Go Indonesia :: Why You Should Go Indonesia, For A Long Holiday?


Go Indonesia is the right choice for a long

vacation.Incomparable to any other country, for the complete target

pleasant tourist, create, go Indonesia. It has

been proven a lot of air travelers at ease welcome to stay longer in

Indonesia. Many original places to be visited and enjoyed while having

fun. Not only beautiful nature and friendly, as well as average residents

alike have genuine hospitality, unaffected as is the case with the

environment. The travelers even much want to live in Indonesia

. Those who have returned to the country, want to go back to

Indonesia and wants to go Indonesia, and indeed they generally come

back again. Word of mouth they convey how beautiful Indonesia. Season in

Indonesia is only the rainy season and dry season. In the two seasons

that can all be enjoyed without interrupting your trip.

Transport is now relatively advanced and very adequate than in

years past. Many hotels are available complete with all facilities. You

can adjust the funds in your pocket, there are many hotels from the lower

classes to star hotels available. So do not worry. Service is not asked,

cultur the Indonesian people are very friendly and versatile want to help

to all the guests, do not doubt.goindonet, go indonesia,

complete indonesia tourism info

Regional areas visited are generally unique, does not exist in other

parts of the world. Deeper you enter Indonesia, Indonesia go, the more

you want to know more about a strange country full of grace. What kind of

type of traveler you are, you as a traveler? People who like adventure?

People like to surf? People who like to climb a mountain? people who like

to shop like a souvenir? Love stories of ancient history? Like a visit to

a place where pre-history? Like hunting animals to hunt food? “Go

Indonesia”! Here is where impingement your personality, your

desires can shed uncontrollably happens here until the end.

You do not forget the diverse Indonesian cuisine. You

probably already used to hearing the name of cuisine, “fried rice”,

“Indonesian satay”, “soup”, “sauce”. Indonesia has thousands and

thousands of islands, the other island, the other is also a sense of

cooking, you do not know or loss until a distinctive and unique taste

does not exist in any other country.

You will fatigue due to over curiosity, a lot of things here. Do you

want to know the culture through the art of tribes in Indonesia? You must

have a backup camera to capture all events many arts and customs

Indonesia, such as endless.

Beach with white sand, abundant sunshine, nature friendly, and you’ll

glaring beauty of the sunset in the afternoon. Many memories are friendly

here, said people do not die before seeing Bali, but in fact almost all

the twists and turns of the island is very spoil you. Not to mention

the Raja Ampat even more beautiful, all the places

where diving with the typical landscape and transform only in Indonesia,

a haven for tourists all over the world, who are now millions and

millions each year to run to go Indonesia.

Indigenous people Model from ancient times until the model of the

modern era is here original with honesty and innocence that is soothing,

far from the frenetic business. Guaranteed you do not want to return

home, you will be satisfied here, you will enjoy staying here, go


Go Indonesia :: Some Indonesia Top Vacation Destinations to Visit


What are Indonesia top vacation destinations? It is the

common question asked by those who want to go Indonesia

for the first time. Well, learning more about where you go is much

better, so you will have an organized vacation plan.

Must Visit Indonesia Top Vacation Destinations

There are various sources where you can get the complete

indonesia tourism info. Thank to internet technology that saves

your time from hunting books at a local library. If you decided to have

tropical country based traveling theme, here are

some Indonesia top vacation destinations you should not


  • Bali Island – known as tropical paradise where you can discoverthe diverse beauty of nature and culture.
  • Yogyakarta – alternative destination after Bali where you can also find hundreds of beautiful and historicaltourism spots.
  • Komodo Island – habitat of Komodo, large species of lizard thathave flat head, big size, bowed leg and long, and also thick tail.
  • Toba Lake – beautiful lake created by Mount Toba eruption yearsago.
  • Kelimutu Lakes – three colored lakes on the summit of KelimutuMount in Flores.

The archipelago country offers the beautiful diversity from its

nature, culture and people. However, those Indonesia top vacation

destinations can be put on your list of places to go on the

first visit.

Go Indonesia :: A List Of White Sand Beach In Indonesia To Conside


Visiting Indonesia means that you will have a chance to enjoy the day

white sand beach located in different province and

island. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to show you some of

the province that provides such an attraction like white sand

beach. Few beaches can be found easily in Major Island like

Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, whereas you can find a few more of desiring

white sand beach when travelling to the eastern of


Some of you might be asked: why white sand beach and

why Indonesia. First thing to know, Indonesia has a lot of amazing

[link:66]attraction[/link], through which you can feel the whole

sensation of living in a tropical country. So here we are going to

provide a list through which you can recognize some of white sand

beach in Indonesia that has amazing views.

