Hypnotized by Whale Shark at Cendrawasih Bay with Goindonet.com


Cendrawasih Bay is largest national park in Indonesia archipelago located in north coast of West Papua. The bay is positioned in the opposite of the famous Raja Ampat. Marvelous marine area with various endemic species is the allure of this bay. Nevertheless, the main attraction is whale shark in the diving site.

Cendrawasih Bay Guarantee Whale Shark Watching


Commonly, incredible sea animals such as whale shark are very hard to see. It is required luck to see it. Fortunately, Cendrawasih Bay is different. Whale shark watching is guarantee. Using small fishing boat with net filled with baitfish, divers could attract the whale shark to come. While the whale shark enjoying the baitfish underneath the boat, divers could enter the water and see it.

Whale sharks in this bay have been learning about the fish feeding by the fisherman. Therefore, it is very easy to call the big fish to come. The fish that come could be multiple. Mostly, they stay under the boat for whole day. It is very easy to take picture of the fish.cenderawasih-dore-bay

After watching the whale sharks, divers could go to the other unique diving spots in the island of Biak. The sites were Japanese navy base of World War 2. Divers could found ship and plan wrecks underwater.