Go Indonesia :: Central Sulawesi Tourism Is Go Indonesia on the Rise

Central Sulawesi Tourism is on the rise. This is a province that trying hard to show their true wonder. The province is known for ethnic conflicts for the past few years. Fortunately, peace is starting to escalate in most area. The number of tourists is rising.

Central Sulawesi Tourism is Actually Captivating

The dark story of conflicts covers the real beauty of Central Sulawesi. This province is actually very captivating. The wonderful nature consists of sleepy blue lakes, tropical forests, attractive rivers, and lovely beaches. The nature is rich in bio-ecosystems, flora, and fauna. The first wonder is Lore Lindu National Park in Donggala. This National Park is UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Togean Islands is the next nature wonder. This beautiful archipelago is located in Tomini Gulf. You will mesmerize to the giant coconut crab and Una-Una Volcano Island.

21 May 2012, Sulawesi, Indonesia — Togian Island / Togean located in Central Sulawesi, located between the north and east arms of Sulawesi lies a large group of islands. The islands are formed by volcanic activity, and formed islands. This is the only place in the world where the barrier reef, atolls and coral reefs are found together. Most of the islands are still covered by dense tropical forests and surrounded by old coral reef formations. Both marine ecosystems, and land inhabited by exotic wildlife. —  Fadil Aziz/Corbis

Togean Island

Central Sulawesi is also rich of history and culture. First recommendation is to see ancient megaliths. The second is to meet tribes who still live in olden way. People of Sulawesi are actually friendly to tourist. However, the ethnic conflicts made them a little bit closed. Tourists still need to be careful. It is recommended to stay low profile when meeting the ethnic group. Respectful to others will make you get respect.

Central Sulawesi Tourism, which place would you choose here

Central Sulawesi Tourism is directly to the provincial capital. Palu is the capital of Central Sulawesi province.
This province is more famous for the beauty its marine tourism as Central Sulawesi Tourism. But apparently, beside the beach and the bay is the main attraction of this town, there is the charm of ancient culture and heritage in the city of Palu eligible to be used as destinations Central Sulawesi Tourism. The exact location of the city of Palu located beside the bay of Palu. According to rumors, in this bay will be built submarine base, because it is very indented Palu bay to the mainland and its depth also support the operation of the submarine.
Returning again to the problem attractions Palu. Tourism in Palu very interesting to be explored because not many people know about the tourism potential of this city. As the
capital, Palu would be the most developed city among other cities. It is characterized by the
landmark bridge 41 in the Gulf of Palu. The bridge, which is predicted to be the third
largest in the world, after Japan and France. Indeed, this has become a matter of pride for
the city of Palu, as, Central Sulawesi Tourism.
There are several places Central Sulawesi Tourism including the beauty of the bay and beaches are tempting to be enjoyed.
Attraction Talise beach is the closest beach to Palu. White sandy beaches, with the ripples
of the waves calm you can swim, sunbathe or fishing on the beach, diving is also allowed,
spend the afternoon in Palu Talise beach.


Talise Beach

Sou Raja is a manor house in Palu, built using a foundation Ulin wood or wood Bayan. While the roof is always triangular.
Mystery of the national park is also worth visited, his name is Lore Lindu National Park. For
those of you who like adventure activities, this is a suitable place.
Regarding culture are reflected when you visit the museum and their customary home recording many traces of ancestral well. Museum here as Central Sulawesi Tourism you will see a collection of ancient elephants, or how to create the fabric of the skin, which is very surprising you.
As if you would not be satisfied fully there, united in peace in the virgin nature pretty attractive in a friendly habitat in Central Sulawesi Tourism. Have fun.

Go Indonesia :: North Sulawesi Tourism Is the Entrance of Go Indonesia to Sulawesi

North Sulawesi Tourism is one of Sulawesi’s best tourisms. Apart of well manage tourism; the North is one of main entrances to the island. International airport is available there in Manado City. Flights for most big citin Indonesia and flights from nearby countries are available. Harbor and port add more entrances. Therefore, people are easily get into North Sulawesi. However, transport by land from Makasar is not recommended.

North Sulawesi Tourism Offers Safer Trip

Ethnic conflicts often occur in Sulawesi. Happily, North Sulawesi offers safer trip. The North area is rarely affected by conflict at Central and South Sulawesi. The rebel group in nearby Philippine is also less affecting the tourism. Therefore, tourist could have more peace of mind.

