Go Indonesia :: Interesting Solo Holiday Vacations To Visit

Solo holiday vacations come with some options to choose from a shopping center to a historical place. You can choose what kind of holiday you want to decide where you want to go. Solo is a great place to visit for those who want to get some experience of shopping and going around the town looking at some beautiful places. You can get a complete Indonesia tourism info about Solo here and you will also get some idea about the destinations that you will visit there.

Solo Holiday Vacations for Spending Some Good Time

Pasar Klewer is the first place to visit when you come to Solo because it has everything you need for shopping. This is a place for batik because you can find almost anything related with batik such as bags, clothes and even souvenirs. This can be a good place to get some nice stuff for your family before going home. Since batik is originally coming from Indonesia, then it would be great for buying some and bring home. Get some good time in Surakarta Palace and enjoy the beautiful historical building. It is located near Pasar Klewer so that you can easily get there. Find more Solo holiday vacations to get your holiday well planned

Go Indonesia:: Enjoying The Archipelago With Indonesia Cruises

Indonesia cruises would be a great choice to enjoy Indonesia. This archipelago country comprised of thousands islands separated by seas. Cruiser is one good option to visiting island to island while enjoying first class services. Now in goindonet, you can get more information about cruises that depart and stops in Indonesia area.

Cruises in Indonesia are commonly not solitary go Indonesia adventure. It’s commonly combined with other ports in the surrounding area, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. In fact, many cruises are depart and ended outside Indonesia, and only make stops in Indonesian ports during the tour. However, it is still great option because you can enjoy a lot of Indonesia attractions on every stop.

Cruises that depart from Indonesian ports are limited. Mostly, they are departing from Benoa, Bali. The other cruises are departing from other countries, mostly Singapore and Australia. Several cities in Indonesia that commonly visited by cruises are including Jakarta, Semarang, Probolinggo, Surabaya, Pasuruan, Sumenep, Benoa, Komodo Island, Balikpapan, Ujung Pandang, and Makasar.

Checking schedule and availability is important because the choice is not much. Pre-hotel packages are very common on cruise lines. Before you go on board, better you find complete Indonesia tourism info so you will know where to go and what to do on each stop. Indonesia cruises will give you extraordinary experience.

Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Fruits to Taste while Visiting the Country

Indonesia fruits could be one of many reasons to go Indonesia. An array of tropical fruits you hardly found in four seasons country are widely available in any corner of this archipelago. From mango to papaya, you can enjoy the fruits, as you like, without afraid you will break the bank. However, goindonet has recommendation of several fruits you should taste while in the country.

Durian is Indonesia fruit that the popularity has go internationally. In Southeast Asia, people call it king of fruits. The fruit is so popular due to the strong odor yet rich of taste. Durian is high alcohol but do not cause drunk. Yet, do not eat too much or you may experience digestion problem and headache.

The second fruit is salak or snake fruit. They call it snake fruit because the skin is scaly just like snakeskin. Although the fruit has scaly skin, the flesh is sweet, acidic, and crunchy. Pre-caution for this fruit is to be careful when you peel it and do not eat too much because it could cause constipation.

To complete Indonesia tourism info, try rambutan as the third fruit to taste. The fruit is similar with lychee but sweeter and some varieties are bigger. Unfortunately, this is seasonal fruit so you need to come in the right time to enjoy this one of most popular Indonesia Fruits.

Go Indonesia :: Ring Of Fire Adventure On Indonesia Volcanoes

Situated in the ring of fire, Indonesia Volcanoes are dominating the geography of this nation. With more than 100 active volcanoes, Indonesia is prone to volcanic eruption disaster. Not only causing destruction to the surrounding area, the eruptions are commonly affecting air flights. Yet, the views of the volcanoes and nearby area are exceptional that worth to be explored. Therefore, the information is worth to complete Indonesia tourism info.

Volcanoes in Indonesia are listed in most notable eruptions in the world. From the information gathered by goindonet, super volcanic eruption that created Lake Toba thousands year before was eruption in the largest level possible. Eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 is recorded as the most violent.

The most active volcanoes in Indonesia located in Java, the most populated island in the archipelago. The volcanoes are Kelud and Merapi. The last volcano is called Decade Volcano because is highly active in the last decades.

Earthquake in year 2004 that leaded to massive tsunami is believed to cause pattern change of the volcanoes in Indonesia. Some volcanoes that remind silence for centuries begin to active again. The example is Sinabung Mountain.

Wherever you go Indonesia, it would be easy to find volcanoes. Kerinci in Sumatra, Semeru in Java, and Karangetang in Sulawesi are only small example of beauty you can feast. On the other hand, visiting Indonesia Volcanoes will help us learn how destructive the nature could be.

Go Indonesia :: Pencak Silat the Indonesian Martial Art You Can Enjoy and Learn

If you martial art lover, pencak silat could be the most attractive thing from Indonesia. This martial art is native to Indonesia in the form of full-body fighting and some with weapon. If you need more information about it, goindonet provides it for you.

Similar with the country that diverse in cultures, pencak silat or people only called it silat is diverse in style. From west to east, you can see different practice and tradition that make every style unique. You may never have enough to enjoy it.

The oldest and famous silat is silek harimau of Minang people in West Sumatra. Hands mimicking tiger claws are the characteristic of this silat style. Numerous weapons are used on this silat. One of them are weapon resembles the claw of tiger they called it kerambit.

The place to learn silat is commonly called padepokan or perguruan silat (school of silat). There, you can watch silat performance as well as learn it for yourself. Apart of physical defense, most schools teach the student to practice silat for emotional wellbeing.

