Goindonet.com Invites You to Papua Bird Watching


Papua bird watching is promising the view of hundreds exotic birds. The island of Papua is well known for it beautiful and colorful birds. Many birds are local bird such as cassowary and cendrawasih (bird of paradise). The others are migrant birds from Australia and New Zealand. When you come to the island, spare your time to visit the bird watching site. Prepare yourself to stay up the night because some of them are nocturnal.

Sites of Papua Bird Watching

Papua has many places to watch birds. One popular site is Wasur National Park in Merauke. Hundreds species of birds are living in this park. Some of the locals are cendrawasih, cassowary, garuda papua, eagles, crown pigeons, and namdur birds. The migrant birds are including royal spoonbills, Australian pranticole, pelican, and magpie geese. The birds are very beautiful and have unique habit.

The other places for Papua bird watching are Arfak Mountain, Lake Habema, Nimbokrang, and Biak. Arfak Mountain is home of unique birds. It is located in Manokwari. On the bird list are including western parotia, cendrawasih, and vogelkop bowerbird. Lake Habema is located in Wamena as home of over 600 bird species. Nimbokrang is home of twelve-wire cendrawasih, northern cassowary, vulturine parrot, papua hawk-owl, and more. Biak has many endemic birds such as Biak flycatcherin, Biak scrubfowl, Biak coucal, and Biak Scops-Owl.

Hypnotized by Whale Shark at Cendrawasih Bay with Goindonet.com


Cendrawasih Bay is largest national park in Indonesia archipelago located in north coast of West Papua. The bay is positioned in the opposite of the famous Raja Ampat. Marvelous marine area with various endemic species is the allure of this bay. Nevertheless, the main attraction is whale shark in the diving site.

Cendrawasih Bay Guarantee Whale Shark Watching


Commonly, incredible sea animals such as whale shark are very hard to see. It is required luck to see it. Fortunately, Cendrawasih Bay is different. Whale shark watching is guarantee. Using small fishing boat with net filled with baitfish, divers could attract the whale shark to come. While the whale shark enjoying the baitfish underneath the boat, divers could enter the water and see it.

Whale sharks in this bay have been learning about the fish feeding by the fisherman. Therefore, it is very easy to call the big fish to come. The fish that come could be multiple. Mostly, they stay under the boat for whole day. It is very easy to take picture of the fish.cenderawasih-dore-bay

After watching the whale sharks, divers could go to the other unique diving spots in the island of Biak. The sites were Japanese navy base of World War 2. Divers could found ship and plan wrecks underwater.

Go Indonesia :: Destinations Of Wisata Biak Numfor Papua


Wisata Biak Go Indonesia is being promoted maximally by the local community of tourism management. The natural beauty of Biak is potential to invite travelers visiting the tourism destinations. That is why they work hard to make the tourism destinations more inviting.

Kinds of Wisata Biak Destinations

Destinations of Wisata Biak Go Indonesia consist of Padaido Sea Park, Binsari cave with its Japanese history, history heritage of World War II, beautiful beaches such as Bosnik Beach and Wari Beach, Orchid and Birds Park, and also some traditional dance of Papua, etc. The local government is sure that the tourism destinations are potentially visited by travelers.

Famous Sea Park of Padaido Archipelago

The amazing tourism destinations, especially the natural and awesome sea park is mostly visited and amazed by travelers from all over the world. The crystal clear sea water, various types of coral reefs and sea fauna make it the unforgettable spot for diving. It was formerly named Schouter Archipelago for it was found by a Dutchman named William Schouter in 1602. It stores the richest coral ecosystems in the world with 95 coral species and 155 fish species. The flat coral reefs got more than nine thousand hectares of width and more than 300 hectares of depth. For the amazing sea park, it becomes the most spectacular coral reefs for international divers. Wisata Biak go Indonesia is the best destination for divers.

Go Indonesia :: Things To Do In Harlem Papua Beach


When you visit Harlem Papua Beach, there are so many interesting activities that you could do. If you take a look at complete Indonesia tourism info, you might find out that there are so many tourist destinations that you could visit in Indonesia. Since Indonesia is an archipelago country, you might find a huge number of beaches in this country. One of them is Harlem Beach which is located on Papua. So go indonesia.

Papua is the island in Indonesia that is located on the east side of the country. This island is known for its natural beauty and amazing landscapes. You could find mountains, lakes, and beaches on Papua. If you pay attention to the information that is given by go Indonesia program, you might find out that there is one beautiful beach that you could visit in Papua. This beautiful beach is known as Harlem Papua Beach where you could do so many interesting activities and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Harlem Beach is located at Tablanusu Village. Since the location of this beach is quite remote, you might need to pay attention to the details of how to get to the beach really carefully. If you’re looking for any tips and suggestion about visiting Harlem Papua Beach, visiting goindonet or goindonet.com might be the best solution for you to get what you’re looking for.

Go Indonesia :: Raja Ampat Papua, One Of The Best Holiday Destinations


Raja Ampat Papua is one of the holiday destinations in Papua

that have been well known all over the world. The popularity of Raja

Ampat is undoubted because this place offers hundreds of natural

beautiful things everyone can enjoy. Raja Ampat

Papua is an Island in Papua, which has about 610 islands

spread all over the place, 35 of them have been used by the civilization.

So, there are many other islands without houses and people living making

this place a great option of peaceful, silent holiday destination for


It has been said that nearly 75 percent of fish in the world can be

found in Raja Ampat

Papua. This is because Raja Ampat is

well protected by the government so that the water in the island remains

clear. Raja Ampat is a holiday destination, not an island to live since

there are only 35 islands are used for living, the rest are empty. Also,

since this place is very popular, the government takes care of the

island properly to avoid many bad things that would

damage the beauty of Raja Ampat Papua. goindonet,

go indonesia,complete indonesia tourism


Natural and Beautiful Things in Raja Ampat


Most people say Raja Ampat Papua is such a hidden

secret of Indonesia since not many people know that Papua has such an

amazing island. There are many things that you can do and enjoy in Raja

Ampat, one of them is diving. Foreigners usually like spending their time

in Raja Ampat to do diving because of the clear turquoise water. There

are many species that can be found underwater. You will be led to meet

some creatures and species living in the water that you might never see

them before. There are just so many new experiences that you can feel in

Raja Ampat.

Those who love shopping can find unique and luxurious things

originated from Papua such as traditional fabric and traditional music

instrument. Also, you can try the new experience in culinary with various

foods from Papua are offered. Most of the foods are seafood, but you can

also find some other foods with nice taste. If you want to visit Raja

Ampat, make sure that you know when to visit this island.

November and December are the best months to visit Raja Ampat since the

wave is not too high. You can take some beautiful pictures of the sea and

even underwater. Just make your camera waterproof to allow you capture

some good things underwater and keep the memories of Raja Ampat