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Indonesia is rich country and museums in Indonesia are

no exception. A few museums, especially those located in major city;

provide the history of nation while many other museums in

Indonesia intended as a site of learning centre from which

people can learn many aspects of the cultural richness of Indonesia and

its history, culture, religion, and so on. The history of

Museums in Indonesia can be traced back from

colonial era. During which era, the cultural of [link:67]Indonesia

[/link] wasn’t such a hot topic for colonial government, so that

they paid little attention to the culture of others. goindonet,

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That said study of Indonesia culture, especially when related to museums in

Indonesia, was left to non-governmental institutions such

as Batavian Society of Arts and Science. Some individuals also wrote some

books about the history, culture, religion system and the people of

Indonesia. Dr. SnoeckHourgrogne and Sir Stamford Raffles were noteworthy

in the list of scientists who were interested in Indonesia in the

colonial era.

Some of the Oldest Museums in Indonesia

Within such subject as museums in Indonesia, we may

recall some of the oldest museum that ever existed in this country. The

first museum was likely the one built in Ambon by Rumphius. A book wrote

by Rumphius, which is now owned by the National Museum tell the story

about its existence despite nothing remains of the museums. The museum by

Rumphius was built in 1662, which becomes the oldest museum had once

established in Indonesia.

The second among oldest museums in Indonesia were

Batavia Society of Art and Science. Firstly established on 1778, the

institution played strategic role in archiving and researching the

richness of Indonesian culture. The Batavia Society of Art and Science

continued to grow until independent era, in which the building was

transferred to the government of Indonesia in 1962. The now-

current [link:36]Batavia[/link] Society of Art and Science are known

as the National Museum. Today, the National Museum is known as the most

famous museums in Indonesia.

More Museums in Indonesia  

The following paragraph will show you more on the list of cultural

institution and museums in Indonesia:

1)    The RadyaPustaka Museum (Surakarta)

Firstly established in 1890, this museum was the only local museum

ever existed in the19th century. Among major museums, the RadyaPustaka

was unique in its history. In 1930 when the building began to open to

public, The RadyaPustaka initiated by missionaries and civil servants,

making it as the one that was operated locally.

The museum often runs by non-professional boards, which means that

noexperts involvedin it. The museumdisplaysa wide range ofexhibits, all

of which willgiveyoua reasonable understanding of the traditions and

customs of Solo and [link:67]Indonesia[/link]. So, among lots of

museums in Indonesia, The Radya Pustaka Museumwas

builtwith the purpose ofstoringbooksandworks ofpoets,

writersandintellectuals of the past.

2)    Karo Museum  (1942-45) and Banjarmsin


This museum is no longer existed since the Japanese occupation. The

politic of abolition during the Japanese occupation made the museum

disappeared completely. Nothing left of the museum that once built by

DrNeuman. The same goes for Banjarmasin museum that was built by

DrMalonkrodt. It was burned down during the Japanese occupation.  So

there are two museums in Indonesia the people

can’t find today.

3)    The BalaiPoestaka (1918)

This should not be included in a list of museums in

Indonesia despite we need to know about it. The BalaiPoestaka

was once known as ‘government publication’, which the main

mission was to publish literature in local and Malay languages. Some

civil servants whose working for the BalaiPustaka got chance to study the

language they were to work in.

4)    The Taman Prasasti Museum (1795)

When talking about The Taman Prasasti should be included in our

conversation. This is a museum that was first established during Dutch

colonial and located at Jalan Tanah Abang No. 1, Central Jakarta. The

museum has a collection of ancient plaques and tom miniature of the 27

provinces in Indonesia. Among other major museums in

Indonesia, the Taman Prasasti museum is also known as an open-

air [link:10]museum[/link], featuring artwork from different sculptor,

engraver, calligrapher and poet.