Go Indonesia :: Banten Tour Go Indonesia Spectacular Destinations You Should Visit

Banten tour is a great place you should visit in Indonesia to get an adventurous experience on finding an exotic rhinoceros habits here. Banten is a province located on the western tip of Java Island. You can reach Banten by using local transportation from Jakarta. Not only some exotic rhinoceros habits, it also offers many stunning places where you can get new experience on there. Let’s check out this quick review!

Banten Tour with Exclusive Places to Visit

As stated on previous paragraph, the National Park Ujung Kulon is an exciting place, where you can enjoy the natural habits of rhinoceros. You can do some activities such as camping, tracking or enjoying the scene around. The next place you should visit is also Krakatau Mounts. You might ever heard about this historic explosion. There are many tour agents, which provides climbing activity on here.

Well, there are still many destinations, which you can visit on Banten. Let say Kampung Baduy with its Baduy culture, Pulau Sangiang, Carita Beach, Karang Bolong Beach and many other beaches you can visit for catching adorable sunset here. This place is truly recommended for you who need different location in Indonesia. Let’s get to Banten tour and see what you will found on there.

Go Indonesia::Go Indonesia Wonderful Indonesia, The Adventure Awaits You!

Here is a quick review about wonderful Indonesia and Go Indonesia trip that you should take now. Travelling to Indonesia can be great experience, where you can get new adventure on there. You can visit many places on Indonesia. From mountains to the beach, just mention what kind of paradises that you want to go. Indonesia is known as amazing country with its awesome places to visit. It also has many cultures, which brings the unique sides for your travelling experience. You can enjoy on visiting many places and destinations here. Let’s check out several things that you can found in Indonesia. It’s a spectacular place, where you can find out almost anything on here!

Too Much Hidden Paradises on Wonderful Indonesia

What makes Indonesia different with the other countries is its hidden paradises inside there. You might heard that Indonesia offers many natural places. However, it’s not only about the natural places. You can still high technology and modern city landscape combined with awesome scenery on nature. It’s a great place to stay. The tropical climate will make you warm enough and get exotic tanned skin. Catching sunset is also awesome from many spots in Indonesia. It’s not only Bali, Lombok or Jogjakarta. There are many places, which can be predicated as the hidden paradises on here.

Travelling in Indonesia will make you get new adventurous experience. You also can learn many cultures here. The traditional cultures with its diversities are completing your journey with special impression. You can see at how polite Indonesian people welcoming you. They will have their smile for you in such a friendly situation. Some heritages are also great destination that you can go on here. For the complete information about these places, you should read the other posts on Go Indonesia, a site that provides complete guides about visiting Indonesia.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your chance on having new adventurous experience. Let’s visit Indonesia and get what you want on there. Indonesia is a large archipelago country, where you can find out the many awesome spots on there. It has many cultures and things to learn. Don’t worry about the modern life style that you also can get on your travelling. You will get amazing experience on visiting Indonesia. It’s also affordable enough to reach many places on here. Read the other references on our site about this wonderful Indonesia and enjoy it.

Go Indonesia :: The Natural Beauty Of Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia and it is surrounded with beautiful scenery to enjoy. Located in Lombok Island, Rinjani has been one of the most favorite destinations for holiday because of its beauty. However, climbing up the mountain could not be easy considering that this is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia, but once you are on top, you can see how beautiful Lombok Island in one awesome image.

Rinjani Mountain Trekking

Trekking is one of the most commonly done by people who come here because trekking allows you to see the massive beauty of the mountain in detail. Doing the trekking to climb up the mountain would give you an opportunity to enjoy the waterfall, lake and landscape around the mountain. You can also do some hiking to walk around the mountain without having to climb it up if this is too hard for you because of the height. Trekking and hiking can spend some days about three or four days. Keep in mind that you should make sure your body is well protected before hiking or trekking. Find the [complete Indonesia tourism info and get prepared. Wear the best trekking shoes and clothes and start exploring the Rinjani Mountain to see what is hidden

Go Indonesia :: The Jungle Water Adventure Bogor for Family Vacation


The Jungle Water Adventure Bogor is the best holiday destination for family vacation because it offers many things to do with your family. Like its name, this is a place where water adventure and activities can be done with so many different arenas to choose from depending on the taste. It is appropriate for both children and adults because the games can be suited with the age. So, do not worry that you cannot find the right thing to do here. You can get more exclusive complete Indonesia tourism info about this interesting family vacation and get to know what is offered.

Interesting Water activities in Jungle Water Adventure Bogor

Kiddie Pool is one of the activities offered in the Jungle Water Adventure and it is very good for children because everything here is suited with the age of kids. There are two options of pools in Kiddie Pool and each of them has different depth. The first one is 20 cm in depth and the other one is 30 cm. It can be suited with different ages of kids. Slide pool can be the most favorite water activity to do here because this is so much fun and interesting. The challenging curve and long slide will lead you to fresh water where you can make your body refreshed. So, there are many great things to enjoy in Jungle Water Adventure Bogor and you can have all the family members come along.

Go Indonesia :: Enjoying the Natural Beauty of Sri Gethuk Waterfall Gunungkidul

Sri Gethuk Waterfall Gunungkidul is said to be the Indonesian version of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. So, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Grand Canyon, you can also find it here in Indonesia. Goindonet will give some informa
tion about this amazing waterfall located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Gunungkidul is actually one of the most interesting holiday destinations on Yogyakarta because it has many things to offer such as beaches, mountains and now waterfall.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall Gunungkidul with Its Secrets

Gunungkidul is still such a natural place with full of natural holiday destinations, Sri Gethuk Waterfall is one of them. It is still so natural, peaceful and fresh. The water will be falling throughout the summer no matter how hot it is. However, the way to get there is a little bit challenging because you should go through river or walk between rice fields. It is better to start going there in the morning when the air is still so fresh and calming. You can go through the river and enjoy every challenge it gives. There are green trees all around you during the way you get there. You can see the beauty of the nature surrounding before going to the Sri Gethuk Waterfall Gunungkidul.

