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Maluku Tenggara tourism , Go Indonesia is one of tourism destinations in Indonesia with awesome natural beauty.

Maluku Tenggara tourism Looks Like Bali

Some beaches here have amazing scenery with the smoothest white sands in the world. The crystal clear water and visible corals make it is a perfect place for snorkeling. Maluku Tenggara tourism got the same beauty with Bali. Moreover, it has connected history with Bali for the ancestors came from the gods’ island. A legendary couple named Ken Arok and Ken Dedes from Bali escaped to Kei archipelago of Maluku Tenggara tourism, Go Indonesia. They made local law in the island. The law is still used by Balinese people there.

Other Tourism Destinations in Maluku Tenggara

Besides the Kei Island, Maluku Tenggara tourism, Go Indonesia also has other tourism destinations. Hawang cave is just of the most popular destinations there. The cave is located in the village of Letvuan and is surrounded by natural rainforest. The cave itself is about 15 km away from Tual city. What makes the cave becomes so popular is its beauty. Inside, tourists will be able to find a natural pond with its clear water so the rock underneath can be easily seen. Tourists are able to explore the cave by diving along its underground river. This cave is one of the best destinations that has to be seen when visiting Maluku Tenggara Go Indonesia.