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Banten tour is a great place you should visit in Indonesia to get an adventurous experience on finding an exotic rhinoceros habits here. Banten is a province located on the western tip of Java Island. You can reach Banten by using local transportation from Jakarta. Not only some exotic rhinoceros habits, it also offers many stunning places where you can get new experience on there. Let’s check out this quick review!

Banten Tour with Exclusive Places to Visit

As stated on previous paragraph, the National Park Ujung Kulon is an exciting place, where you can enjoy the natural habits of rhinoceros. You can do some activities such as camping, tracking or enjoying the scene around. The next place you should visit is also Krakatau Mounts. You might ever heard about this historic explosion. There are many tour agents, which provides climbing activity on here.

Well, there are still many destinations, which you can visit on Banten. Let say Kampung Baduy with its Baduy culture, Pulau Sangiang, Carita Beach, Karang Bolong Beach and many other beaches you can visit for catching adorable sunset here. This place is truly recommended for you who need different location in Indonesia. Let’s get to Banten tour and see what you will found on there.