Go Indonesia ::Enchanted Kayan Mentarang National Park more than Just Nature

Kayan Mentarang is huge national park in North Kalimantan, Indonesia as the vital part of WWF Heart of Borneo initiative. The national park is covered by enchanting rain forest with incredible natural diversity of countless species of plants and animals. Malayan pangolin, Bornean gibbon, clouded leopard, wrinkled hornbill, rhinoceros hornbill, sun bear, and Bulwer’s pheasant are only small examples of the protected species inside the park. The nature is surely wonderful but Kayan Mentarang offers more.

Around the park, numerous tribes of Dayak are living there. Dayak is indigenous ethnic of Indonesia that maintains their culture from generation to generation. Visiting Kayan Mentarang is also enjoying the rich culture of Dayak people that famous for their traditional tattoo, long ears, beautiful traditional clothes, and unlikely rituals you never see somewhere else. In addition, archeological remnants are found there. Some graves and tools speak for the history of human inhabitation centuries ago.

It is very nice to see various things from nature to culture to historical site in a national park. The exploration seems never ending. To add the excitement, tourists from Malaysia could enter the national park right from the Bakelelan, Sarawak. The Indonesian-Malaysian border checkpoint problem is now a history for tourist as long as they have complete document and follow the rules.