List of White Sand Beach in Indonesia

1)    White sand beach in Lampung

This is located in [link:59]Lampung[/link] (or known locally as

PantaiPasirPutih) and is describing freshness and seductive atmosphere in

a way that is superb and fun. The beach is located 20 kilometers from

Bandar Lampung (in Tarahan Village, South Lampung) and is known as main

tourist attraction in the province. You can reach the [link:27]

beach[/link] in 30 minutes by a car. When in Pantai Pasir Putih, you can

enjoy turquoise sea water harmoniously blend with the delicate and

beautiful white sand beaches spread along the banks.

2)    PantaiPasirPadi in Bangka

In the city of Pangkalpinang, there is PantaiPasirPadi, a

white sand beach located in the island of Bangka. This

beach is directly facing the South China Sea and 100 up to 300 meters of

coastline. The sand is white and solid, whereas the waves are superbly

calm. We recommend you to visit PasirPadi beach, especially if you have a

plan to visit Pangkalpinang. Moreover, the beach can be reached either

from Pangkalbalam seaport or Depati Amir Airport.

3)    Ngurbloat beach (PantaiPasirPanjang)

Looking for a white sand beach in eastern [link:72]

Indonesia[/link]? We’d like to recommend Ngurbloat beach in

Ngilngof village, Southeast Maluku District. The locals know the beach as

Pantai Pasir Panjang. That said, the beach has coastal areaswith a length

of5 kilometers, start from Ngurbloat beach to Ngursamadan beach in

Ojoililir. The white sand is very soft and dubbed as the softest beach in

Southeast Asia.

4)    Indrayanti beach

This one is located in Yogyakarta, offering white sandy beaches with

crystal clear sea water. Located in district of Wonosari, Indrayanti

beach also offers a few restaurants overlooking the beach, beautiful

coral reefs, and desiring white sand. When visiting this white sand

beach, its blue water feels like calling you to swim.

5)    Klanyar beach

This one is located about 30 kilometers from Pacitan and offers

white sand beach and natural fountainas high as


6)    White sand beach in


This beach is famous forits white sand and curved beach overlooking

the sea. Both of which are complemented with forest, which becomes

background that offers a fabulous panoramic cluster.

7)    Perasi beach

People know this beach as a hidden white sand beach.

Located in Karangasem, Bali, Peruse beach offers quite beach that can be

reached in 2 hours from Kura. The beach is very clean, far from the

hustle, and becomes one of beach you need to visit in Bali.

8)    Nusa Dua beach

The beach of Nusa Dua, [link:12]Bali[/link], ranked first as the most

favorite white sand

beach. The beach is beautiful with pure white sand and

safe for swimming. The main advantage of Nusa Dua beach is:it is still

relatively quiet, and in contrast to most beaches in Bali which are too

crowded. goindonet, [link:54]go indonesia[/link],complete

indonesia [link:63]tourism[/link] info

Which White Sand Beach to Choose?

Basically, we leave the choice to you. However, if you insist, then we

recommend you to visit Ngurbloat beach. This one has the softest

white sand beach in Indonesia, whereas the neighborhood

is tempting as well. That said, you can spend your holiday fully and

recharge the freshness of mind in a way that is fun and relaxing. The

list of white sand beach provided in here functions

double, one of which is to guide to in searching a way to enjoy desiring

holiday experience.

Go Indonesia, Complete Indonesia Tourism Info

Welcome Go Indonesia


goindonet provide information for tourists or travelers who will go Indonesia and is a Complete Indonesia Tourism Info. Go Indonesia, Complete Indonesia Tourism Info is the right place for those who want to get to know more about Indonesia tourism and all things about it.

  Indonesia is a country with hundreds of islands that spread from west to east. There are five big island and another hundreds of islands where Indonesia’s citizen live. As a tropical country, Indonesia blessed with nice and warm climate with only two seasons every year, the rain and dry season. It makes Indonesia as a nice country to live in.

A lot of fun for travelers and tourists who want to go Indonesia may find good info. Many tourists or novice travelers who want to know what things are worth visiting while having fun go Indonesia. You need to visit such as,  komodo national park, Madakaripura waterfallrail tours.

