Go Indonesia :: Becak The Indonesian Traditional Mode Of Transportation

In many cities in Indonesia, you can find becak. It is a tricycle pedicab used to transport up to two people in short distance. This traditional mode of transportation will complete Indonesia tourism info to fill you before you go Indonesia.

Mostly, the tricycle is rear driver model. In some areas such as Medan, North Sumatra, you can find it with side driver. Beside drove manually by feet, some of them are equipped with motor to make it supportive for far transportation. The motorized version is called bentor and only available in limited areas.

For tourist, becak will give unique experience. That is the reason why this tricycle becomes integral part in tourism attraction in several cities, such as Yogyakarta.

In Malioboro, Jogja, you can find many drivers offer city tour with this tricycle. However, this traditional vehicle is considered nuisance in several cities (especially big cities) such as Jakarta and Bali. In such cities, you will not find it.

For Indonesian people, this transportation mode is considered cheaper option to go somewhere nearby. For tourist, it is also cheaper option but goindonet want you to remember about haggling game of Indonesia. Be sure you make the bargain and know the exact cost before you get in the becak.