Go Indonesia:: A Rocky Mountian in a List of Bandung Tour

When will you go to enjoy various Bandung tour, which some of them would be related closely to the life of small metropolis? Bandung is the capital of West Java, a city which is now trying hard to dress itself. By all means, Bandung is currently showing what it’s like to be a modern, comfort city to live.

Which Place to be Included in a list of Bandung tour?

So in essence there is a lot of place to be visited when you are in Bandung. However, a rocky mountain in Lembang should be the one to visit first. It is an attraction that offers beauty sunset and sunrise view and many other amazing sights. Tourists would enjoy Bandung city night lights scattered visible in height. When talking about a list of place to visit in Bandung tour, that rocky mountain shouldn’t be forgotten.

Of course there is a lot more interesting places to explore including Tebing Keraton, Kawah Putih Ciwidey, Situ Patenggang, and Kampung Gajah Wonderland, and many more. Basically, there is a lot of view in Bandung which is not easy to forget. If you want to see a unique sight, then a rocky mountain in Lembang should be the first to visit while enjoying your trip during Bandung tour.

Go Indonesia :: Bandung The Cooler Highland Of Java


While Indonesia is well known for hot climate, Bandung

gives you a little bit cooler atmosphere. Located in highland, the city

is now a famous tourism destination. Although it mostly popular among

domestic tourists, international travellers will see it as enthralling

option. Here some hint from goindonet


Among tourists, the city is famous for its cuisines and

fashion. Thousands of food stalls and countless restaurants serve

abundant type of cuisines from the local Sundanese foods to international

cuisines to fusion cuisines.

Fashion in this city is high quality but come in nice price tag. As

the city with many clothing factories, you can found lot of factory

outlets (FO) that sell leftover products in half-price. Different story

of Bandung comes from distribution store or Indonesian

commonly short it by distro. You can find products of local designers who

sell their indie label products in those places.

Although it is considered metropolitan city, go

Indonesia traveler who visit this city also come for

exquisiteness of nature. A bit far from the center of the city, Tangkuban

Perahu Mountain offers beautiful crater to enjoy. Then, something you

should not miss is the White Crater/Kawah Putih in Ciwidey.

To complete Indonesia tourism info of this particular

city, numerous historical buildings and areas such as Gedung Sate and

Gedung Merdeka are worth to be checked. In Indonesia

history, Bandung played significant role.