A view of the ubiquitous state, are its beaches and the lake. You will be fascinated by the beaches of Indonesia are not the same and you do not get elsewhere. You will be happy here, because the people are friendly and very welcoming, these are  plengkung beach, white sand beach, sea of bunaken, Raja Ampat Papua,lake Sentani, kelimutu lake, for diver is Wakatobi, lake Toba etc.

Lake Toba


The tourists there who like to look closely, like what Indonesia palaces of the past both its history and its uniqueness models, they visit, royal palaces, kasepuhan royal palace, Maimoon royal palace, Minangkabau royal palace, Yogyakarta royal palace.

When you hunt for culinary hobby, you can create a culinary vacation. Get here, culinary vacations, Indonesian cuisine, holy culinary vacations, palembang culinary, makassar culinary,Yogyakarta culinary,

Most tourists do not want to miss the strangeness and uniqueness of the mountains in Indonesia, mas mountain, bromo mountain, Jayawijaya mountains, Ijen volcano complex, semeru mountain.

Find information on goindonet, before you take a trip to Indonesia, go Indonesia, very pleasant, you are safe and happy, you can save money, you can linger, go-Indonesia and you are satisfied.
Many places that you need to capture the memories of the your travels.
You will tell a lot on neighbors or your family like no inexhaustible
or as there is endless. How such are 
komodo island, Lombok island, Yogyakarta,Bali island, museums in Indonesia, Borobudur temple, trio dyke, toraja,Godong green, kebon Nogo, sweet berry,gong cave, Batavia, Ujung Kulon, agro tourism, heritage sites, Sangiran site, you visited.

But, there are more than warm climate that people can find in Indonesia. This country has so many beautiful and attractive places that were listed in GoIndonesia. These places have attracted so many people to come and see it with their own eye. People come from all over the place, not only from Indonesia itself but also from other country as well. GoIndonesia listed all those beautiful places that located all across the nation. There are always something interesting to see in every province in this country and that simply proven that Indonesia worth to call as one of the best tourist destination country in the world.

goindonet.com, Go Indonesia and the Tourist Destination Info

One of the best things that people can find in Goindonet.com is the complete list of great places that people can visit in every province in the country. There are currently 33 provinces or state in this country and each has its own attractive places that worth a visit. Most people only know Bali as the most popular tourist destination, but that is about to change. Every day, there is always a new place that was interesting and unique enough that was found and soon being advertises as great place to visit.

Go Indonesia, Complete Indonesia Tourism Info listed it all and it simply makes people easier to plan out their holiday time. In every province, people will get the complete explanation about the province or the city along with the list of attractive place to visit in there. There is no need to search all around the web just to gather enough information about certain places in certain location in Indonesia, when people can get it all at Go Indonesia.

Go Indonesia Tourism Event

Do you want to know what kind of tourism event that was or going to held in Indonesia? Go Indonesia has it all. Anyone who has interest in the world of tourism for any reason they may have can find the information in this place. That is not all; any of you who will hold an event in the future can also promote it in this place.  There are lots of things that going on from time to time and it will be nice to know it in advance so you can prepare yourself to the event. The event  that listed in Go Indonesia itself range from a seminar about tourism world in Indonesia and also event about culture festival or similar event like that, which take places in different city around the country. One city in eastern Java, Banyuwangi, now actively with its annual festival. Quite a lot of festivals are held throughout the year, which of course is very interesting. And this is very spoil the tourists both local and foreign tourists. Its proximity to the island become an attraction for tourists who usually gather in Bali, took away the crossing to Banyuwangi to attend the festival interesting.

Go Indonesia Tour Package

Go Indonesia do bring lots of things about Indonesia tourism all in place. Not only provide people with information about interesting places to see in the country and also information about tourism event, it also provide an offer to everyone who want to have their vacation in one area in Indonesia by joining their tour package. Let’s just say that you want to go to Karimunjawa, but you don’t know how to get there. Go Indonesia has the tour package information that you can use for your purpose and in the end, enjoy your holiday time right where you want it to be.

There are so many things to enjoy in Indonesia, from its beaches, mountain, waterfall, lake, culture and other things. It will take many days to explore every single part of those places, but still people should start it from one place and then continue their journey to another one. The first thing to do before start exploring beautiful Indonesia is by finding the right, trustable and comprehensive information about it. What will be the better place to find it other than Go Indonesia, Complete Indonesia Tourism Info, where you can find all the info you need about Indonesia tourism in one place.




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