Go Indonesia :: The Jungle Water Adventure Bogor for Family Vacation


The Jungle Water Adventure Bogor is the best holiday destination for family vacation because it offers many things to do with your family. Like its name, this is a place where water adventure and activities can be done with so many different arenas to choose from depending on the taste. It is appropriate for both children and adults because the games can be suited with the age. So, do not worry that you cannot find the right thing to do here. You can get more exclusive complete Indonesia tourism info about this interesting family vacation and get to know what is offered.

Interesting Water activities in Jungle Water Adventure Bogor

Kiddie Pool is one of the activities offered in the Jungle Water Adventure and it is very good for children because everything here is suited with the age of kids. There are two options of pools in Kiddie Pool and each of them has different depth. The first one is 20 cm in depth and the other one is 30 cm. It can be suited with different ages of kids. Slide pool can be the most favorite water activity to do here because this is so much fun and interesting. The challenging curve and long slide will lead you to fresh water where you can make your body refreshed. So, there are many great things to enjoy in Jungle Water Adventure Bogor and you can have all the family members come along.

Go Indonesia :: Enjoy Countless Adventure Indonesia Trips



Are you looking for adventure Indonesia ideas? The first visit can be confusing and has to be well planned. If you want to go Indonesia, you must learn various aspects about this country. Take time to get complete indonesia tourism info including the geographical, social and cultural life.

Get the Ultimate Adventure Indonesia Experience

Indonesia is made up over 17,000 islands, having countless attractive spots to explore. No wonder if the country becomes one of the most visited tourism destinations in Southeast Asia. Various adventure Indonesia tours can take you travel for a lifetime. From west to east, you will be pampered with a number of attractions such as spiritual ceremonies, white sanded beaches, amazing wildlife and exotic cultures. If you love challenges, you should not miss the adventurous activities such as scuba diving, surfing, volcano climbing and jungle trekking. All are available to let you enjoy the ultimate vacation experiences at a tropical gateway, i.e. Indonesia.

Do you have too many types of trip to choose? It will really take forever to explore all of them. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find a tour package which has selected the topdestinations. You can simply book an adventure Indonesia travelling plan from the trusted agency and obtain the exceptional experience on your first visit to this country.