North Sulawesi has numerous pieces of natural sites. The famous sites are Bunaken, Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Lake Tondano, and Tomini Bay. There, tourists could enjoy world-class diving, see endangered species, enjoy beautiful views, and breathe the spring breeze.

North Sulawesi offers warm climate all year round due to it located close to equator. You can go to Minahasan highlands when you want a little cool off from the heat. In the nearby town, you may find numerous eating-places offer exotic foods. Bat and forest rat meats are common foods you may find. That is another charm of North Sulawesi.

There are many North Sulawesi Tourism, which one you will choose.

Bunaken Island, this is the destination that you must visit if you’re in North Sulawesi. It is unfortunate when positioned in Manado, North Sulawesi Tourism this is overlooked. Bunaken
Island itself has an area of ??8.08 km² and is located in the bay of Manado.
Bunaken marine park is very beautiful. Very many travelers who visit the island of Bunaken
was amazed by the beauty of its marine parks. It took about 30 minutes to reach the island is by using a fast boat (speed boat) from Manado. Aa 20 point dive with varying depths of up to 1,300 meters. and more than 10 points of them scattered in Bunaken Island. Pulau Bunaken
Also North Sulawesi Siladen Island Tourism. Located to the northeast of the island of Bunaken, Siladen Island has an area of ??over 31 hectares. The white sand beach and the sea are coral reefs with diverse marine life forms and colors, this North Sulawesi Tourism, Siladen
island has become a marine park scenery was beautiful. Looking around, the boat ride filled
(catamaran), snorkeling, diving, and underwater photography and of course, sunbathing on the beach with white sand stretching you can enjoy the beauty of the sea on the island and will forget to return to your own country. Maybe you’ve heard there about Bukit Kasih Kanonang. “Hill of love” is located in the district of Minahasa district Kawangkoan North Sulawesi Tourism is a symbol that symbolizes harmony among religious adherents in North Sulawesi as North Sulawesi Tourism. All places of worship religious community there. To reach this place takes about 90 minutes from Manado. “Hill Prayer Tomohon”, besides the hill love Kanonang, North Sulawesi Tourism here also there is a hill offering views of the nature of prayer is so tempting. Anyone in the eye, will not want to blink, Although heartbeat, because seeing the charm of this place. Your eyes will also be captivated by the expanse of natural scenery so green like “Sublimity body of a beautiful girl, unspoiled anyone” in this North Sulawesi Tourism. Because of its beauty, hills tomohon prayer is often used as a prewedding photo. To achieve this North Sulawesi Tourism, it takes no more than 30 minutes drive from Manado as the capital of the province of North Sulawesi
Do not miss to look directly at Linow as one of North Sulawesi Tourism. As a tourist you certainly know how to charm the lake in general. What’s interesting about this lake is the color of water from this lake is often discolored. Many people still do not know about the existence of this place, but Linow is one of the exciting North Sulawesi Tourism in North Sulawesi. To go to Linow requires a travel time of about 50 minutes from Manado. Linow and Hill Prayer Tomohon is a tourist place in the collection of your thoughts. North Sulawesi Tourism is not quite there, you will find the island Lihaga small uninhabited island located in Likupang North Minahasa Regency is a very beautiful island with a view of a very fine white sand and crystal clear sea water; less than a three hour drive from Manado.
Another place is Waruga. North Sulawesi Tourism Waruga is the tomb of ancient times were made of stone. Interestingly, the position of the bodies were buried in waruga like a fetus in the womb, be careful not to forget.
There is a place that is far and tiring of Manado North Sulawesi Tourism, Lakban Beach. This destination will be paid once you arrive at the beach duct tape. This place is equipped with several facilities such as play areas for children, folly field ball and beach soccer pitch
You will be quite a long time in North Sulawesi Tourism, because there are underwater volcanoes mahangetang. You probably will not miss it, do not you? Local communities often refer to this place as “Banua Wuhu”. Underwater volcano is still active and there in the shallow waters so to see it can be done by conducting dives.


