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For those of you who want to visit a beautiful cave in Pacitan,

Gong Cave might be the best choice for you. Pacitan is

one of the cities that are located in East Java. There are several

tourist attractions that you could find in Pacitan. One of them is Gong

Cave. This cave is a horizontal cave with 256 meter long. Inside this

cave, you could find so many stalactites. Stalactites are limestone that

shape like cone on the ceiling of the cave. Besides stalactite, you also

could find stalagmite as well inside this cave. Stalagmite is basically

similar to stalactite but it’s located on the floor of the cave

instead of on the ceiling.

The name of this cave came from the sound that is produced by the

stones that are located inside the cave. The sound that is produced by

the stones in Gong Cave is similar to the sound

which is produced by gong. This cave is discovered in 1930. Gong Cave is

located in Bomo Village, Punung Sub-district, Pacitan. The distance to

this cave from Pacitan City is about 30 km. To reach this cave, you could

use two lanes. First, you could reach this cave through Pracimantoro,

Wonosari. Other way to reach this cave is from Pacitan City.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Come to Pacitan and ready fascinated to Gong Cave

If you came from Surabaya and you want to visit Gong Cave, you might need

to change public transportation for three times.

First you need to ride a bus from Surabaya to Madiun. Next you need to

take another bus from Madiun to Ponorogo. From Ponorogo, you could take

small bus to Pacitan. However, these days you also could find direct bus

lane from Surabaya to Pacitan.

Once you’ve arrived at the agate, you need to take a walk for

about 100 meter to reach the cave. You could find people who sell

flashlight at the gate. Along the way to Gong Cave, you

could find several food stalls. Other facilities that you could find are

including souvenir stores, restaurants, parking spot, toilets, and small

sized mosque. You also could hire tour guide if you want to know the

details about this cave along your journey.

Inside the cave, you might find many stalactite and stalagmite. Some

of them are very unique and have their own name such as Selo Pakuan Bomo,

Selo Citro Cipto Agung,Selo Giri, Selo Susuh Angin, and Selo Bantaran

Angin. You also could find five main ponds inside the cave. The ponds

that you could find in Gong Cave are JampiRogo,

Panguripan, RelungJiwo, Kamulyan, and RelungNisto. goindonesia gong

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