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Godong Ijo comes as different and extraordinary agro tourism

especially for children because it offers many educational activities to

do. This is why this place is very appropriate for a school holiday or

other vacations that include children. There are just so many things

children can learn here while having fun visiting the beautiful scenery

of greenery. One of the most interesting activities for children provided

is making a vertical garden. This can help children to make their own

vertical garden so that they can learn that growing plants is very

important to our world.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

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Also, children can learn how to cook simple, healthy foods with the

master chef activity. There are many kinds of foods they can learn to

make at home such as donuts, soups and many others. Playing clay activity

is also available here. Children can learn how to make pottery clay using

the safest clay, which is free of any bacteria and chemical ingredients.

The clay is safe even if children swallow it by accident. So, parents do

not need to worry about the children during the activity. Since there are

many fun options of children activity, Godong Ijo can be

a great place to visit with children for a holiday. go indonesia godong

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