If you want to know the unique wildlife tarsiers (smallest primate world), black monkey (Macaca niagra) and hornbills as North Sulawesi Tourism, which can not be found in other
areas, you should go to Tangkoko National Park in Batu Putih Bitung North, Bitung North Sulawesi. North Sulawesi Tourism not only that, but there are others such as Ban Hin Kiong Temple, Batu Pinabetengan, Vulcano Area in Tomohon. But watch your health, too many sights when go Indonesia. Wherever you are, please do not forget the Almighty God may you be blessed. Congratulations.

Go Indonesia :: South Sulawesi Tourism is the Main Lure of Go Indonesia


South Sulawesi Tourism is exceptional thing in the island and it is special for Indonesia. South Sulawesi is one of the main lures to visit Indonesia. The culture, the nature, the foods, and the history are offering something different. The island is located far from Indonesia’s capital but developments are fast growing in the province. There is international airport in Makasar, the biggest city in South Sulawesi. Therefore, it is easy to get into the province.

South Sulawesi Tourism Gives Nice Holiday

South-sulawesi-tourism has many things to attract tourist to come and enjoy the trip. Tourist will enjoy numerous modern facilities when they firstly landed in Makasar City. Makasar special cuisines such as konro, coto, palubasa, and mie kering will become the next to enjoy during the stay in the province. Pare-Pare, Palopo, and Maros are the other cities of good spots.

The next thing that attract tourist to come is Tana Toraja Highland. The highland has unbelievable culture that maintained well by the people. Most to see things are the death and life festivals, as well as unique burial ceremony of the Toraja people. In addition, the nature is stunning. Tana Toraja makes people want to stay longer. Visiting the highland means getting more to enjoy and leaving a good memory in mind.

Numerous amazing places of interest and also the exciting pure tropical landscape, through the under the sea on the tremendous mountain location like karst mountain tops, lakes, waterfalls, lifestyle, old fashioned residence, phinisi sail boat craftsmen, culinary arts, scuba diving spots, ceremonial, classic dancing, cutting, gorgeous weaving soft silk, and lots of different interesting attractions that you could observed within your visit to South Sulawesi region.


Family residences known as “Tongkonan”, are designed with stilts by using rooftops on every end growing just like the prows of the ship, symbolizing the particular cosmos.


The actual area’s exclusive lifestyle, early customs, spiritual way of living, and also cultural natural splendor make it the significant addition for a person’s vacation encounters. It’s really a spot the place tourists communicate with either mother nature and native people today, where by mother nature plus the folks are just one, where are both distributed to the guest.

For any tropical island for Sulawesi generally, you can travel to,


Fort Rrotterdam, Islamic Center, King Tallo Graveyard, Paotere Harbor, Prince Diponegoro Graveyard, Samalona Island, Kodingareng Island, Losari Beach (Losari), Somba Opu Shopping Center, Old Chinese Temple, Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park World Makassar, Bugis Waterpark


Bantimurung Waterfall, Dreaming Cave, Leang-Leang, Rammang – Rammang Village Gowa, Sungguminasa:

Fort Somba Opu, Shaykh Yusuf Graveyard, The Old Mosque of Katangka, Gowa King Palace, Sultan Hasanuddin Graveyard, Rice Valley Golf Club, Malino


Tana Beru (The Phinisi Boat Craftsman), Tanjung Bira (Bira Cape), Kajang Tribe, Ara

A screen:

Gantarang Mosque, Gong Nekara, Pinang Beach, Bone Tappalang Beach, Talloiya Beach, Je’neiya Beach, Uhe Gonggong Waterfall, Forest Animals, Beach Bar, Hara and Bonesialla Beach, Takabonerate Marine Park

Bone, Watampone:

Soba ball, Museum of Saoraja Lapawawoi, Able Cave

Sengkang – Wajo:

Lake Tempe, Floating Fisherman Village, Silk Weaving

Tana Toraja:

Sangalla, Lemo, Londa, Kete’kesu, Pallawa, Batutumonga, macula, Nanggala, Kandora, Marante, Siguntu, Bori ‘Kalimbuang, Buntu Pune, Dead End Kalando, Bolu traditional market, Kambira, Karassik, Lo’ko’mata, Pala’ Tokke ‘, Sa’dan To’barana, Suaya, Tilangnga’, Tumakke, Traditional Ceremony “Rambusolo” and “Rambutuka”

