bustling city. This local trip organizer provides various tour packages to Derawan Islands, wonderful archipelago in East Kalimantan. The packages are available for all budgets. It is available for backpacker to luxury demander.

Full Enjoyments Derawan Paradise

Full Enjoyments Derawan Paradise Islands are hidden gems. The marine area is highly conserved. The total conservation area is about 1.27 hectares. It comprises 31 islands. The area is unbelievably beautiful due to coral triangle that rich of marine biodiversity. It offers countless incredible diving spots. People agree it is one of the best in the world. The islands are the largest turtle-nesting site in Indonesia. The main attraction is to see giant green turtles lay eggs in the beach. The islands also have two jellyfish ponds (with the unique stingless jellyfishes) and many caves with connection to the sea.

Derawan Paradise is actually the name of inhabited island. Only one village is on the island. The other inhabited island is Maratua. Four villages are on the island. Although development is on progress, most islands are still isolated. To reach the islands, tourists should take boat. Therefore, taking tour package is recommenced. It will make things easier and tourist could have the full enjoyment of Derawan Paradise.

So Derawan Paradise as one of the mainstay tourism Berau and East Kalimantan province of Indonesia. Foreign and local tourists, the more traveled there, no choice but to dive, see the nesting turtles, also enjoyed the beach clean and beautiful. Along the beach is clean and no rubbish. Communication facilities in Derawan Paradise Islands has been good, there is already a 3G signal. The beauty of the beach, and underwater is difficult to express in words, just come there to find out.

How it helps you achieve Derawan Paradise Islands?

Derawan Paradise Islands , there are many ways go to the islands of Derawan. For those who’ve been in Borneo could be by road, from Palangkaraya to Banjarmasin continue Balikpapan to Samarinda further onward to Cape Redeb forwarded Tanjung Batu finally reached the island Derawan.
Flights to Balikpapan quite a lot, then from Balikpapan there are two options, namely through Berau or through Tarakan. Passing Tarakan is cheaper and more choice than through Berau.But flight from tarakan further if the sea lanes to get to the Derawan Paradise Islands and no regular speedboat or to the public, so it must hire themselves. Through Tarakan easier for departing entourage.
While the Berau easier for those who own because there are a lot of car travel to Tanjung Batu and the general public speedboat to the island Derawan.

Airlines that serve flights Balikpapan to Berau and Balikpapan: Sriwijya Air, Wings Air, Kalstar, Garuda Indonesia. For the price varies depending on the season, and airlines, please check their respective web to compare prices.
There are plenty of options to stay at Derawan Paradise Islands, from the level of accommodation, homestay until Resort are all available, depending on the budget you have.
The most complete in Derawan Island, the most inexpensive. Who have more money could also try to stay at Maratua Paradise Resort is famous.
If you want to get around on the island Derawan could walk because the island is not too big. As for the head of the other islands have to hire a speedboat by yourself.
The main attractions Derawan course in maritime affairs is with water attractions and underwater. Islands that can be visited in maritime Derawan, namely Maratua Island, Kakaban, Charitable, Nabucco, Bakungan and Derawan Paradise Islands itself.


Activity is usually done on the beach sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, as well as see turtles. It is difficult to describe with words, how good you are there. Maybe you think that if not for your business affairs, you may not want to return to your own country. Here peaceful, comfortable, cool atmosphere, beautiful; nature and its inhabitants are hospitable and very friendly, which is important go-Indonesia Derawan Paradise Islands.