Go Indonesia :: Important Details About Lake Sentani


Among many lakes that could be found in Indonesia, Lake

Sentani might be one of the most beautiful lakes that you want

to visit. This lake is located in Papua, one of the main islands in

Indonesia. Papua is known for its exotic natural attractions, including

forests, lakes, rivers, and mountains. Most people know Papua from its

Raja Ampat, one of the most attractive tourist

destinations in this island. However, there are also other beautiful

natural attractions in Papua except Raja Ampat and one of them is Sentani


To visit Lake Sentani, the first thing that

you should know is how to get there. Since this lake is located in Papua,

you need to know how to reach Papua and what types of transportation that

you could use. Basically, there are several choices of transportation

that you could choose if you want to go to Papua. The most popular type

of transportation that you could use to reach Papua is plane. You also

could use Ferry to reach this island from nearby islands such as Bali or

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Lake Sentani are known for their natural


Since Papua is located in quite remote area, you might need to prepare

a quite large amount of budget to reach this island. Once you get there,

you could continue your journey to Lake Sentani by using rented car. The

lake is located between Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency. The width of

this lake is about 9,360 hectare and it’s located on 75 meter above

the sea level. This lake is also considered as the

biggest lake in Papua.

This lake is not only known for its massive size but also very popular

due to small sized islands that are located on the middle of the lake as

well. The islands that are located in the middle of Lake

Sentani are known for their natural beauty. Due to these

islands, Sentani Lake becomes more exotic and attractive. For those of

you who want to visit this lake, you need to drive forty to fifty minutes

from Jayapura City. If you want to visit the islands that are located on

the middle of the lake, you could rent boat that is available on the


Local people who live near the like usually held some traditional

festivals on the lake which become other attraction for tourist. This

festival is known as Lake Sentani Festival and it’s held on June

each year. The festival includes traditional Papua dance performance,

custom ceremony, and culinary festival. You also could find various

souvenirs on the area of Lake Sentani as well.

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