Go Indonesia :: Tradition Of Stone Carving In Magelang


Stone carving in Magelang has been generation-to-generation

tradition. Located near Borobudur temple with legendary stone carving

relief, the people in surrounding villages create various stone carving

that imitate the temple stone carving and other stone carving products as

souvenir for tourist and other purposes. Now, goindonet

will tell you the story.

At the time when Dutch government restored Borobudur, Prumpung village

is used as transit point of stone materials from Merapi for used in

Borobudur restoration. Children of a stone carver that employed for the

restoration then decided to start stone carving by imitating head of

Buddha from the temple. The business found success and followed by other

stone carvers. Now, you can find countless stone carving workshops


As Prumpung get success, the other villages followed the trend and

more and more workshops were opened in the area. The villages are

Tejowarno, Ngadiretno, Tamanagung, and Ngawisan. Now, they are not merely

used volcanic rocks, but also granite and limestone.

Indonesian attractions are imperative in

complete Indonesia tourism info. Since go

Indonesia is not complete without visiting the great temple of

Borobudur, visiting nearby stone carving center villages is something

recommended for tourists. There, you can find numerous beautiful well-

carved stone in various shapes including statues, lanterns, basins,

mortars, pestles, tables, chairs, and even gates. Stone carving

in Magelang will bring Borobudur to your home.