North Sumatera Province Tourism



North Sumatera Province is one of the provinces on the island of Sumatra, precisely in the southern province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. This provincial capital is Medan. Many celebrities in this country come from this province, especially the singer who has a great voice. Besides famous with durian Medan, the province also has one of the tribes that are so popular is Batak.


Cities and Regencies of North Sumatera Province Tourism


The province has 25 districts and 8 cities. Several major cities in the province of North Sumatra, Medan is the capital of the province is the city of Binjai, Tebing Tinggi, Tanjung Balai, and Padang sidimpuan.


How to Get in


Access to get to this province can be reached by many routes by land, sea, or air. The airport is located in the province as much as seven airports where one airport is an international airport and the other six are domestic airports. Given several choices paths that can be taken, the visitors can choose lines according to the needs and financial condition to visit various tourist sites in the province amazing.


Popular Destinations


The province has many tourist sites are very worth to visit. One of very famous tourist destination abroad even down to is Lake Toba. In addition, there are also some other tourist destinations such as Maimun Palace, Tjong A Fie Building, Sinabung Mountain, Rahmat International Wildlife Museum, and more.