Some notable padepokan you can visit during go Indonesia are Merpati Putih in Java, Bakti Negara in Bali, and Kampung Silat Jampang in Bogor. After you get information about pencak silat, get more complete Indonesia tourism info here

Go Indonesia :: Batur Mountain, The Image Of Bali’s Beauty Of Nature

Batur Mountain can be a great alternative for those who want something different and unique when come to Bali instead of keep visiting the same beaches or temples. Batur offers the natural beauty of mountain with its natural surroundings. This gives a different experience of visiting Bali with the peaceful atmosphere and fresh air of the mountain. You will find not only mountain, but there is also Batur Lake completed with the beautiful landscaping around the place. Here is the complete Indonesia tourism info about Batur that you can check to see what is in there.

Things You Can Find in Batur Mountain

Walking around the mountain would be the most interesting thing to do. It would be bad if you come here and just stay at your first place without walking around and enjoying the surrounding landscape. Since the air is cold enough, make sure you have protected wearing that can keep you warm. Also, have a guide with you if this is the first time for you coming here. There is a local guide that can accompany your tour in Batur and it spends about 3 hours. After touring, enjoy some meals while seeing the beautiful view of Batur Mountain would be the next interesting thing to do.

Go Indonesia :: Wayang Show The Heritage Of Indonesia

Wayang show (puppet show) is one of most famous heritage of Indonesia. Mostly played in Java and Bali, wayang is coming with many variations. This goindonet, the portal of complete Indonesia tourism info will explain some of them for you.

Wayang kulit is the most popular and received acknowledgment from UNESCO as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The puppet is made from leather (kulit means leather) and played in the setting of shadow puppet show. Wayang kulit is widely performed in Central Java, Bali, and Lombok with different characteristics on each region.

In West Java, you can found wayang golek. The puppet is made from wood with rods on the hands of the doll to play it. The most popular character in wayang golek is cepot.

In Eastern Java, there is wayang klitik. It is made of wood but similar with the form of wayang kulit. This wayang is also played in shadow puppet setting.

Wayang wong is another Javanese type of Wayang. However, this is not a puppet show because it is actually man theatrical performance. Wong is Javanese word for human.

Wayang puppets are good for souvenir in the time you go Indonesia. You can find the puppets on various merchandise stores in the city where you enjoy wayang show.

Go Indonesia :: Becak The Indonesian Traditional Mode Of Transportation

In many cities in Indonesia, you can find becak. It is a tricycle pedicab used to transport up to two people in short distance. This traditional mode of transportation will complete Indonesia tourism info to fill you before you go Indonesia.

Mostly, the tricycle is rear driver model. In some areas such as Medan, North Sumatra, you can find it with side driver. Beside drove manually by feet, some of them are equipped with motor to make it supportive for far transportation. The motorized version is called bentor and only available in limited areas.

For tourist, becak will give unique experience. That is the reason why this tricycle becomes integral part in tourism attraction in several cities, such as Yogyakarta.

In Malioboro, Jogja, you can find many drivers offer city tour with this tricycle. However, this traditional vehicle is considered nuisance in several cities (especially big cities) such as Jakarta and Bali. In such cities, you will not find it.

For Indonesian people, this transportation mode is considered cheaper option to go somewhere nearby. For tourist, it is also cheaper option but goindonet want you to remember about haggling game of Indonesia. Be sure you make the bargain and know the exact cost before you get in the becak.

Go Indonesia :: Ojek Service Brings Fun To Explore The City

One transportation option to explore Indonesia city is ojek service. Ojek is Indonesian version of motorcycle taxi. Unlike car taxi that gives you the comfort under the roof, enjoy the wind all along the road. Since this is unique transportation option, goindonet decides to put it on complete Indonesia tourism info.

In big cities, ojek is commonly available in many corners of the main streets. You can distinct ojek driver by the bright colored jacket with number. The drivers commonly sit on the bike or bench near the bikes, waiting for customer. In big cities, ojek service could be ordered via phone or online. Some providers even offer app for smartphone.

With crazy traffic in most big cities of Indonesia, ojek is good choice to reduce traffic distress. You can save a lot of time because the ojek driver could go between cars or taking short cut on smaller and less crowded road. In remote area, where public transportation is not available and the roads are problematic, ojek is likely the only choice.

If you order ojek by phone or online, the bike is equipped by distance meter and the priced is calculated per km. If you have it on the street, the driver fixes the price but haggling is possible. Whatever you choose, ojek service brings fun experience on go Indonesia

Go Indonesia :: Lulur Treatment Tradition Of Indonesian Spas


Was royal privilege, lulur treatment is now tradition of many women in Indonesia and becomes important part in many spas in the nation. We add it here with the aim of complete Indonesia tourism info as spa treatments are now become integral part in many itinerary. For anybody need relaxation in Indonesian way, goindonet gives you some hints.

Lulur is Indonesian exfoliating body scrub made from various natural ingredients. The recipes are various with different purposes. Different areas have different recipes that passed from generation to generation. In modern spa, the recipe may developed through researches to make it better result.

Traditionally, lulur is part of wedding preparation. Forty days before the wedding, the bride starts lulur treatment and has it for several times. The purpose of this treatment is to make the bride look outstanding like never before on the wedding day.

In modern world, lulur is not merely bridal thing. Women have lulur anytime they want. Lulur products are now available widely in store for anybody who wants to have it at home. However, lulur spa treatment is the best option for smooth skin and wellbeing.

You can go Indonesia to find numerous spas offering lulur in different set from natural treatment under the coconut tree to the deluxe chamber. Regardless of the choice, lulur treatment will bring harmony and beautiful skin.