Iconic Lombok Pearls – The Suggested Souvenirs by Goindonet.com


Lombok pearls are one of suggested souvenirs when you visit Indonesia. The pearls are beautiful and valuable. Tourists could get various pearls jewelries such as necklace, bracelet, rings, and earrings. Loose pearls are also available for tourists who want to create their own jewelry.

High Quality Lombok Pearls

Lombok has many pearl farms, both sea pearl farm and freshwater pearl farm. In the world, Lombok pearl farms are considered one of the best. Pearls cultivated in Lombok are high quality because the oyster farm is pollution free and the farmers grow high quality oyster. For quality, sea cultured pearl is higher than freshwater cultured pearl.

The pearls are available in wide-range varieties. From small to big pearls are available. The shape could be round or egg-shaped. The colors are various from white to pink to black. However, the icon is golden-lipped oysters that produce golden pearls.

Lombok pearls are sold in numerous places, especially big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta. However, the best place to buy the pearls is at Lombok Island where the pearls are cultivated. You can get highest quality pearl right from the producer. You can watch how the pearls are cultivated and produced into jewelry. Visiting Lombok Island also allows you to enjoy spectacular nature and culture.