Go Indonesia:: The Main Attraction of Cirebon Tour

Along the southern line of west coast Java, Cirebon has become a new-big city so there should be many things to enjoy during Cirebon tour. There is an old kingdom in Cirebon that signifies the triumph of the city in the past. Paying attention to that, the city should be filled with a lot of interesting places to visit. This article would like to tell you what interesting things that can be enjoyed in the city.

Old Building as the Main Heritage of Cirebon tour

There is a few spot in Cirebon tour prepared for tourist and most of them related to the triumph of the past. Gua Sunyaragi which is known as Taman Sari is the location of the hermitage of the royal family. This spot is now opened for public; very quiet and perfect for those who want to enjoy solitude.

Another spot like Masjid Agung Cirebon would also become perfect spot for tourists, as it becomes the oldest place of worship that stood in Cirebon. Keraton Kanoman is perfect spot as well, through which you would have opportunity to enjoy objects of historic relics of the past. Cirebon tour has much to offer, especially with regard to the glory of the kingdom of Cirebon in the past.