Go Indonesia :: Orahili Gomo – Cultural Tourism Destination In South Nias


Orahili Gomo could be one of the destinations of cultural tourism on Nias Island. Nias Island is not only rich in natural tourism exoticism, but the island also has a variety of cultural tourism that is very interesting. Orahili is a village in the district name Gomo, South Nias. Orahili position is located in a mountainous area close to the river valley Gomo long and wide.

Why should Orahili Gomo be one of cultural tourism destination? Visitors who come to this village will get a megalithic relic consisting of large boulders. South Nias society is very glorifying megalithic cultural heritage in the Orahili village. Heritage in South Nias has values ??and functions that are great for the local community until the present. Some megalithic heritage of this village include a flat stone, upright stone, stone table, cobblestone, and a human statue.

Some of the megalithic heritage has an important role in religious ceremonies Nias community as a place of worship in honour of ancestors. Heritage in the Orahili has its own uniqueness and function as a symbol meaning.

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