Go Indonesia :: Indonesian Archipelago Handicrafts, Different Kind of Indonesian Handicrafts


There are many great things that people can enjoy in Indonesia and one of

them is the chance to see the Indonesian archipelago

handicrafts. There are hundreds of ethnic groups in

[link:69]Indonesia[/link] and each of them has its own language,

traditional dress, traditional house, handicrafts and other sort of

things that they use for daily life or to be included in a


One of the most popular Indonesian archipelago

handicrafts are Batik. Batik is the term that refers to the form

of textile that has been hand painted with all kind of symbols and design

using traditional method. Almost every city or every ethnic group has its

own Batik style and it bring even bigger choice on people who want to

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There are other examples when it comes to Indonesian handicrafts such

as wayang (traditional puppet show), [link:55]traditional[/link]

toys and games such as congklak, handmade ceramic, wood carving, stone

carving and also all sort of item that people use in their daily life

that was made from natural material such as rattan and bamboo. Those are

only small part of Indonesian handicrafts, and each has its own style

where they serve as the proof of Indonesia true national riches. go

indonesian handicrafts.