Go Indonesia :: Variety Of Indonesia Traditional Music


Indonesia traditional music is important part of cultural

diversity in Indonesia archipelago. Hundreds different forms of

traditional music are played in different regions. Many of them come from

traditional music instruments while the others got influences from

foreign music. To make it

complete Indonesia tourism info, music of this country would

be explained here at goindonet.

The most popular traditional music in Indonesia is gamelan that widely

played in Java, Bali, and Lombok. The melody is made from an ensemble of

bronze percussion instruments and bamboo flutes. In Central Java, gamelan

music is mostly slow and laid back while Balinese gamelan is mostly up


The fun of go Indonesia is you can find

numerous traditional music instruments in different

regions. In West Java, angklung is one famous music instrument made from

Bamboo. One angklung creates one note so it commonly played by many

people. In Sulawesi, Kolintang is the traditional percussion music

instrument made from wood. In East Nusa Tenggara, especially Rote Island,

people play sasando, string instrument made from bamboo and lontar


A part of instrumental music, you can also hear numerous folk songs

such as langgam jawa and tembang sunda. Then, you can also enjoy music

and dance performance in North Sumatra that people called it Tapanuli

Ogong. When you explore more, you can find more Indonesia

traditional music.