Go Indonesia :: Best Destinations Of Wisata Papua Barat


Wisata Papua Barat Go Indonesia is available in many interesting destinations. You cannot only visit worldwide famous nautical tourism in Raja Ampat but also other destinations. Those all tourism destinations could give amazing experiences for all travelers.

Nautical Wisata Papua Barat

Raja Ampat in Papua Barat belongs to the first nautical tourism destination in the world. The archipelago consists of hundreds of small islands but only 35 islands are populated. Raja Ampat gets the most complete marine species and coral reefs types; about 75% of all coral types in the world. Another great nautical tourism in Papua Barat Go Indonesia is the National Sea Park TelukCenderawasih. It is a great spot for diving and the largest one in Indonesia with 209 types of fish. Besides the various types of fish, TelukCenderawasih is also a home of four types of turtle, dolphins, blue whales, dugongs, sharks and many more.

Wisata Papua Barat Tapurarang Ancient Sites in Fakfak

The Tapurarang ancient sites stores ancient paintings of red palms on the steep cliff. The story explains the ancient people used natural paints to make it. The painting was made hundreds of years before but the colors are still clearly seen.

Wisata Papua Barat Nature Tourism Park in Meja Mount Manokwari

It is situated in the city center of Manokwari. The tourism park is made for recreation and forest reservation. People love enjoying hiking and tracking here while enjoying various flora of the tropical rain forest in Papua Barat Go Indonesia