Go Indonesia :: Wisata Merauke Destinations


Wisata Merauke Go Indonesia becomes an interesting destination for travelers since it is the east edge of Indonesia. Besides, Merauke also stores a few beaches with beautiful and clean golden sands.

Beaches in Wisata Merauke

The first beach is LampuSatu Beach which is located about four kilometers from the city center of Merauke. It is mostly visited beach for visitors could enjoy the beautiful sea and sunsets from a lighthouse. Another well known beach is Payum Beach. It has wide golden sands with natural and silent atmosphere. Besides, Wisata Merauke Go Indonesia also has a beautiful beach named Natsai Beach. It is also called Dead Beach for it is unpopulated and no activity done here; whereas, the beach got a very potential nature with beautiful scenery.

Wasur National Park in Wisata Merauke

It is a must to visit Wasur National Park when you are in Merauke. It stores various typical flora and fauna of Papua such as Kasuari, ground kangaroo, Cenderawasih, etc.. About 70% of the national park is savanna and the rest area is forests with kinds of typical flora like cajuput, Ketapang, Tancang, Api – Api etc. Wasur National Park is mostly visited by travelers to WisataMerauke Go Indonesia.