Go Indonesia ::Indrayanti Beach, the Most Romantic Beach in Gunung Kidul

Indrayanti beach Gunung Kidul located in Gunung Kidul and it provides romantic scenery of hills and greenery surrounds it. This beach is different from other beaches in Gunungkidul since it offers white sand and clear water. The sense of romantic can be felt from the beach because of these combinations. The visitors like swimming in the water because this is really clear and free of dirt. It is good to spend some time in water while getting the body and mind refreshed. Here is some information from Goindonet to help you get some image.

The Best Thing to Do in Indrayanti Beach Gunung Kidul

Not only the visitors can come to enjoy the beauty and the fresh water of the beach, but they can also get some treats from the small restaurants near the beach. It is easy for you to go for lunch and try some best food there. There are also some places to stay during your holiday near the beach. You can have a romantic holiday with your couple spending some time enjoying the air and the clear water while looking at the beautiful nature surrounding. Indrayanti beach is more than just a romantic beach; it is also the right place for having fun with your friends or family. So, get some plan set and try the romantic atmosphere of the Indrayanti Beach Gunung Kidul.

Go Indonesia :: The Unique Beauty Of Tanah Lot Bali


Tanah Lot Bali is such a popular holiday destination that must be visited if you want to sense both the history and beauty of Bali. Tanah Lot itself is a kind of temple, a holy place where the people of Bali usually pray, and this is located in the middle of the beach. The location of Tanah Lot is what makes this place very unique. When you are here, you can see the water surrounding the temple and even the sunset. There is more information Goindonet will tell you.

Things to See in Tanah Lot Bali

The sunset is one of the most common reasons why people are coming here. People usually come here to see the sunset that can be clearly seen from Tanah Lot because it is built on the top of a hill making it high and that is why this provides a good image of the sunset. Also, there are some caves near Tanah Lot filled with snakes that are believed by the Balinese people as the guard of the temple. Every 210 days Balinese people come to pray in Tanah Lot so that visitors do not have to worry about disturbing them to pray since this is not done daily. From Tanah Lot Bali you can see even more in details about how beautiful Bali is.

Go Indonesia :: Semarang Culinary Vacation List


There is a long list of Semarang culinary vacation that Goindonet will share to you as a useful information before experiencing the great taste of foods from Semarang. There are so many famous restaurants that can be visited because they offer nice tasted foods and services. You can try what you have not tried before and you might get addicted. If you want something affordable to eat at night, go to Warung Semawis,

which offers many options of foods from many small restaurants. However, it is opened only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at night. You can find many options of oriental foods including Chinese foods.

Options of Semarang Culinary Vacation

If you love seafood, then Rumah Makan Kampung Laut is the best place to get the best seafood in Semarang. This is more than just a place to eat, but this is also a place to do fishing. The unique eating area of this restaurant is the most interesting thing. You can enjoy the seafood while seeing the fishing center near the eating area. There are many kinds of seafood available and they are fresh from the water. It depends on what you want to eat and where you want to eat to find the best Semarang culinary vacation because there are many places available for providing best Semarang foods for you.

Go Indonesia :: Enjoying The Historic Taman Sari Yogyakarta

Located near the Ngayogyakarta Palace, Taman Sari Yogyakarta offers the beauty of Yogyakarta’s historical image to enjoy.  Taman Sari is a water palace because it has a palace-like building and you can find water inside. It is like you can enjoy the beautiful small water fountain inside a palace. Also, there are some interesting things related to water that can be enjoyed such as swimming pool, man-made island and lake, and many others. The combination of China, Europe and Java architecture can be also found in the building.

Taman Sari Yogyakarta with Its Beautiful Secrets

There are 57 buildings inside Taman Sari that can be explored and enjoyed and goindonet would provide some information about that. The buildings consist of four different areas; they are man-made lake, Umbul Binangun swimming pool, canal, and another man-made lake. However, unfortunately the other areas in the building are no longer there because they have been used for residents’ houses and this is only the Umbul Binangun swimming pool left alone by it to enjoy by the visitors. Umbul Binangun is surrounded with giant and tall walls because it used to be where the princesses in the past took a bath. There is a small mushroom-like fountain that decorates the swimming pool and this can be a good area in Taman Sari Yogyakarta that still shares its beauty until now

Go Indonesia :: Seminyak Bali And Its Interesting Destinations

Seminyak Bali is one of the most interesting holiday destinations that must be visited if you are planning to visit Bali for your holiday. This is a complete Indonesia tourism info about Seminyak that can help you know when and where the best time to visit that beautiful place in Bali. There are actually many things you can enjoy in Seminyak including the restaurants, hotels, beaches and many more. You can do many interesting activities during your holiday in Seminyak because you can find everything you need here.

Things to Do in Seminyak Bali

Not only just enjoying the beautiful beaches, but visitors can also enjoy some attractions in Seminyak that can cheer up the holiday time. Petingetet temple is a good place to visit since it offers historical beauty of Seminyak. This is an old temple that has been there for centuries and this is still interesting to enjoy. Near the old temple you can find Petingetet beach as well, which is quieter than Kuta. If you love doing watersports, you can try visiting the Eco Beach, the most popular beach in Seminyak for sports. There are many great things to visit and Seminyak Bali can be an awesome holiday destination for you.