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Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia is just one of the regencies in Maluku, Indonesia. There are 18 districts in the regency and each of those has different characteristics. The principal town is in Masohi, which is located on Seram Island.

Beautiful Ora Beach in Maluku Tengah

There are a lot of interesting places in the regency, but the most iconic is PantaiOra or Ora beach. Many tourists who have visited the beach said that it is like heaven on earth because of its beauty and uniqueness. Indirectly, Ora beach helps Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia to be known by the world. Ora beach is located in Seram Island, Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia. What makes the beach so famous is its landscape; the beach is surrounded by natural green view.

What to Enjoy in Ora Beach Maluku Tengah

Tourists are able to enjoy the view and the bluish clear water by sitting on the small resorts built by the government. The resorts were made of woods that give different experience to anyone who visits the beach. It is not hard to reach the beach because it is on the Seram Island, which is the main island in the regency. However, visitors who come from other city must take some different kinds of vehicle. So, do not forget to visit Ora Beach in Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia if want to see the real tropical beach.