Go Indonesia :: North-Maluku-Tourism Hides Paradise of Go Indonesia and Good History to Learn


North-Maluku-tourism might not famous destination in Indonesia but the province hides many great things that make people regret because they pass it from the list. It hides tropical paradise where the plants, the animals, and the surrounding environment are worth to view. The province hides many historical buildings where stories are worth to hear.

north-maluku-tourism Nature and History

Nature in this province is magnificent especially many of the islands are uninhabited. Therefore, it is very easy to find the untouched nature. White sand beaches are spreading for miles where tourist could do various activities from swimming to diving. The water is still clear and the air is so fresh. With warm climate all year round, your tropical holiday will bring good mood.

This province has been through a long story. In the past, north-maluku-tourism is the place where traders from Arab, India, China, and Europe come to the islands to get spices. Maluku is the native of nutmeg and mace. Numerous cultures were met and shared here. Sultanate Palace, Oranye Fort, Statue of Vasco da Gama, big mosques, and minarets are the examples of great old buildings. Now, the province is quiet. Although it is not easy to reach north-maluku-tourism, the happiness is worth the effort.

Go Indonesia :: Go Indonesia, See Bali in Maluku Tenggara tourism


Maluku Tenggara tourism , Go Indonesia is one of tourism destinations in Indonesia with awesome natural beauty.

Maluku Tenggara tourism Looks Like Bali

Some beaches here have amazing scenery with the smoothest white sands in the world. The crystal clear water and visible corals make it is a perfect place for snorkeling. Maluku Tenggara tourism got the same beauty with Bali. Moreover, it has connected history with Bali for the ancestors came from the gods’ island. A legendary couple named Ken Arok and Ken Dedes from Bali escaped to Kei archipelago of Maluku Tenggara tourism, Go Indonesia. They made local law in the island. The law is still used by Balinese people there.

Other Tourism Destinations in Maluku Tenggara

Besides the Kei Island, Maluku Tenggara tourism, Go Indonesia also has other tourism destinations. Hawang cave is just of the most popular destinations there. The cave is located in the village of Letvuan and is surrounded by natural rainforest. The cave itself is about 15 km away from Tual city. What makes the cave becomes so popular is its beauty. Inside, tourists will be able to find a natural pond with its clear water so the rock underneath can be easily seen. Tourists are able to explore the cave by diving along its underground river. This cave is one of the best destinations that has to be seen when visiting Maluku Tenggara Go Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Go Indonesia, Iconic Beach in Maluku Tengah


Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia is just one of the regencies in Maluku, Indonesia. There are 18 districts in the regency and each of those has different characteristics. The principal town is in Masohi, which is located on Seram Island.

Beautiful Ora Beach in Maluku Tengah

There are a lot of interesting places in the regency, but the most iconic is PantaiOra or Ora beach. Many tourists who have visited the beach said that it is like heaven on earth because of its beauty and uniqueness. Indirectly, Ora beach helps Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia to be known by the world. Ora beach is located in Seram Island, Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia. What makes the beach so famous is its landscape; the beach is surrounded by natural green view.

What to Enjoy in Ora Beach Maluku Tengah

Tourists are able to enjoy the view and the bluish clear water by sitting on the small resorts built by the government. The resorts were made of woods that give different experience to anyone who visits the beach. It is not hard to reach the beach because it is on the Seram Island, which is the main island in the regency. However, visitors who come from other city must take some different kinds of vehicle. So, do not forget to visit Ora Beach in Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia if want to see the real tropical beach.

Go Indonesia :: Best Destinations Of Wisata Papua Barat


Wisata Papua Barat Go Indonesia is available in many interesting destinations. You cannot only visit worldwide famous nautical tourism in Raja Ampat but also other destinations. Those all tourism destinations could give amazing experiences for all travelers.

Nautical Wisata Papua Barat

Raja Ampat in Papua Barat belongs to the first nautical tourism destination in the world. The archipelago consists of hundreds of small islands but only 35 islands are populated. Raja Ampat gets the most complete marine species and coral reefs types; about 75% of all coral types in the world. Another great nautical tourism in Papua Barat Go Indonesia is the National Sea Park TelukCenderawasih. It is a great spot for diving and the largest one in Indonesia with 209 types of fish. Besides the various types of fish, TelukCenderawasih is also a home of four types of turtle, dolphins, blue whales, dugongs, sharks and many more.

