Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Gemstones Make Great Souvenir


When you search for souvenir, Indonesia gemstones are

worth to be considered. Gemstones that locals called batu akik is now hit

the popularity in this country and the story worth to complete

Indonesia tourism info. The trend is not merely makes the stones

widely available in the market, but also reveals the vast array of local

gemstone types with different beauty.

The trend is also helping Indonesian tourism as many travelers

go Indonesia to search unique gemstones. Mostly,

Indonesia gemstones are semi-precious gemstones such as

amber, agate, jasper, amethyst, and jade. However, the famous stone is

Bacan. It is actually chrysocolla stone in green and blue color.


Commonly, batu akik is cut to circular shape such oval.

Indonesian men commonly use it for ring

with silver, gold, or other metal. Besides ring, the stones could be used

for other types of jewelry such as bracelet, pendant, and earring.

Although the stone is semi-precious, the price of stone could be so

high, especially with superstitious believe about the stone. Some people

believe that certain type of stone have magical power. When you need it

as souvenir, value the stone by its beauty and quality. In several

markets, haggling is possible. If you need more information about

Indonesia souvenir, goindonet gives you more. Hence, you

can get Indonesia gemstones and other beautiful