Eclipses and human behavior in “the last days”


Eclipses and the reactions, the behavior of “human, the latter-day”, react to it, it seems beautiful to observe.
Total solar eclipse that occurred in Indonesia at this time, has been the subject of extensive news. Indonesia has used it well to improve its tourism.
This moment is utilized by all people with various interests.Some people say “want to see the effect of the eclipse on the lives of animals”, there is observing its effect on “plant and human life”. Anyone want to measure its ability to capture images at a good moment, complete with all equipment. Anyone seen the beauty of it, there is the “searching”astonishment. There was a bystander as cheerleaders only.

In 1983 there has been a total solar eclipse as well, meaning that about 33 years ago. So, we will also be able to see the total solar eclipse next possibility of 33 years.
The eclipse of the sun itself occurred, because the moon crosses directly between the Earth and the sun, the shape of the moon’s  shadow plays upon the earth. This can only happen when the new moon – and part of the dark side of the moon facing the Earth.

How “human behavior” while addressing an eclipse

In Indonesia, in the past, where Muslims are oppressed by colonization come mainly from the Netherlands, one of Islam itself affected that they have some confidence, as believed by most people on earth, when an eclipse takes place:

– Trust is mostly in Java that eclipses occurred because of “The emergence of giant Buto kala”
– Confidence in Bali they believe “Kala Rahu swallowing the moon”
– Confidence in Chinese and Indian tribes that they believe that if the eclipses there is “A dragon swallowed the moon”
– The belief that in Japan they say “Poison scattered on the earth”
– Trust the Native American saying that “appearance is Mother Moon”
– Confidence parts of Java, and the ancient Incan tribe that their eclipse that, “Jaguar Eating Month”
– Hupa tribe in northern California believes that “Wounded Moon and Dengue”
– Arab Quraish in the days of ignorance that says “Sign of the existence of death and birth is associated with certain events.It is learned from several sources on the internet, among others
Now the era changed the blessing of time, his world, the people of Indonesia, getting richer and many are smart, including more advanced technology. The State, the government in this case, consequently implement the constitution, protect its people, for the running of religion, according to his own convictions.
Islam and its adherents is growing well, way of thinking, the more advanced. Formerly, the Muslims can not read the Koran, now even understand the meaning of the Quran and the purpose of the statement.
While the above, the “excited” by the eclipse, and do according to their tastes and goals, Muslims take guidance from the Prophet, what to do when there is an eclipse.
The Prophet preached: …. Verily the sun and the moon are two signs of some sign of the power of God. Did not eclipse both the cause of death someone does not also cause a person’s birth. If you all see the eclipse, pray, Takbir (Greatness glorify God with laudations in the form of such recitations), prayer-eclipse, and give charity …….. O nation of Muhammad, for the sake of Allah No one who is more jealous of God, if his male servant fornicate or commit adultery handmaiden …….. O nation of Muhammad, by Allah, if you know, “what I know”, surely you all “will laugh a little and be a lot Cries.

Hopefully this eclipse, will increase the faith and understanding of Muslims. (God’s) guidance, the guidance of Allah it belongs to Allah, Allah give guidance to the will of God. One can not impose his will so people can guidance even though it was the one he loves. But it is God who gives guidance. We are doomed, awarded state the contents of various religious and ethnic groups, mostly Islamic. People that Islam understood, God did make us tribes, nation-state that we know each other tolerance, mutual affection