Go Indonesia :: Dayak Ethnic Culture And Living


Dayak is indigenous ethnic in Kalimantan or the island of Borneo. The

island is well known for its diversity of nature but

actually, dayak ethnic also diverse in culture.

There are more than 50 ethnic groups of Dayak, each with different

languages, customs, and traditions. In general, Dayak people are

recognized by their tattoo and colorful beads clothes. Community living

is common in Dayak ethnic. Under one roof,

numerous families live in separate apartment inside a long house. The

house is very long up to 150 meters with central corridor is used by the

people as communal area. Kanyan, Kenyah, Iban are main subgroups of Dayak

people who live in long houses. These days, only several groups still

live in long house while the others already move into individual house.

People of Dayak made living in various ways, mostly in agricultural with

plating rice, vegetables, and fruits. The other common activities are

hunting, fishing, and collecting honey. Borneo is famous for its rain

forest and people of Dayak are accustomed to live in the jungle with high

knowledge of plants and animals as well as ability to track animal and

human trails. Most Dayak people also have creative skills. The women are

famous for their woven cloth named pua kumbu[img:]pua-kumbu.jpg[/img]

while the men are famous for their ceramic jar named tajau[img:]

tajau.jpg[/img].Such is Indonesia, the deeper you explore, the more you

fascinated this country with its cultural diversity. So no wonder the

tourists repeatedly visit into the land, which is rich with

everything.Hope it is useful.