Wisata Papua Barat Tapurarang Ancient Sites in Fakfak

The Tapurarang ancient sites stores ancient paintings of red palms on the steep cliff. The story explains the ancient people used natural paints to make it. The painting was made hundreds of years before but the colors are still clearly seen.

Wisata Papua Barat Nature Tourism Park in Meja Mount Manokwari

It is situated in the city center of Manokwari. The tourism park is made for recreation and forest reservation. People love enjoying hiking and tracking here while enjoying various flora of the tropical rain forest in Papua Barat Go Indonesia

Go Indonesia :: Wisata Merauke Destinations


Wisata Merauke Go Indonesia becomes an interesting destination for travelers since it is the east edge of Indonesia. Besides, Merauke also stores a few beaches with beautiful and clean golden sands.

Beaches in Wisata Merauke

The first beach is LampuSatu Beach which is located about four kilometers from the city center of Merauke. It is mostly visited beach for visitors could enjoy the beautiful sea and sunsets from a lighthouse. Another well known beach is Payum Beach. It has wide golden sands with natural and silent atmosphere. Besides, Wisata Merauke Go Indonesia also has a beautiful beach named Natsai Beach. It is also called Dead Beach for it is unpopulated and no activity done here; whereas, the beach got a very potential nature with beautiful scenery.

Wasur National Park in Wisata Merauke

It is a must to visit Wasur National Park when you are in Merauke. It stores various typical flora and fauna of Papua such as Kasuari, ground kangaroo, Cenderawasih, etc.. About 70% of the national park is savanna and the rest area is forests with kinds of typical flora like cajuput, Ketapang, Tancang, Api – Api etc. Wasur National Park is mostly visited by travelers to WisataMerauke Go Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Destinations Of Wisata Biak Numfor Papua


Wisata Biak Go Indonesia is being promoted maximally by the local community of tourism management. The natural beauty of Biak is potential to invite travelers visiting the tourism destinations. That is why they work hard to make the tourism destinations more inviting.

Kinds of Wisata Biak Destinations

Destinations of Wisata Biak Go Indonesia consist of Padaido Sea Park, Binsari cave with its Japanese history, history heritage of World War II, beautiful beaches such as Bosnik Beach and Wari Beach, Orchid and Birds Park, and also some traditional dance of Papua, etc. The local government is sure that the tourism destinations are potentially visited by travelers.

Famous Sea Park of Padaido Archipelago

The amazing tourism destinations, especially the natural and awesome sea park is mostly visited and amazed by travelers from all over the world. The crystal clear sea water, various types of coral reefs and sea fauna make it the unforgettable spot for diving. It was formerly named Schouter Archipelago for it was found by a Dutchman named William Schouter in 1602. It stores the richest coral ecosystems in the world with 95 coral species and 155 fish species. The flat coral reefs got more than nine thousand hectares of width and more than 300 hectares of depth. For the amazing sea park, it becomes the most spectacular coral reefs for international divers. Wisata Biak go Indonesia is the best destination for divers.

Indonesia Silver Art :: Indonesia Silver Art Has Unique Beauty


Indonesia silver art successfully catches people heart due to

its distinctive exquisiteness. One of countless arts you can find in this

rich-culture country, silver art is something that could please you.

Since the art is pleasing, goindonet add it for

complete Indonesia tourism info.

Handmade silver art has greater value because finding two products in

identical result is almost impossible. Much less, at the time you

visit  silver art center, see the process of creating the

art with your own eyes. The artists will show you various techniques to

make the silver into beautiful shape.

Jewelry is the most common form of Indonesia silver art

but wall decorations, tableware, and other forms of art are

available in various stores. Order specific design is possible but you

must wait for a couple of days or more until the art is finish.

Consequently, spare extended time for go Indonesia.

Bali, Jogja, Sumatra, and Sulawesi are four places with silver art

tradition. Sumatra and Sulawesi mostly do filigree silver work, while

Bali and Jogja also create silverware. When you visit one of those

cities, the beautiful work of silver artists will astonish you. Some of

them still maintain the traditional idea, while the

others add modern touch to their arts while preserving the uniqueness of